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Hey Cheapster!

I like cheap items, so I call myself a cheapster. haha. Remember my post about cheap items I bought here?

This time, I've managed to use all of them. K! Not! I just did my own timer-photoshoot. Say hello to the timer girl. What? I do not have a personal assistant, or  (worst) a photographer, to take cool photos of me. So, you have to just settle with the timer of my good old Sony W55 digital camera.

Anyway, back to my looks. I've managed to put them on already. So, just click Hype on each photo to give some love! :)

I've actually posted all of these in my fashion blog: But I want to compile them all here to show you that I really really love wearing cheap clothes. :D I don't care if I got it on a flea market, as long as I can strut it. :)

As what my mom always tells me, it's not how expensive your clothes are. It's in the way you bring them. When you wear your clothes with dignity, people will look at you with great respect and awe. Anyway, the 2nd photo above is resized because it would not look good if it is taller than the left one. I had to resize it form the original form making me look so bloated. However, I love it. :) I have always wanted to gain a little weight.

As you can tell (i've always brag about this but never made any), I am resorting now to making my own clothes. Aside from the fact that I spent half of this month's earnings of mine at ebay, I already wanted to make an own statement. A style that I could call my own. Whatever it is, I hope it comes to reality already. Anyway, moving back to my post, I think I have already grown to the fact that I don't really need expensive stuffs.

Crazy but I really had some realizations over the years. This was probably brought by the lessons I've had with my blogs and some stuffs related to them. Who says that blogging isn't good? Well, it is! :)

And oh, I've finished 3 Indian movies over the weekend. Pure love! :) Also, I lost one blog follower at GFC. I don't know why I am so affected. Am I that bad that he/she decided to unfollow? What? =( Really, it makes me sad to see someone leave. However, it is inevitable. Perhaps, he/she hates my whining all the time. Gah! Sorry lah!

My next post will be about my earnings and where the hell do I earn them. Watch out if you want to earn! :) It will not be so big but it's worth the catch! :)


  1. I love it sis! I hyped all of your looks! hihihihi :D I love cheap stuffs too. hihihihi.. hindi rin naman kase ako brand conscious ee. hihihihi.. :D tayo na ang fashionista! wooot wooot! :D

  2. yes yes! di tlga ako brand-conscious. i wear anything basta i like the style. :D :D
    eh kasi, mas madali ang life if di choosy diba? hahah

  3. yay to cheap stuff! count me in! :]] btw, i dont have lookbook. i cant hype those. but they're definitely great!
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  4. I like cheap things too... I'm quite materialistic, but I know I could never afford such overwhelming expensive things, so I just dream of them. I don't shop designer stuff, believe me or not, all my clothes are inexpensive. I would buy one expensive clothing when I earned more money... :D followed you on gfc btw! :D

  5. Sosyalin! Ganda naman. Mahilig din ako sa mura lalo na ngayong nagtitipid ako. :P
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  6. i totally love cardigans and whenever i see styles in your entries, i think of buying cardigans of the same colors. haha! i like the violet with white ribbon top you have there. i wish i can buy a lot of clothes in flea markets as well sis. di ko lang alam kasi kung saan meron dito sa manila na magaganda din,. :D

  7. I love cheap stuffs too! I'm not into brand names, as long as they're comfortable and also pretty, I love them. I really like the color combinations you have there sis, really cute!
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  8. apir sis! haha i love buying cheap stuffs too! but syempre it depends on how often i'm going to use the item and in what i'm going to use it for. but as with shirts i always go with cheap ones except for shoes, pants bags etc :)

  9. your mom is right, when she said that... "it’s not how expensive your clothes are. It’s in the way you bring them." :)wish you the best on your future clothing lines.. ^_^


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