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LilPink's Host and Random Stuffs

Lilpink has been unstable for few days now. The problem is within my host. I think, they are moving servers and all that stuffs. I am planning to switch hosts but I could not forego the fact that I own an unlimited hosting package from my current host.

I have been with this host for more than a year now and I can say that I have been very happy with their service. It's just this past few days that they have been on a downtime. Well, there is ups and downs in blogging, right?

Moving on, classes will be resuming this week. Even though it has not yet officially started yet, I am bombarded with tasks already. I am layouting for the college publication, Sindaw. And it is not an easy work. Making a website or a blog is far easier than this one. Probably because I am more attuned to sites than magazines.

Who knows? Later on, maybe I will be writing for magazines too such as my good friend, Michelle Govender. Ah, I really admire her. Really! She has interviewed many great personalities already. One of them is Philippine pride Charice.

When classes starts, maybe I will blog on a weekly basis. Ah. This will lessen my pageviews. I hope not. Right guys? I hope you would always keep company. I mean, there is accountancy who needs my full concentration. This is my last three semesters in college. If I do not make good now, there's no way that I can reach my goal. I hope you guys will be by my side through all my endeavors. It's just a little favor, right? :)
Later on this year, I will be having my giveaway again because of the love and blessings I've received this year because of you all. I am looking for sponsors. If you are interested, feel free to email me at Click here for more info.

My lovely readers need to be reciprocated for the love they have been giving to and all of my other blogs. Nevertheless, the giveaway will be the easiest one.

Oh, I've reached 200 members in my Google Friend Connect app. Thank you all so much. I've also reached more than 300 in my facebook fanpage (click here). Again, thank you so much. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin guys (click here). I'd love it. Have a great day sweeties. lovelots.


  1. congratulations on reaching 200 members ayah!!! :) hehe so nice naman! and well girl i love the eye liner ah.. ang ganda ganda sayo! galing mo mag-make up!!!! inggit me hehehe
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  2. I've had to hop through 3 different hosts in a year and a half. I think it's just the nature of the blogging world, especially if you're being hosted for free. Funnily enough I've had more problems with paid hosts, than free ones :P

    Congratulations on being in charge of layout for your college publication! That's a big deal. Something you can definitely put on your CV when you're out in the "real world" looking for jobs.

    Good luck on your contest :D
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  3. wow! congrats on your successes! more blessings! :)
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  4. Oooh.. I love your eyemakeup :)
    and wow! you have a lot of followers :)
    I'll be looking forward to your giveaway! Good Luck

  5. I happened to click on this when I saw it under one of your posts. Had no idea you had mentioned me. Thank you! Much love to you and keep working hard! :) xxx <3


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