Thursday, November 27, 2014

Selective Seminar for Hiroshima Peacebuilding Training

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If you have been following my instagram, you'd probably wondered why the heaven am I in Davao. Well, I am here for the Selective Training for the Hiroshima Training on Peacebuilding and Public Administration. 

Let me tell a little story.

Last August, a Japanese came to our office. She was inviting people to apply for the HiPeC-BM programme. So, I applied. I didnt really expect anything. I just wanted to try my luck to go to Japan. :) Guess, I am extra blessed. I got into the 34 accepted applicants.

Then, Davao.

There were like gazillion mind-boggling quizzes, exams, and a workshop. Quizzes and exams were essays. The challenge is to write a very concise and brief answer. Why? Because Japanese are really direct to the point kind of people! It is really hard to do that, you know. On the workshop, we were asked to look for issues, criticize issues chosen by another participant, make resolution, enhance resolution of another participant. All of which, we will do in 1, 2 or 5 minutes. Difficult is an understatement.

Then the finale has come. The announcement of successful participants to go to Hiroshima, Japan next year.

#5 was called. It was written on the white board.


Alee and Ate Nawe, my super amazing roomies. #room327

Workshop details plus schedule

Workshop details plus schedule


Certificate time.


Amazing people are amazing!


Ms. Meg

Ma sha Allaah.

I still can't believe everything. It's like everything just fell into right place.

Lastly, lemme put in here what I posted in my FB account:

"I realized that whenever I have full trust in myself and in the qadr of Allaah, I will always get what I fathom. Ma sha Allaah. I've always lived in my tiny cocoon ever since I started college. It prolly rooted from my frustrations (not being able to take interior designing). I have to start my metamorphosis now and be that free and beautiful butterfly. Guess I am working through it. Alhamdulillah, In a month time I would be able to experience Japanese design. Get a closer look of a japanese dojo (my dream home, with a touch of Tausug culture). Wear kimono. Eat sushi. Learn Niponggo.

All of these, I am soon to experience just because I started believing in myself again and just because I have put all of my trust and hopes in the Qadr of Allaah."



Monday, November 24, 2014

REVIEW: Accessorized by Threadmarks

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Y'all might be wondering where am I in the last few days. Well, I am currently in Davao City for a certain seminar. I am enjoying this vacation /  training a lot. Ah! Freedom from work!!!

If you could still remember, I promised a full review of the items that I got from ThreadMarks. Alhamdulillaah, I was able to do the review video here in the hotel. Yay!

These are the items that sis Reeda sent me:

Watch my full review of the items here:

Thank you for watching! Don't forget to check Threadmarks at:



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Converting Videos with Movavi Video Converter

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Many portable multimedia devices do not support certain video file formats. That is why you need videoconverter software for converting the unsupported format of a video file to a format supported by your device.

There are many such software available for free on the web but oftentimes they’re not adequately efficient and lacks some important functionalities that you may need. There is also a huge number of paid video converters available on the market with varying price range, which might make choosing the right one a tricky job for you but if you want a top class video converter at reasonable price then you should consider buying Movavi Video Converter.

In addition to converting video files, the software also lets you convert audio files. You will be able to convert a video file to almost all popular video formats, thus you’ll be able to watch a video in almost any multimedia device that plays videos. Some of the formats supported by Movavi Video Converter are, AVI, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MP4 etc.

Movavi Video converter also lets you convert a video for viewing in some latest Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Converting a video for viewing on a specific mobile device using Movavi Video Converter can be done by a very simple process, you’ll only have to specify the device after selecting the video file to be converted and then click on Convert button.

The software also lets you change video resolution. The software also performs the video conversion process very fast. The time it takes to convert a video is comparable to the time needed to copy and paste the file due to its SuperSpeed conversion feature. The video conversion takes place at a very high speed even if your PC doesn’t have hardware acceleration.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the video losing its quality after conversion if you’re using Movavi video converter for the job. The resolution, aspect ratio and bitrate of your video will be intact after you’ve converted it into any other format using the Movavi video converter.

The software will let you upload a video to YouTube and other video sharing websites very easily after you’ve made the required adjustments to the video.The software will also let you extract audio from a video.Movavi video converter will let you reduce the size of a video file without the video losing its quality too much.

Movavi video converter will also let you convert image files. The software also lets you extract video fragments from a movie; all you have to do is mark the required portion of the video.Movavi video converter also offers some basic editing functions. You’ll be able to make a video by joining several video clips. You’ll also be able to enhance the quality of a video by applying some automatic filters to it and also by editing the video’s brightness, contrast etc

The user interface of the software is so simple that even someone with no experience of video editing will be able to use the software easily.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Natural-looking Synthetic Wigs

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Salam ladies.

Obviously, this post is for my non-hijabi readers, especially non-Muslims. Us, hijabis, already have our own crowning glory: hijab. For those who are looking for natural-looking wigs, well, read on.

I have friends who like wearing wigs, either to achieve the locks they wanted or to have a shiny long hair. If I were not a hijabi, I sure would try wigs and hair extensions. They are very helpful in achieving any look you would like to pull off. When you have an occasion to attend and your hair style is not what you wanted for the event, wigs are really of great help.

Lately, I've stumbled upon this wigs shop in the net. Well, I am one of a kind researcher. I could just research about anything - from fashion to house decors or history. I am a bookworm of a different genus - webworm that is. I browsed the site more just because the wigs looked so natural. I would not, for a second, doubt the authenticity of the hair of the wearer of the wigs from the shop. Really!

Anyway, this site that I was talking about sells wigs made from synthetic chemicals and those made from real human hair. Cool! And guess what? On 28th of November, they would be having their own Black Friday Sale. Discounts can be as high as 90%. Like, what a steal!!!!

So, if you happen to be looking for affordable yet quality wigs and hair extensions, you know where to go:

Have you worn wigs? If so, did you like the experience? Let me know in the comments. ^___^

Pretty Dresses for Bridesmaid Wear from WeddingShe

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Salam ladies. 

You have normally been seeing a lot of wedding dresses and gowns in this blog. For now, let's move over to the bridesmaids. Aside from the bride, there are several girls who are really excited for the wedding And they are none other than her bridesmaids. They have to be second-prettiests on the wedding, you know. 

I've already told you that I am working with on bringing you some of my thumbs-up-worthy dresses from them. And I am gonna show you my top three again. You can see these dresses and many others on this link:

Since I am currently obsessed with pastel pink + peach, I've picked my top 3 Pretty Dresses for Bridesmaid Wear of the same colour. Bear with me. :D

At number 3 is this dress with peplum-ish lace top. The bridesmaid will look gorgeous with this dress.It also hides the belly part which most of us have enormous problems (keeping it flat). So yeah, this is definitely a thumbs up.

At number 2 is this very lovely dress with florals made from the same cloth. It will bring out the sweet and romantic look for the bridesmaids. I would love this in other colours as well such as tosca, cobalt blue and crimson. 

And my number one has to have laces and florals. haha. I know, I am bias! This would have to be the perfect wear for any wedding. Sweet, romantic, not really showing much. Just perfect. In my case, I would have to get myself a blazer, but I would still rock it. 

Weddingshe sure knows my tastes since they have these in their products. They are continuously been having sales and discounts. So you have to always check their site. 

Anyway, out of the three dresses, which is your personal fave? Lemme know. 
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