What Dress To Wear To Prom

You are probably one of the people who have been wandering around the internet and browsing some tips as to what to wear to prom. Believe me, looking for the perfect dress is not an easy task. When I graduated from the university, I had planned my graduation outfit a year or two before the actual graduation. Lol.

In this post, I will be giving you some tips as to picking your dress. And hopefully, after reading this post, you would have an idea on what to wear to prom.

To be able to pick your dress, you would have to answer the following questions.

What type of dress would you want to wear to the prom?
First, you have to decide on the type of dress you want to wear. Would it be a ball gown? A cocktail dress? A long and flowing gown? It is your own discretion. Now, if you have a specific type of dress in mind, we can move on to the next question.

Skin Care and Beauty Tips

Do you want to look beautiful and shine among the crowd? Well it’s possible if you could follow some easy tips to make yourself look beautiful. When it comes to beauty nothing can be more important than skin because a healthy and glowing skin enhances your personality. A pretty face always attracts everyone and is a symbol of good health.

If you want to enhance your outer beauty, pay special attention to your skin. A glowing skin makes you look young and happy as compared to the dull and dry texture. Acquire a clear and radiant look by some easy steps to attain the desirable look.

Identify your skin type
Before conducting any experiment on your skin or using any product make sure you know your skin type. There is a wide range of skin types like dry, oily or a combination of skin types. To deal with any type, there is a different set of procedure. Every type requires a distinct treatment to be followed.

Oily skin turns out be less reactive with a variety of skin products. People who possess oily texture are highly prone to acne as the layer of oil, biologically known as ‘Sebum’, gets collected over the skin and dust particles are entangled in it. This eventually leads to blocked respiratory pores causing pimples.

Japan Diaries: En Route Higashi Hiroshima

Salam ladies.

This post has been stand-by in my drafts for almost 2 days since I was so tired with the travel + tours we had prior to the training proper. I would have posted it on Sunday night when we arrived in Higashi Hiroshima, Japan but I'd rather get sleep.

So, anyway, on January 11, 2015, we flew from NAIA Terminal 2 in Metro Manila to Fukuoka, Japan. The travel took four hours and the turbulence is no joke at all. One of my fellow trainees vomited twice on the airplane. I had to switch seats with him to let him occupy the aisle seat.

Upon arriving at Fukuoka, as usual, we had to face immigration, etc. We were fetched by Yukino-san at the airport. She handed us our nametags, and accompanied us to Hiroshima.

We took a shuttle from the airport to the bus station. Then, we rode a train to the shinkansen station. And in the shinkansen station, we had to go up several floors before reaching the shinkansen.

I was literally amazed at how my first ever shinkansen ride was on FIRST CLASS! Ma sha Allaah. Our seats were near cabin. And were the only ones there, aside from elite-looking Japanese people. Wow!

Bridesmaid Dresses by TopsWedding

Good day everyone.

I've written like a whole lot of articles about wedding; but, I've never actually written anything about the bridesmaids. This post is actually dedicated to the bridesmaids out there. If you are a bride and still is looking for ideas on what your bridesmaid will wear on your wedding day, then you've come to the right place.

Here are three ideas that you can use. These dresses are available at Tops Wedding.

The Prom Dress Trends

Girls will almost always tell you that they don’t know what to wear to a certain occasion. Even though we have a style in mind, we still look for second, third until perhaps tenth opinion. If you happen to be the same, don’t fret. That’s just how we girls roll. 

So , to aid some of my girls out there who are about to head to prom, here are some of the trends that has been in the prom limelight since time immemorial. You can find these Prom Dresses UK at MissDressShop.

A-line Cocktail Dress with Crystal Embellishment

2014 Wishlist Revisited

Salam belles.

Welcome 2015! 

Ma sha Allaah. I have to practice, like for a whole lot while, on writing 2015 instead of 2014. Did you ever think that 5 is waaaay to far from 1 when typing 2015? Well, I do. And it's kind of a chore. hahaha

Anyways, I always keep a wishlist for each year on my other blog: http://www.hijabified.net. And everytime I get a wishlist granted, I strike it out and leave some red notes beside it. So, let's revisit my 2014 wishlist here and now.

2014: The Metamorphosis

Assalamualaikum ladies.

Wow. 2014 has gone by so fast.

Every year, I make a year-ender post to commemorate the happy things that happened to my life. And this is gonna be the fifth one. It is a sort-of count-your-blessings-not-the-trials kind of blog entry.

If you wanna read my previous year-enders, you may click the following links:
This year was full of emotions. It is one of those really challenging years that I have experienced. However, it helped me grow and mature as I face some hard trials. It made me grateful for what I have. It made me who I am now. Simply, this year is my metamorphosis. I've learned all the hardships in my cocoon. And now that the process is coming to an end, a butterfly is ready to come out and soar high.