Friday, August 1, 2014

Microsoft Entrepreneurship Training

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I am just happy every time that I am sent to trainings and workshops. I love learning new things. And how lucky I am to be one of the chosen few to attend the Microsoft Entrepreneurship Training last June 26-27, 2014. 

I have learned a lot from the training - from starting my own business to actually getting a hold of it. Actually, it was more about marketing and technical strategies and tactics. Thus, I have related well to the speaker. He was kind enough to handle our shyness. Lol. There weren't as much as talking from the students than it was for the trainer. And I bet, he was not really happy about it. :) But at least, we learned a lot. Kudos, sensei. 

Thanks to Microsoft and specially to Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy for this event. 


Ms. Amina Rasul

Just trying to prove that he looks like my college friend, Huey. Lol



Monday, July 28, 2014

My Eid 2014 in Bongao Tawi-Tawi

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Before anything else, it is so funny that my blog received its highest daily visitors last July 26. And guess from what countries are my visitors? ISRAEL. Maybe they've been looking at my instagram because I have been promoting events for the #FreePalestine movement all over the Philippines. So, if anything ever happens to my account, you know who to blame. 

Moving on, EID MUBARAK MY DEAR READERS!!! How was your Eid? Mine? Read on.

 I had my Eid prayer this morning. It was amazing! It has been six years since my last Eid prayer in Bongao, my hometown. Ma shaa Allaah, it feels great to be back. ^___^

I just got okay from my flu this morning. Thus, I went to attend the prayer. I cannot afford not being able to attend the Eidl Fitr prayer. It comes only once a year. And it is the time that I thank Allaah for all the blessings he has been giving me. I went to prayer with my niece and nephew because apparently the people in our house cannot pray. Psh! Timing din talaga noh at nagsabay-sabay silang lahat? 

Despite the fact that there were only two of us in the ladies lane, it was an amazing experience. The khutbah was just promising. It encompasses everything about being a Muslim. The people are just as great and really abiding citizens. The fact that most people wore white was really heartwarming. Really. It felt different. I cannot say it in mere words. 

I also got the chance to meet my bestfriend from years back after the prayer. I was so happy I bumped into her. I also bumped into few other people: Ate Jen, Arnalyn, Kah Gigi, Kah Della and many others. It was so nice to beso beso all of you, people. 

Afterwards, we went to my uncles house just few blocks from ours. Then, we went to read Quran at my other uncle's tomb. 

I am so happy today. In sha Allaah, all my learnings in Ramadhan would continue for the next 11 months and would grow until the next Ramadhan. 

I and Szcharaffa

How cute is this kid? :)

My companions.

Kah Reddang, bez Khaila, Raffa and I

Cousins and Uncle and Aunt


What I wore:
Pink Arya dress from Classiccrownhijabstore
Hijab from Brunei c/o Kah Buya
Hijab bling from Malaysia c/o bestfriend Nafiza
Luku/Telukung from Awwal St
Flats from Shoebox



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Homecoming Dresses at DressV

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Our alma mater has done so many favors for us. We would not have reached our current status without the help of our professors, classmates, batchmates and friends. Truly, it is in our schools that we find our second home.

Thus, the idea of homecoming events came. Since our school served as our second home, our teachers as our second parents, our classmates and friends as our siblings, it is enough reason to go back and pay a visit.

Many schools organize homecoming events. Say for example, my university, Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology, had its 12th Grand Alumni Homecoming last July 12, 2014. It's sad to note that I wasn't able to attend due to distance constraints.

For events like this, looking for something to wear is always one of the problems of attendees. But fret no more because we can always look for beautiful vintage homecoming dresses at which are inexpensive.

For those nonhijabis and nonMuslims, DressV is the place to be when you are looking for cocktail dress for your homecoming, prom, and wedding events. Of course, there are long gowns available there for Muslims like me, too. There is something for everybody at DressV. ^^

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Wedding Sale by DressWe

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Getting married is about the bond of two people. It is about strengthening that bond and making it a lifetime commitment. It is about love.

Nowadays, getting married gets more and more expensive day by day. One must be ready with the costs that comes with the wedding preparation until the wedding day. However, if one can find some cheaper alternative without even compromising the quality.

Say for example, the wedding gowns nowadays are getting pricey especially if you prefer the designer ones. But fret no more because has this awesome Dresswe 2014 cheap wedding dresses USA online promotion. Gowns in the US base of DressWe are now on sale to cater the American bride. 

In addition, for the bride's maids and other guests, DressWe is also holding a Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses hot sales. So, everyone who will be attending the wedding will not have to spend so much on their dresses. Rather, they can allot their money to some other things as well.

These promotions are for a limited number of days only. So, grab your pieces now.

You see, there is no need for an extravagant wedding. The sole purpose of getting wedded is not to be among the most expensive wedding. It is to celebrate the commitment that two people had promised each other.

Good luck and best wishes to all the couple getting married this month. ^___^

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3 Ways to Style the Instant Flowing Hijab from Hijabi Soul-Designs [Photo Tutorials]

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Few weeks ago, I received these cool items specifically a sort of loop instant hijab, crown headpiece, and chained brooches from Hijabi Soul-Designs.  Of course, I was really eager to try them on already. I wore the hijab to the office for the first time last week. Some of my officemates thought it was pretty. I had played around with the crown headpiece as well.

Pieces sent to me.
photo from Hijabi Soul-Designs

I promised my good friend, Jannah, who is the owner of Hijabi Soul that I'd create looks for this hijab since it is kind of different. As you can see, it looks like a ready-to-wear hoodie kind of hijab. You can wear it like what is shown in the photo above, or you may beg to differ with the styles I created. ;)

I've been meaning to shoot a video tutorial for this, however, my internet connection at the moment won't let me upload big files. So nah. Anyway, here are 3 photo tutorials I made for this hijab alone:

I like to call these tutorials 3 ways to wear the instant hijab as non-instant. hahaha

Hijab Tutorial #1


Hijab Tutorial #2


Hijab Tutorial #3


I hope you like the tutorials as much as I loved making them. I really do hope my internet connection would be better soon. In sha Allaah.
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