Japan Diaries: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow


Here is another post to my Japan Diaries series. ^___^

When you visit any country that has four seasons, one of the must-do is to experience snooooooow. We were waiting for the snow. As days passed without a trace of snow, we were really really down. Then, one early morning, as I was about to get ready, I saw the news that it was snowing. Alas, I ran to the balcony to check it. And it was!!! O_____O

When In Doubt, Wear Red to Prom

Good day lovelies. 

Have you noticed? I have been constantly posting about prom or wedding. and I am loving it! I just love looking at beautiful gowns. And I get giddy every time I stumble upon a website with lovely gowns. I already have, like, tons of gowns and prom dresses in my hard drive already. Haha! 

There are times when you literally don't know what to wear or the color of the dress to pick. Here's my tip. If you don't know what color to wear, I highly recommend wearing earthly colors, black and, of course, red. If you have forgotten, the color of the year is Marsala which is really close to red and maroon. So, for this year, you might wanna try this one. 

I've picked two lovely dresses from my favorite online shop where I get most of my gown inspirations from. If you want to check the website, here is the link: http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Prom-Dresses-14353/.

 Luxurious A-Line Beading Floor-Length Red Prom Dress

Speaking for my High School Alma Mater Baccalaureate Services


As I told in my social media accounts (instagramfacebooktwitter), there would be two speaking engagements for me this graduation season. The first one was for my elementary alma mater. And the second one is this one for my high school alma mater. Alhamdulillah.

Sad to say, I arrived late due to clerical error in my invitation. It was written in the invitation that the program shall commence on 8:30 am. However, it started 7:30. So, I was really really disappointed when I arrived and the processional was done. Anyway, what's done is done. Though, I was really really disappointed. Lesson learned. Always recheck with the coordinators about the whatnots of the program. 

Moreover, I almost cried during my speech because it was like reminiscing the past. It was like deja vu of my highschool graduation. And when the pinning of corsage to the parents was done, I couldn't anymore hold back. I cried. Ya Allah. 

Speaking for my Elementary Alma Mater Commencement Exercises


Yesterday, I was given a chance to speak before smart young minds, the graduates of the MSU TCTO CDC Laboratory Elementary School. This is the first wave of my speaking engagements for graduation ceremonies. I still have another next week, in sha Allah, I can deliver well.

With this event taking place in my life, I am crashing one item from my 30 things to do before turing 30 years old bucket list - to be the graduation ceremony guest speaker. Alhamdulillah. Just early this year, I have already crashed two items from the list. I give everything back to the Almighty. 

I was indeed nervous when I went to the stage yesterday. I prepared my speech beforehand, but I've never reread it nor practice. But, as I spoke, everything got into place. It was just like a casual conversation between friends. I am happy to be able to inspire young minds even though I don't have that much of experiences to share. 

I want to thank my elementary alma mater for giving this opportunity to me. Just like what I said in my speech. Alhamdulillah, I've done this!

Garden Faerie

Assalamualaikum lovelies. 

Here's a photo diary of my outfit last week. Indeed, summer is here. 
Hijab from Classic Crown Hijab Store
Top from Gaisano Iligan
Tanktop from Zamboanga City
Skirt from Cruella and Co
Sandals from Grendha

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Japan Diaries: Hijabi in Kimono

Assalamualaikum shin'ainaru-kun e.

When I went for a training in Japan, we were able to experience the Japanese way. Indeed, there is more to Japan than just technology. It is a mixture of modernity and tradition.

I've always wanted to wear the kimono. Alhamdulillah, what a better way to wear it than being able to do so in its country of origin? #toomuchblessings

There is an event in the place that we stayed, Hiroshima International Plaza, for the Kimono and Yukata wearing session. There were two sessions: Kimono came first for the girls because we were expected to do more picture-taking, and Yukata session for the boys came afterwards. The first kimono given to me was that of Ate She's (the dark blue one). But, being a pink addict like I am, I persuaded her to exchange kimono with me. hahaha Of course, we were taught about the process of wearing it which is a long and tedious one. T__T I still am so terrible at wearing the obi (kimono belt).

The entire experience was surreal. I can still remember the thrill I had when we are wearing it. This dress is just so perfect for hijabis. I sure would love to wear it again ... in Kyoto. heheh