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Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim

My religion is one of the most controversial religions in the world. While many others refer to my religion as the religion of the evil, still there are those who believe that it is a religion of peace. Every single day, I battle the fact that my religion has been stained by some people who never did abide by the rules of Islam. Truth be told, Islam is not only a religion that can change a person for the better, it can change a whole community and a country.

An ignorant will say that he pities the followers of Islam. I say, I pity him for being an ignorant. Those who willingly believe in the media are people who lack initiative and drive to research. They can only see what is on the outside; they never get the juice from the inside.

As a muslimah, each day is a blessing. A blessing that God has not yet stopped your life when you were unaware of it and still wandering in the vast space of the subconscious. However, it can be painful for those still alive that they have more time to commit mistakes (though there is still humongous time to repent for it and eventually do well).

While I was browsing my new facebook account today, I saw and watched a video of Queenie Padilla (daughter of Abdul-aziz Robin Padilla). Uhm, yes. I made another account and this will be my primary account since I really do not know most of the people in my first account. The video is about her pilgrimage to the holy place (Makkah, Saudi Arabia).

I cried whilst watching the video and realized how blessed I am for being a Muslim. Alhamdulillah. I was born a Muslim and will die a Muslim. I pray that she will continue to follow the rulings of Islam and the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad.

I cannot say that I am a perfect Muslim. Of course, only Allah SWT is perfect. However, I am trying and doing my best to become a true Muslim - one who is not afraid to face Allah in the hereafter because she has done her part.

The media is trying to deface the good image of Islam by trying to promulgate that it is the religion of terrorism. They got it all mixed up. Islam is the way to happiness and contentment. Those who aspire for others' hurt and harm are not following Islam but are following their desires. Islam is about conserving what is yours now until the hereafter. It is only in that moment when one can be at his very best and can do everything. It's just like how we, students, sacrifice the four years of college in order to have a good living in the future.

In Islam, everyone is born a Muslim no matter what is the religion of your parents. When you grow up, that's the time you will have a choice of what to believe in. Everything else will matter in the hereafter when we all face Allah SWT.

This post may seem like a lesson in class. However, it has been a long time already since I posted about my religion. And it is really rewarding. I salute Queenie for her chosen path. Insha’Allah, she will do great and Allah will guide her.

Through all the trials Islam is facing, I can still say, "Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim!"



  1. awwww.. na touch ako nung umiyak na si Queenie. :( makes me feel like something great talaga dun. haaay.. now I'm thinking about your religion.. kase si boyfie muslim rin.. hindi naman issue saakin ang pag coconvert.. ok lng ako sa possibilities :)

  2. I'm not of the same religion but like you, everyday I wake up feeling blessed knowing God's there and He has given another day of happiness to everyone of us.

    And finally it is true in some way people who don't know your religion are not in place to say things against it, at and even with other religions which they don't believe.

    We all have our stand in this world, and whatever religion, whatever kind of people we have one God, and it really doesn't matter what the things they want to say are:) We believe, and we know what we put our heart into instead of doing what they do, which, let's face it isn't really nice :P
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  3. I don't know much about your religion and I do not have any bad comments on you because of your religion. I was like "Oh really? I found a blogger who's a Muslim. This is great!" I was even thankful that even just through your blog, I am able to know a Muslim and I don't judge you as a bad person because of your religion. Or even your religion, I don't see it as a bad religion at all. I guess religion doesn't count that much with how people act, but the values instilled in each and everyone of us whatever religion we have. I don't have any problems with other people who have a different religion as mine. I even have friends from other religions and your are one of them. :)
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  4. Wow, i love this post. I watched the full video on youtube, part 1 and 2. I admire Queenie Padilla for this touching video. My eyes become teary while listening to her. I also did hajj just this November alhamdulillah, but i have no idea that Queenie is there too. I wish to become a better muslimah. Like she said Allah guides whom He wills, and its a blessing to be near our creator, God of the worlds.

  5. I really hate how we are being stereotyped. I have a very little knowledge about your religion, but I totally disagree that being a Muslim is the "Religion of the Evil". Having a religion doesn't actually makes you a good person, it just provides you a "set of criteria" between what is good and what is bad. It will always be your choice to do something morally correct, or not. So, it is the people in the religion who is making it look bad, regardless of what kind of religion it is.
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  6. Salam sister! :) I too was very emotional when I watched the video. I was happy that finally, she was able to perform the hajj and realize how truly blessed we all are because we were chosen to be guided by Allah swt. May she enlighten the hearts of many.. I was truly inspired by everything she said. Allahu akbar!


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