My Cup of Tea: This 2017, I Will...

Love myself more. 
I have a tendency to forget myself, especially when I am attached to something. This year, I will put an end to it. It is time that I also think of myself - not just materialistically but in all aspects of love.  I will put more thoughts and actions to my physical, mental and spiritual health. After all, how we love ourselves is how we teach others to love us.

Four Big Ways to Stand Out At Prom

Let’s face it, it’s never really too early to start thinking about prom, is it? These days, we have learned to shop as early for prom as possible and ensure we get our fairy tale outfit and accessories. After all, when you’re trying to balance finals, midterms, deadlines, and all that, you don’t want to have to make a rushed decision about what to wear. So, before the panic sets in, here are a few ways to well and truly stand out at prom.

2016: The Light

Who could have believed that this is my 7th year-ender post already? Time flies, but we need to carry on and move forward.

LILPINK TRAVELS: Kuala Lumpur & Singapore + #TheZulTiqWedding

Finally!!! After almost three months, I have edited my #lilpinktravels video - KL & SG edition. I know. I know. I am such a lazy editor. It can't be helped since I am busy with something else. :)

My Cup of Tea: Receiving Gifts from an Anonymous

If you have been following my twitter and accounts, you probably know that there is someone who has been sending me gifts while being totally anonymous.

Finding Fashionable Designer Tunics and Tops

Have you had a problem wherein there is a top that is really on point and very fashionable, but it is too short for you? Every hijabi must have similar rant as mine. This is where my love for tunics, shirt dresses and cocktail dresses turned top emanated from.

7 Tips for Planning a Trip to the UK

Visiting the UK can be an unforgettable experience if the trip is planned properly. On the other hand, a poorly planned trip can leave you feeling as though you didn't get to see everything you wanted to. If you're anticipating a trip to the UK in the near future, consider the following seven tips that will help you have a better time during your stay: