Inspiration: Stunningly Gorgeous Long-sleeved Wedding Gowns

Today's wedding gowns are mostly sleeveless. So it is a pain to look for modest inspirations for one's wedding especially in the case of hijabis or girls who wear headscarves.

This post will give us modest wedding gown inspirations which means it does not necessarily say that the gowns will be totally modest since we got this from the web. But, one can have it hijabified to her liking.I will be posting some wedding gowns, so keep on reading. Btw, #3 is my favorite!

Designed With You in Mind

Is your daily calendar filled with obligations and an unending list of things to do? Have you forgotten what it's like to enjoy some uninterrupted personal time? If you answered those questions with a definitive "yes", there's something you should check into that can simplify your "to-do" list and give you the motivation to do something nice for yourself.

Awards Shows Provide Jewelry Inspiration

Many TV, movie and music enthusiasts watch awards shows such as the Golden Globes, NAACP Images Awards, Grammy Awards, and Oscars. Even though the shows are mostly about the nominated artists, many watch these shows because they enjoy seeing the popular fashions. Jewelry often gets less attention in comparison to the dresses, but celebrity jewelry is an inspiration for the jewelry that many other women buy.

La Fleur de Vie

Même les fleurs artificielles Ont un vase. La vie est belle.
Even artificial flowers have a vase. Life is Beautiful. 
― Charles de Leusse

"Fall in love with the beauty of life for The Maker of life is The Most Beautiful. To look at your being with beauty is to appreciate The One Who created it. You are here for a purpose. And indeed, like your life, that purpose is full of meaning and wisdom. You may not know it now; but in the future, when your life begins to flash in front of you, you will understand."

Natural Hair Extensions for Every Type of Hair

Author's note: This post is for non-hijabi friends and readers.

For today's post, I am going to talk about hair extensions, hair weaves, etc. Did you know that you can have every hair style and texture with just using hair extensions? Well, I was astonished to know also.

Artificial hair extensions or more commonly known as hair extensions, add length and/or fullness to human hair. It is one of the modern-day methods of lengthening one's crowning glory by putting on clip in hair extensions with artificial or natural hair. Depending on one's need, there will always be available hair extension for everyone.

Chic Satin


Today is a beautiful sunny day in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. And to make it more beautiful, I wore satin to work. ^___^ I supposedly would not wear this satin skirt from @cruellaandco to office because my friends told me that it isn't a casual wear at all. But, I cannot wait for any occasions to be able to wear it. So yeah. Now, I am wearing it. To tone down the whole formal look, I wore Chucks. Ah! I forever love Chucks!

Cotton Candy Whatnots

Assalamualaikum ladies. 

When you have bestfriends who can be with you both at your ups and downs, then they are definitely for keeps. Last Sunday, I bonded with my bestfriends, Jheng and Hij. What was agreed was to meet at a certain eating place close to the beach. But, when we got there, we changed our minds since the place was full of men.