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Everyone has his share of heartbreak. We all have sorrows and sadness to cope with. Despite all of the happiness people around us may bring, we never could deny the fact that we will rot in the cemetery alone. We came to the world alone with enough courage. We die alone too.

However, the Almighty tells us to look for partners. Even marriage is a Sunnah.

She already found someone and that someone found her too. Everything seems so magical. The world turns from a useless jungle into a halcyon forest full of flowers and fruit-bearing trees. She fell in love. It meant losing her perspective of being alone; thus, the word defies itself to being a couple.

Then, she becomes emotionally-attached to that person. She believed that the both of them will make it through the trials of life. She believed that obstacles are things that will not hinder them from love.

Then comes death. Death. Death. How would she be able to accept the fact that the nearly-silver wedding anniversary will not reach the 25th? How would she be able to accept the fact that she can never see him again? When it is hard for the children to lose their parents, how much more for the person who has been with him since the day he laid eyes on her? Barely. She barely lacks the knowledge on the hows of grief. All she knows is that 24 years of love. All she knows is the heartbreak she felt when he left.

She barely knows how to cope with pain. She has gone through all of the pain alone. Pain accompanies her in every tear her eye drops. Pain is the only mechanism. Every moment of her life, she remembers him. Every second is dedicated to him. Two months more and she'll feel the pain again as she felt in 2008 but now she is stronger. She knows that he is waiting for her only. Now that she has another trial to take, she never thinks that she is alone. She accepts the fact that Allah has reasons. All of which is for her well-being.

She never told anyone but I know. I know her story. I know her pain. I know everything because she can never keep a secret from her daughter.


  1. about sa dad ko sis. :) tagal na ren naman un. pero, i know deep inside, nasasaktan pa ren mama ko sa pagkawala nya.

  2. It is indeed hard to face situations like this but we have to move on and continue to live with loved ones. We
    know he is with God already and is looking after you and your mom. :)

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  3. Beautifully written. I, too, fear the day I'll lose the one I love most.
    Hope your mum wouldn't be too upset in 2 months time. In any case, I'm sure you'll be there for her.

  4. awwwww... this is very heartbreaking nga sis :(
    I agree.. kung ang anak nasasaktan..what more nalang ang nanay/asawa. :-/

  5. Your mom have you. And I believe you're going to be always be there for her right?

    Just be strong for your mom sis. :) I've been there, so I understand. When my dad died my mom just looked so broken, I don't know what to do. But as long as you're there, you can both move-on together.

    Goodluck :)

  6. Thank you.
    I hope so. My mom is strong. It's just so hard on me to see her like that.

  7. Thank you sis. <3 I know my mom is strong. We will make it through.

  8. Yes, of course.
    I hope so sis. Thank you so much.

  9. as in sis! :( Kaya nga di dapat pinababayaan ang parents if ever mangyari sa kanila un.

  10. Pain is what makes everybody strong.  It is what makes life interesting.  It is what make us learn.

  11. awww stay strong.. i know you're strong :)


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