Tutorial: 4 Easy-to-Wear Hijab Styles for Everyday Look

There are a loooooot of times that we run late and need to do our hijabs as fast as we could. Sadly, we run out of ideas as well. So, I am listing four tutorials on easy-to-wear hijab styles from all over the web. These photos are not mine, btw.

Journal: Bonjour October

Time flew so fast. Can you believe it? Today is already the 1st day of the last three months of 2015! And in a few days, it will be Amun Jadeed (Islamic New Year). Hello year 1437!

Lovely Cocktail Dresses for Special Occasions

Make you day ultra special by putting on a lovely dress that will surely flaunt your true womanly beauty and make you turn heads. Whether in a simple candle lit dinner with your special someone or in an expensive party, these dresses will surely fit your personal style.

If you are on a dilemma on looking for the perfect cocktail dress, worry not! Simply visit this link http://www.dress.ph/cat_59_Cocktail-Dress/ to give you a variety of choices.

If you have big frame and dream of achieving a "slender" look, check out our Champagne Lace Off Shoulder Long Plus Size Dress! With a price reduction from P4880 TO P968, you're sure to get the ultimate look you want with confidence! Plus, you get more than what you pay for.

Champagne Lace Off Shoulder Long Plus Size Dress

How to Make PowerPoint Shows Enjoyable for the Audience

One of the biggest problems with business related PowerPoint presentations is the inability of the creator to capture the viewers' attention. A PowerPoint is designed to engage the audience; however, some designers still fail to utilize the PowerPoint program at its full potential.

Get 29% Off Your Hijab / Scarf Purchase at Hidden Pearls, UK


Alhamdulillah, I have a very good news to all my readers especially those in the UK and are planning to purchase hijabs. Each of us like discounts, so I am giving out a 29% discount code for everyone to use on the best hijab shop in UK, hidden-pearls.co.uk.

And guess what? The code is good for a year. Yep! You can enjoy using my discount code one good year! Yahoooo! Who's not happy with the news?

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Lilpink Travels: Breathtaking White Sandbar of Panampangan Island, Tawi-Tawi

You will learn how to get to Panampangan Island, what it looks like and some crazy moments we captured on this paradise in this post. 

Lately, I have been searching my blogger self. I srsly don't know what to post in here anymore. When you have five blogs and one online magazine to manage, I guess you'd find yourself in a blogging meltdown too. Haha.

I don't and won't ever regret having too many blogs though. Coz if I had like only one blog, I will be flooding it with gazillion of posts during my opposite-to-lazy days. There are a lot of times that I can write the whole day until I have posted on all my blogs. And there are times that I don't have any posts at all. Haha. Talk about blogging catastrophe.

Anyway, I will be sharing with you a travel post today which I will be calling Lilpink Travels since I use this hashtag on my social media (#lilpinktravels). (The Province of Tawi-Tawi should be proud of me. Lol!)

Today, let's take a pumped boat (which we commissioned) from the Municipality of Bongao to Municipality of Sapa-Sapa where the breath-taking and untouched Panampangan Island is located.

Panampangan Island is known for its long sandbar, powdery white sand and crystal clear water. It is a paradise for the beach bums. If you are looking for a silent getaway from the world with a touch of an adventure, Panampangan Island is the right one for you.

Lilpink's New Look

If you have been visiting this blog, you might have noticed a lot of changes lately. I've been redesigning the blog for quite sometime now. It was a piecemeal work because I am busy with taking care of my mother. If you haven't known, my mom has been confined in the hospital for more than a week already. The truth is, I am struggling with the finances. 

Anyway, as you can see, I didnt change the logo since I am still thinking whether to change it or not. I do like the design of the logo made by DeAnn but the color scheme doesn't appropriately match the whole blog anymore. And I do prefer the pink hue on the majority of the blog theme. 

Perfect Gowns for an Outdoor Wedding from Landybridal

Outdoor weddings have been on demand this past decade. We've seen so many celebrities and renowned personalities walk down the aisle on a beach, garden and many other peculiar places. While many others still prefer the indoor ones, a lot of nature-loving enthusiasts find beach and garden weddings really impressive and memorable.

For this matter, we've come up with an array of beautiful wedding gowns the bride can choose from for her outdoor wedding - be it for the ceremony, reception or both. We especially chose wedding dresses under 500 which can be found at Landybridal. To my Muslim followers, remember to hijabify these wedding gowns! ;) You can if you will.

Tips to Look Your Best This Homecoming

Hi everyone! You are most probably be preparing for homecoming. This post will help you pin down the things you need to know on how to look your best for the said event. However, to my Muslim followers, know that this post may not be applicable to you because we will be choosing short homecoming dresses under 100 from CocoMelody and some edgy makeup look.

Get Huge Discounts on USA Authentic Branded Cosmetics

Are you looking for authentic USA branded cosmetics and get huge discounts? Well, I might just have found an easy way for you to get them directly from US!


How to Convert your DVDs To Other Popular Formats with Movavi Video Converter

If you’re in your 20s and have been a movie fanatic while growing up, chances are that you have an enormous DVD collection that’s taking up considerable amounts of space and just collecting dust. And even if you don’t watch any of them anymore, wouldn’t it be great of those heaps of DVDs could be easily converted and stored in a hard drive or cloud storage? With Movavi’s DVD converter, one can easily convert DVDs and CDs into a more current and compatible format.

Tips on Optimizing Online Shopping

Who doesn't love online shopping? It is convenient, easy and fast. Most of all, you don't need to go out of your room. This is why e-commerce has been on fleek these days. For this post, I've listed few tips on shopping in the world wide web. 

Tutorial: 5 Easy-to-Wear Square Hijab Styles in Photos

photo by: inalathifahs.blogspot.com/
When I started wearing hijab, I used the square ones. I've never used rectangular ones on a daily basis before I went to college prolly because all of the people who wore the rectangular hijabs in my hometown are older. And when you are a bit younger, you wear square hijabs. Lol!

I've compiled 5 easy-to-wear hijab styles for the lover of square scarves like me. I hope you find the perfect hijab style that matches your face shape and hijab-wearing time needs. ha ha!

Hijabify These Formal Dresses

Assalamualaikum ladies.

First of all, let me greet every one a Ramadhan Mubarak. How's fasting, so far? As for me, I am quite busy taking care of my mother. It is a huge test since I am the only one taking care of her 24/7. Please include my mother's recovery in your duas. Jazakillah.

Moving on, for today's blog entry, I wanna share some formal dresses online that can be hijabified. They are so beautiful that you just want to wear them but unfortunately cannot because they show skin. However, we, hijabis, are so dang creative that we can hijabify just about everythaaang on the planet!

Wood watches by Jord

Flashback to two months ago when Paul of Jord Watches contacted me at my email, I thought, "ASDFGHJKL!!! Watches made of wood? Are you serious?" 

Even after I chose my watch for them to send, I had been stalking the website and ogling at the other items they have there. How can they make such masterpieces? I mean, look at the watches. They are so timely and fashionable. Like, can I have all of them? T_T 
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