Happy 7th Anniversary!

Seven years ago today, my blogger sister Cei, gave this domain name to me. It was the first ever domain name I owned so I was ecstatic. I have so much love for blogging ever since.

My Cup of Tea: Annoying Questions Early Adults Like Me Usually Gets

As an adult, we often get questions from all ages that sometimes can already be annoying. I am not spared from this annoyance. Other days, I even ponder upon these questions and ask them to myself – succinctly and convincingly. Some of them make sense while most doesn’t really hit the nail. I, then, shrug them off and move on with my daily schedule.

Here are some of the questions I’ve encountered ever since I became an adult:

My Cup of Tea: Learning About A Friend's Trial

Shea Rasol is one of those people with a pure heart and kind soul. For most of the famous individuals online, Shea is probably one of the truest one. And I am not even exaggerating. She truly is what she portrays and what you see on her social media accounts. For someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, she remained glued to the ground. I've always told everyone that Shea is my most favorite blogger of all time - literally and heartily. I couldn't even fathom how we became friends. That only shows how kind her soul is for allowing new faces into her life.

Poetry and Prose: Notes About Love

             "How are you?"
my subconscious asked
        "Perhaps, in love,"
     my heart responded.
           "Save yourself!"
        my brain shouted.

          "He saved me,"
      my soul countered.

Lilpink Travels: Conquering Bud Bongao

They say, you haven't been to Bongao or Tawi-Tawi if you haven't been to Bongao Peak. So when I was invited by my friends to climb Bud Bongao, I immediately said "yes" since I've never been to this mountain that symbolizes my hometown in my entire life. Now, I can finally say that I am a legitimate Tao-Bongao in substance and in form. hahaha

My Cup of Tea: This 2017, I Will...

Love myself more. 
I have a tendency to forget myself, especially when I am attached to something. This year, I will put an end to it. It is time that I also think of myself - not just materialistically but in all aspects of love.  I will put more thoughts and actions to my physical, mental and spiritual health. After all, how we love ourselves is how we teach others to love us.

Four Big Ways to Stand Out At Prom

Let’s face it, it’s never really too early to start thinking about prom, is it? These days, we have learned to shop as early for prom as possible and ensure we get our fairy tale outfit and accessories. After all, when you’re trying to balance finals, midterms, deadlines, and all that, you don’t want to have to make a rushed decision about what to wear. So, before the panic sets in, here are a few ways to well and truly stand out at prom.