Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gifts for Lilpink

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If you have been following me on instagram and facebook, you'd prolly notice that I constantly upload product photos.

These are actually gifts for me sent by super duper extra ultra generous online shops. Most of them don't ask anything in return. But, it is my pleasure to share them with you coz you might be looking for online shops to buy such items and to spend your $$$ on. Plus, it is time to say "thank you."

By the way, all gifts sent to me are under one hashtag on instagram: #GiftsForLilpink

To these amazing shop owners, thank you so much for trusting me with your products. And thanks for being too generous. Ma sha Allaah. May the Almighty reward you with a lot of happy and satisfied customers.



Sunday, December 7, 2014

Affordable Hair Extensions from CCHairExtensions

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Salam ladies.

This post will be helpful to those nonhijabi readers of mine just like my cousin, Raisa. She has been looking all over the town to look for affordable yet quality hair extension for an occasion. Sadly, we never get to buy because those we saw during our window shopping were not good enough. Either they were too stiff or look to unnatural. It was a tiring task to look all over the place because we needed to go from one shop to the other.

So, we both agreed to look at the online shops. As we were browsing, we bounced upon which offers affordable and natural-looking hair extensions. Alas! It was something we've been searching for.

What is amazing about the shop is that they offer extensions at lengths you are looking for. So, it is a plus plus points! Really! They also have them at different hair colours and textures. My cousin's hair is ash blond, so it was an easy feat.

We were looking at the ash blonde section of the shop (can be found here). And there were a lot of textures and lengths available. I don't know which of the available extensions were chosen by my cousin. So yeah. I hope she gets what is best for her.



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sneaker King - The Perfect Place to Buy UGG Boots

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Are you looking for the perfect place to buy UGG boots? Sneaker King is the place to go! Not sure which UGG boots you want? There are many different styles for both men and women to browse through. UGG boots has grown to be a fashion staple for every wardrobe. Worldwide UGG sales exceeded $1 billion dollars in 2012. They carry a large assorted selection for you to choose from - button down boots, short boots for a sporty look and bow-backed boots that will enhance your feminine side. If you want to shine just a little bit brighter than anyone else in the crowd, the sequined sparkle UGG boots are the perfect choice. 

The original UGG boot was designed in Australia in 1978. These boots are known for their sexy, natural appearance, superb comfort and durability. Made of a type of soft sheepskin, these boots have quickly become a top seller for anyone wanting to demonstrate excellent taste and superb style. UGG boots are sold in over 130 countries worldwide. A variety of other products are also available including other footwear, purses and bags, assorted clothing and outerwear and more. 

Sneaker King is your online resource for a wide variety of UGG products including men’s' and women's UGG boots and other apparel. Instead of trekking from mall to mall looking for the perfect boot, consider shopping online with Sneaker King. In the comfort of your home you can shop with ease. Sneaker King uses only the most modern technological secure shopping encryption to safeguard all of your private information. Sales can be tracked from the website to your front door. Sneaker King accepts returns for 60 days after the sale as long as the products are new and in the original packaging. 

For the perfect mix of comfort, style and chic, UGG boots are a must-have addition to your wardrobe. A wide variety of styles and colors is available to please even the choosiest customer. Whether looking for a durable sensible purchase or a sexy complement to your favorite attire, Sneaker King carries the most popular styles for your shopping satisfaction. If you want a shopping experience that exceeds excellence, click here to visit the Sneaker King site.

When Nature Needs Some Extra Help

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You miss the days when you had a full head of gorgeous hair. You took it for granted and now it's fading away. Join the club. Men, both young and old, are facing the same problem that you are. Whether you have a spot that is starting to thin or you are dealing with major hair loss, all you want to do is put on the brakes and go back to the way it used to be. You can't turn back time and reverse the problem, but you can look for a solution. Click today to see a selection of hair systems, including toupees and wigs to give you the hair that you want.

Avoiding Chemicals and Surgery

You know that there is a large selection of hair loss products on the market, but you really don't want to put toxic chemicals on your head. The warnings alone are enough to scare anyone off. Hair replacement surgery isn't your first choice either. It's a major investment and looks painful as well. You may think you're out of options, but a company like Advent Hair makes hair replacement their business. Explore your options and find the hair system that works for you.

You Have Choices

Whether you opt for the hair pieces that have already been manufactured or want a custom replacement system that has been made for you, the choice is yours. When you go custom, you'll be able to specify features such as densities, texture, and waves. You can even request highlights that match your existing hair color or go with a scattering of gray to have a realistic effect. With a quality hair piece, you can have confidence and raise your head. Your hair may be going away, but you can do something about it.

Count on Quality

Turn to the experts in hair replacement systems to ensure you will find a good fit that uses quality materials. Enjoy having an attractive, full head of hair once more. When your body says goodbye to your hair, you can be yourself. A hair replacement system offers you a way to feel good about yourself. You will no longer be self-conscious about your hair loss. No one will even know that your hair is going away. Get your hair replacement system and you'll finally have peace of mind.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Selective Seminar for Hiroshima Peacebuilding Training

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If you have been following my instagram, you'd probably wondered why the heaven am I in Davao. Well, I am here for the Selective Training for the Hiroshima Training on Peacebuilding and Public Administration. 

Let me tell a little story.

Last August, a Japanese came to our office. She was inviting people to apply for the HiPeC-BM programme. So, I applied. I didnt really expect anything. I just wanted to try my luck to go to Japan. :) Guess, I am extra blessed. I got into the 34 accepted applicants.

Then, Davao.

There were like gazillion mind-boggling quizzes, exams, and a workshop. Quizzes and exams were essays. The challenge is to write a very concise and brief answer. Why? Because Japanese are really direct to the point kind of people! It is really hard to do that, you know. On the workshop, we were asked to look for issues, criticize issues chosen by another participant, make resolution, enhance resolution of another participant. All of which, we will do in 1, 2 or 5 minutes. Difficult is an understatement.

Then the finale has come. The announcement of successful participants to go to Hiroshima, Japan next year.

#5 was called. It was written on the white board.


Alee and Ate Nawe, my super amazing roomies. #room327

Workshop details plus schedule

Workshop details plus schedule


Certificate time.


Amazing people are amazing!


Ms. Meg

Ma sha Allaah.

I still can't believe everything. It's like everything just fell into right place.

Lastly, lemme put in here what I posted in my FB account:

"I realized that whenever I have full trust in myself and in the qadr of Allaah, I will always get what I fathom. Ma sha Allaah. I've always lived in my tiny cocoon ever since I started college. It prolly rooted from my frustrations (not being able to take interior designing). I have to start my metamorphosis now and be that free and beautiful butterfly. Guess I am working through it. Alhamdulillah, In a month time I would be able to experience Japanese design. Get a closer look of a japanese dojo (my dream home, with a touch of Tausug culture). Wear kimono. Eat sushi. Learn Niponggo.

All of these, I am soon to experience just because I started believing in myself again and just because I have put all of my trust and hopes in the Qadr of Allaah."



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