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Staycation with My Aunt at Zamboanga City's Garden Orchid Hotel Booked with Traveloka App

There are days when you really need to get away from the office and busy digital life to relax and contemplate on yourself and the greater world. As early as now, it seems that I have already reached that point in 2017. It s a good thing that one can always choose to have a staycation. This time, I am not going by myself. I am treating my favorite aunt to a staycation in Zamboanga City.

My Cup of Tea: Badmouthing Others To Feel Better About Yourself

There were quite a number of gossips about me that was able to somehow reach me in all these years of existence. Through time, I've learned to just let them pass because gossips will always be false. Why? For me, almost 100% of gossips are already mutilated. Whether the original statement be true or false, there are always addenda and subtractions to and from the original by the badmouthers. 

My Dream Overseas Travel Destinations

I want to travel the world, for sure. And there are special places that I dream of visiting and exploring someday. I always get the question 'why?' when I tell people that I would love to visit some of these places badly. Others even tell me that there are far better destinations. But, we always don't have to go with the preference of majority, right? 

Hijab Awareness Events in Mindanao, Philippines

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

In sha Allah, I will be speaking in the upcoming Hijab Awareness Symposium in General Santos City to be held at the MSU Gen-San Campus on March 5. On the same day, I will also be appearing virtually on a similar symposium in Cagayan de Oro City.