Monday, September 1, 2014

Florals and Pastels and Yellows

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Sorry. I could not think of a better post title. You know I suck at creating titles. Haha. 

Today is the 53rd Anniversary of my beloved Mindanao State University. As usual, MSU TCTO held its annual gathering in celebration for the creation of this amazing institution. We had our, sort of, picnic at the gymnasium. The program went well. The food was amazing, too. :D 

I am too much grateful to be an MSUan. What I am today is because of this institution. From kinder garten to my post-graduate studies, I am indebted to this university. And I hope to give it the good name it deserves to have.

Anyway, here's my look for the day. 

What I Wore:

Coral Pink/Orange Hijab from MG Enterprises, Bongao
Chancellor's Office Polo Shirt
Floral pants from Warehouse, Midway Plaza
Chuck Taylor's Converse Sneakers
Denim bag I made



Buying Fabric Online

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Shoppers are likely to find fabric to match any home décor color scheme. People who want to decorate in shades of blue can buy solid navy or light blue fabric. Those who want fabric with designs can buy it with blue flowers, blue birds or blue stripes.

Fabric for those who want a green color scheme is available with stripes, ferns or flowers. Shoppers can also choose from several shades of solid green.

Those who prefer neutral colors will find plenty of fabric choices that can be used with black, gray or white. People who want bright colors in their homes can buy pink, yellow or orange fabric.

Homeowners can give a patio or deck a new look by re-covering outdoor furniture. Those who want to use bright colors can buy fabric with tangerine or turquoise stripes. People who want to decorate with dark colors will find indigo, gray or dark red fabric. Pool owners may want to cover chairs by the pool with fabric that has navy, orange or turquoise fish.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beautiful Hijabs and Modest Clothing from @HijabLoveEtc

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Isn't it nice if you have created a bond with your readers? Ate Amera of @Hijabloveetc has been my reader ever since I started blogging. And look at us now, we have created this bond that only we could understand. She has been a witness how this blog has been my friend and outlet. And she has been giving me pieces of advice about not letting go of my blog. Ma sha Allaah. Could I be luckier to have her? 

Not long ago, she started selling hijabs and modest clothing. Then, she was kind enough to send me some items from her shop, together with some that I purchased. 

Here are the items that I got from her shop (gifts + purchases).

Maxi cardigan. <3

Rectangle + Crinkled hijabs

Plain square Hijabs (which I effin love)

Personal note.
If you want some really affordable and fashionable modest pieces, her instagram shop is your best stop. So, go ahead and pick your choices. ^^

To ate Amera, thank you so much. Grabe and twinkle sa mata ko nung nakita ko ang hijabs. Ang gaganda talaga. Cant wait to wear all of them. *___* Love you, ate.



Friday, August 22, 2014

Bud Bongao OOTD

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Welcome to Bongao Tawi-Tawi, where the magnificent Bud Bongao is situated. This is not the first time that I actually had my OOTD taken with this mountain as the backdrop. Why not? Who can actually resist its natural beauty? 

The photos below were taken at MSU TCTO College of Fisheries Pier. Srsly, this campus has a lot of good scenery than my college alma matter, MSU IIT. :)) Had I studied here, I'd prolly end up being the tourism campaign manager of the campus. haha. 

As you can see in the backdrop, there are Bajao stilt houses. The amazing part is yet to come. You cannot actually get into those houses without riding a boat. :D I guess, they'd know who's the thief if ever the lose something. >__<

The last photo is the Sanga Sanga Bridge which connects Brgy. Pahut and Brgy. Sanga Sanga. This is part of my daily route to office. Still, there are Bajao stilt houses. ^^

Lastly, I need not boast the color of the sea, right? Let the photos do the talking. hihi

What I Wore:
Animal printed hijab from Barter Stores near Zamboanga City Hall
Yellow cardigan from Gaisano Iligan
Jumpsuit made by my Mom
Grendha Sandals from SM Davao

PS: Excuse my humongous ID. And thanks to Kah Benang for taking my photos. ^^



Thursday, August 21, 2014

Limitless Possibilities: Be Beautiful and Earn

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Every time I receive a package, I get so electrified. It never changed ever since I open myself for something like this. Anyway, last week, I received an email from a blogger sister, Mary, if I was open for beauty products. Said yes. And after two or three days, the package is here.

I love cosmetics and makeup just as much as I love clothes and dressup. As a business student and a once-in-a-while beauty blogger, I have this dream of having a cosmetic brand in my name just like Em of Michelle Phan. It may seem impossible, but hey, this post is about Limitless Possibilities.

Let me introduce you to Limitless Possibilities.

What is it?

Limitless Possibilities is a company that will make you both beautiful and self-employed. Members can earn while also using their products by selling it for retail online. You see, you need not be on the go to sell, you just need to be online. Isn't that tad sweet?

Like them on Facebook at #iamlimitless, and follow them on instagram and twitter at @iamlimitlessph.

There were a total of six products that LP (wow, same as my blog, LP for LilPink) sent me. They were body and night lotions, facial wash, toner, moisturizer and soap. All of which were placed inside a bubble wrap which secured everything.


This is the first product I tried. After taking decent photos, I washed my face immediately using this. What I liked about this product is that after you use it, you feel fresh and clean. Though it is not foamy, you will feel the dead cells coming out after using this, which is of course what I really needed. 

I am not a fan of toners or anything that people use to clean their faces even more after washing it. But, I gave this a try pa rin. Well, it does clean a lot. If you have a super clean face, how would pimple even say hi? ;) Unless of course, you are allergic. I still will use this.

The lotions were probably my favorite of all products they sent me. The night lotion was indeed calming. It does not have a striking odor which some of the lotions have. The color of the lotion is actually the same as the bottle, only subtle and pastel-y. 

The day lotion is more like keeping your skin hydrated without being greasy. Oh, I have a bad relationship with lotions that will make me feel sticky and oily. I literally hate them. This one's for keeps.

I may not be a fan of toners, but I am a hella fan of moisturizers/facial creams which I always use as foundation under the loose powder. ;) Mary used to commend how *flawless* daw my face. Lol, it isn't. I have big pores. Luckily, moisturizers/facial creams always do the trick. I will teach you how.

Put a generous amount of your moisturizer/facial cream. Then layer it with loose powder using a kabuki brush. Then you're set. ^^ Don't make it too cakey to avoid looking cakey. lol

Of all the products, the scent of the soap is a thumbs up. It is smells so good, you don't wanna leave the bathroom. :D The color is a plus too. Ohhh pink! :)

The photo above is me a day after I used the products. I am using the facial cream + loose powder as well. ;) I am telling you, it works like magic by hiding all my big pores. haha This is what I call knowing your tools and how they work on you. ;) No blurring or whatsoever photoshop tricks were used on the photo, just adjusted lighting.

Nice try for a wink. haha. Sorry.

PS: Limitless Possibilities is currently holding a contest. It is a 30-day Selfie Challenge which is open to all members. Read the mechanics below to know how to join.



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