Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Reasons to Choose Organic Bath and Beauty Products

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There is a growing trend among lovers of beauty products to use more formulations containing organic ingredients. This is a positive development that reflects a renewed appreciation for environmentally friendly choices. The appeal of organic bath and skin care products is understandable considering they are made with pure flower, herb, fruit and plant extracts and oils. Organic products are a welcome change from traditional commercial offerings containing synthetic ingredients. There are several good reasons to try beauty products produced organically. 

Eco-Friendly Ingredients

In the days before personal care products became mass-produced, they were often made locally using fresh and natural ingredients. The modern organic movement is simply going back to the way things used to be. Products that are marketed as organic contain a mixture of cultivated ingredients that come from nature's bounty. 

Those that make these products often have higher standards of quality than their artificially produced counterparts. It is truly a labor of love to produce organic beauty products because a lot of the process is done by hand. Organic product producers also follow eco-friendly practices during the entire production phase.

Safe to Use

A major reason for using organic over standard beauty care products is that they tend to be safer. Too many brands claim to have natural ingredients, but also include chemical additives. Sometimes these chemicals cause allergic reactions. Chemicals may also cause skin and hair to become dry or break out. Organic beauty products, on the other hand, are more on the mild side. You can read the ingredients list and recognize the names of plants and other extracts. Organic is safe and natural.

Wonderful Scents

A side benefit of using organic beauty and bath products is that they have the most wonderful smell in the whole world. The natural scents of coconut, vanilla, pineapple and other ingredients lifts your spirits.

No Animal Testing

Organic product makers shy away from animal testing. These products contain familiar ingredients so they are going to be safe for most people. That's a relief to animal lovers.


Some beauty and personal care products sold commercially come with a steep price tag. However, you can find plenty of great organically made choices that are very affordable for the average budget. Feel and look good for less.

Once you make the switch to organic bath and beauty products you'll want to keep using them forever. They make you look and feel so wonderful.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Start A Business?

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As a business student, I've been jotting down few points on how to start a new venture. Sooner or later, I'd love to be my own boss. I want to be an entrepreneur, come the time that I have the capital and right ideas.

I've been looking at different industries as of now. I've been wanting the travel, clothing, and printing industries. However, I still have to take down a few notes on which really would make me happy. If I choose printing industry, it would be helpful if I use workflow software solutions to implement my business a lot better.

How about you? Do you currently run a business? Or would you want to run a business venture? If so, which industry would you most likely be inclined in?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

ClassicCrownHijabPh: Hijab Review

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Classic Crown Hijab Store PH (@classiccrownhijabstore in instagram) sent me a hijab and inner ninja for me to try on and give my verdict. First of all, CCHSph is an online store in the Philippines that caters to the needs of Filipina hijabis. The store is handled and owned by my good friends, ate Margie and Jamila. They are reverts, alhamdulillaah. 

Moving on, here are the lovely stuffs they sent to me. I am so sorry for the photos. The color seem to differ from the actual color. #sorry #mybad

Mint green hijab

Maroon inner hijab
Material: 5/5
I just love the material esp the inner ninja. I have two other ninjas but I love the material of this more. The mint green hijab is probably made of spandex. I am really not good with cloths but I think it is what it is. 

Quality: 4.5/5
The stitches, the folds, everything is great. The zipper in the inner ninja is good too. The ninja is really long too. It gives you great coverage for the neck and chest. Ma sha Allaah.

My Final Verdict: 4.75/5
I love everything. Really. It's just that I wished that the hijab is not interconnected. I am limited only to few hijab styles for this one. However, it's great. REALLY! :)



Go ahead and try Classic Crown Hijab Store items. 
Be modest and fabulous all at the same time. ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tracking My Finances

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I have been thinking about this for so long already. And today, I have come to a very crucial decision. I will be keeping track of all the inflows and outflows of my limited resources. I will be using Quickbooks to track my personal finance.

As an accountant, I personally would want to also be in the know of how I deal with my earnings online and offline. I think, Quickbooks would be perfect to help me with this.

Starting today, I am building my chart of accounts for the year. I guess, this will be a fiscal year since I will be starting just now. 

My mission is to at least see where my finances really goes and how I used it. In sha Allaah, I will be able to maintain this. In sha Allaah, I will be able to use this learning as the building block to discipline in my actions and decisions in life. In sha Allaah, this will help me achieve my goals. 

I think, as a young soul, we should always be reasonable with every action. We have to be responsible with how we live. The fact that I am still in the verge of acquiring properties and assets for my future, I have to have the willpower to actually start now. And what more would the action be than implementing what I learned in college to my real life?! 

I've been thinking... Sayang ang natutunan ko if I won't apply them to my life. Sayang if I am just to apply it to the businesses that I will be working for. Diba? Why not put that knowledge into something that would make your life a lot better and more meaningful. 

You might be thinking that I am overdoing things. But this is a good start. Islam lets us record those we borrowed and we lent. So, this fits me well. 

Have you been tracking your finances, as well? How far have you gone? What goodness has it brought you? :) 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Count Your Blessings... Every Part of It

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I have been practicing this since last two weeks. It is kind of hard to really think about your blessings when you are afflicted with problems. But, I am really trying hard to not think about my problems, instead I think of all the good things that are happening to me.

Allaah is giving my every cell a chance to live. HE is giving me air to breathe. HE is sustaining me with food. HE has given me so many good souls who help me whenever I feel down. I can see. I can hear. All my senses are active. HE has gifted me so much.

I am switching from being a pessimist to being an extra optimistic girl. :) I hope Allaah makes it easy for me and for you to accept anything he gives to us. Because HE does not give us anything that is bad for us. Anything from Allaah is for our own good.

In sha Allaah. Ameen.

Please pray for me. Include me in your dua.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When the Train Halts… My PNR Story


Trains have always fascinated me. In fact one of my dreams is to ride the bullet train in Japan.

Coming to Metro Manila, you would always expect to ride the railway transit available to make your travel a lot shorter and faster which of course is a great benefit. But, riding the train in Manila would come with a great cost.

There are three railway transits in the Metro: Light Railway Transit (LRT), Metro Railway Transit (MRT) and Philippine National Railways (PNR). I’ve ridden in those trains so many times already. So far, the rides went well although the trains are always jam-packed with people (I meant, skin to skin scenario). And my personal favorite transit is LRT 2. Well, at least not until my experience yesterday with PNR.

I and Kah Mor went to Divisoria to look for cutesy items since it is also her first time to go there. To get there from Taguig, we rode the PNR which would take us directly to Tutuban Center. Considering the route and travel time when taking the cab or the jeep, PNR wins. The train travel to Tutuban from Taguig went well. Although, the train was full, at least we arrived to our destination without any aberration. Travel time was more or less 45 minutes.

Photo taken by my crappy phone camera.

Of course, upon going home, it is expected of us to also take the train. We took the train at 5:30 something. And it started traveling at 6:07 PM. My, that was the fullest train I’ve ever ridden in my entire existence. I was really glad that Kah Mor and I were able to have a seat, otherwise, my anemia would have caused my passing out. The sad thing is the people-filled train was not the highlight yet.

Our route was from Tutuban to FTI. Our travel to the stops before FTI went smoothly. BUT! When we reached the mid section of Nichols and FTI, the train slowed down to a halt… in the middle of both stations!!!! At first, we were all keeping cool. People around are joking about it. By the way, we spent more than half an hour in a busted train in the middle of the railway with no air conditioner. The boys aboard had to get the windows opened or else we’d all die of suffocation.

Then come the time that some passengers were so hot-tempered (probably due to lack of air conditioner aboard) and tried to really blast the door and windows with their punches. That very moment opened my eyes as to how some Filipinos react to affliction. They get stubborn easily. And they would destroy public property if they wish so. Of course, there were those who tried to keep everything calm.

Frankly speaking, I was really afraid yesterday of how the events would turnout. It was my first time to get stuck inside the train. It was a good thing that there are two Tausugs who happened to be our seatmates. They have constantly been talking to us which made us forget of the situation that we were currently in. There is also one guy who would always give points as to riding PNR. I’d like to call him, the PNR guy because he knows a lot about the train. He’d probably been riding the train for so long already.

The train conductor would also always update us on the matters of the train (whom I think was fooling us around). First, he told us, “One bar na lang po ang kailangan, at tatakbo na ulit tayo”. (One bar to go and we’ll run again.) Then, the punching of the train. He told us again, “Wag nyo pong buksan ang pintuan. Makakatakbo na sana pero binuksan nyo ang pintuan.” (Don’t open the train doors. We might have already run, but you opened the door.) Lastly, he exclaimed, “Parating na po ang next train doon sa Nichols station. Ipapabalik natin na lang doon ang tren at doon na kayo sumakay sa paparating na tren. Pasenxa na po talaga.” (The next train will arrive in Nichols station. We’ll go back the previous station and you can ride the other train from there. I’m really sorry.)

Then we went back to Nichols. Slowly.

When the train had its full stop at Nichols station, everyone hurried outside. We waited for most of the people to get out. The train conductor called for attention, “Pakitawag naman po ang mga guards. Binubugbog na ako dito. Please naman po.” (Please call the guards. I am being hit here. Please.) He called out many times until the guards finally came. Then we finally headed out.

We decided to take the jeep instead of waiting to be transported by the other train. We had to walk the skyway just to get a ride. Man! That was really tiring. If you’ve seen the skyway along the entrance to Taguig, you’d understand me. We also had to be first of the people who want a ride too.

Glad we managed to slip into one of the jeepneys routed to Alabang via SM Bicutan. We got down at Tenement area where we rode the tricycle to Maharlika Village. Then walked home.


But it was an experience I would not forget. Truly, you would always come across this experience when you commute around Manila, esp. if you ride PNR.

So yeah, you should try it too. ;)

Getting the Perfect Prom Look

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Prom is the night of glam and being beautiful and handsome. However, it has always been dreadful to most of the high school students. Looking their best had always pose difficult problems to juniors and seniors. For all of us, prom only comes twice in our lives. One in our junior year, the other one in our senior year. So, there is only one time to revive the moment if you did not make the first one great.

Which dress? What look? What to do? Those are only some of the many questions that prom-goers face. I had that problem years back. Oh am I glad that was over. But anyway, these tips are for those who are going to prom this year and the next.

Choosing The Dress

Your dress would either make you look good or otherwise. So, you have to choose the dress wisely. There are tons of online shops such as that offers affordable yet beautiful dresses. So, you should always be ready to hunt down that dress of the year.

The first one is still my favorite. You might have seen it already in my other post here in my blog. It looks simple yet so lovely and charming. The second one looks gorgeous and gives you the princess-y look.

For those who wants modest dresses, you have to have a vest or something to cover the arms and neck. Of course, the first cocktail dress needs to be long, making it a gown. :) Nonetheless, the dresses should also complement your skin tone.

The Hair Style / The Hijab Style

For non-hijabis or those who does not wear the headscarf, getting the perfect hairstyle is a must. You should keep in mind that you have to be classy and sophisticated for that night.

Choosing the right headscarf for Muslims is also vital. It must go with the dress you are wearing. Of course, you have to be keen in the choice of material for your hijab or else you would not be comfortable.


Under etcetera are the shoes, purse, and makeup. These three matters a lot. But you can go for neutral colors. That way, you don't have to bother about choosing what color matches with what color.

I have one motto in choosing which matches which. It is:

If all fails, go neutral.

Try to apply it. It never fails me. :)

Now you are ready for prom. Don't forget to bring that smile with you. Prom is about getting to know people. Learn to acquaint yourselves as much as possible. And oh, don't do things that you will regret later in prom. Don't make it a day that you will loathe forever.


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