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True Love

Have you ever thought if what you are preparing for is really the right field for you? Or are you just preparing for the sake of killing the time?

I don't know. I am preparing to be a certified public accountant. And I know that I will be. But somehow, deep in my heart, there longs a feeling of frustration. Frustrated because there is one thing I'd love to do in the future - interior designing. Everyone has his own set of frustrations. I have mine. All I know is, I have to finish what I have started. I have to make my mom proud. Lastly, I have to make myself love the path that I chose, or else, I'd lose.

Still, I wonder how it feels like going to actual practicum, designing houses, working with architects, choosing the right color/shades/hues, choosing the best artifacts/appliances/furniture. I wonder.


  1. You should think about it sis. Wag mong hintayin na huli na ang lahat bago mo amrealize kung ano dapat ang ginawa mo. Nasa huli ang pagsisisi. And once na nagdecide ka, you should consider the risks and consequences you'll face.

    I was once a BS Tourism student. After a year, I realized I want to become a programmer. I thought about it. I really made the biggest and harddest decision of my life. Hindi naging madali ang shifting process. It even took a year. So nahinto ako ng isang taon. Ngayon, irregular student ako. Lahat ng nararanasan ko ngayon, ang dahilan eh ang pagshift ko. Madaming nagsasabi na sayang daw. But I don't care. Oo, may times na nanghihinayang ako. pero mas nangingibabawa yung feeling na 'buti nagshift ako'.

    Pag naguguluhan ka, always pray. God will surely help you sa lahat ng pinagdadaanan mo.

  2. Aww maybe you can try and do what you really love to do after you've become an accountant? That's what other people do. Finish what they started and then take up masterals or something. It really depends on how much you really desire that :)

  3. I feel for you sis! and yes I know you will be a CPA in three years or less! just continue that ;] and im pretty sure once you graduate you can pursue with whatever you want :) make you mama proud. she knows whats best for you :* and yesss its one of my dream to be an architech and interior designer as well...

  4. yes. i will do that if God permits. thanks sis.

  5. thank you sis. cheers to that. when i become cpa, i will pursue my other dream. :)

  6. i know that sis. i cant shift though because i am in my last 3 sems. So, i have to really go with it na. :) i like this field din naman pero not as much as i like to be an interior designer. heheh.
    so, ill finish this one. then, pursue interior designing in the future.

    thank you so much for the advice sis. i appreciate it.

  7. same here sis... since nasimulan ko na and i'm nearly there, might as well get it over with. I don't want ti disappoint anybody especially when they've worked hard for it. i had a lot of things that i wanted to do. not engineering! well God placed me here so i'm following His orders :)


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