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MBS 5 - Macapagal Ancestral House

I know. This is still a part of the long series of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011. It seems that I have made this blog a travel documentary already. This time, let us take a tour around the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House.

Above are the photos at the facade of the house. I love the vintage touch of the house. Well, what is to be expected from a 50-year old house right? haha. Silly me!

Wait. It's not a 50-year old house. It is 61 years old already. Ah! What a house! Actually, I love the interiors of the house. You'll see later.

Yay! There's me at the guest list! haha

Actually, the first room in the house is the office of the late President Diosdado Macapagal. And look! I am sitting in his chair in his office! :)

Upon entering the house, a huge painting of former President Gloria M. Arroyo will welcome you. Uhuh! She's so sexaaaay! You didn't expect to see this huh? Well, I didn't too.

The chandelier at the stairs. So vintageeey.

Upstairs are three rooms - PGMA's bedroom, PDM's master's bedroom, and another room. This one's PGMA's room.

PGMA's dresser

The view from PGMA's bedroom. I wonder how it looked like back then?

The master's bedroom. I had to actually lessen the photos because my shots are bad! :( Anyway, look at the perfumes of Pres. Diosdado Macapagal.

Me and another IBS member at the master's bedroom. Love love the huge mirror.

On the playground is PGMA's playhouse. Look at the aged dolls. They really freaked me out. They looked like Chuckie. Really!

PDM and PGMA statues.

The house is really beautiful. I actually would love to be living in a house like this in the future. Ah! Someday.


  1. woow! the place is so nice! si Gloria yun? OMG! haha! i didn't notice that it was her xD she's sexaaay . haha! didn't really expect for it. wahah! xD jeeh! that's a great experience! congrats sis!

  2. na submit ba yung comment ko? parang wala xD OMY! anyways, The place is so nice! every single place of it is so nice! Si Gloria pala yung gi paint? aha!~ i didn't notice it xD she's really daring in that painting. haha! and I didn't expect seeing her like that. wahah!~ jeeeh! that's a great experience sis! congrats!
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  3. i didn't know that PGMA once lived in mindanao :) thanks for sharing the pictures!

    the the dolls look scary >_< but the house looks nice :D

  4. The dolls are actually scarrrryyyy :| it seems like they'll move anytime.
    the place is really nice :)

  5. those dolls makes me scared. Anyway, i hope that you can join my $50.00 shopbop gift card giveaway
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  6. wooo! love that place other than the interiors, the fact that it part of our history makes me want to visit that place too!! lol those dolls... so so creepy...
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  7. I wish I could attend a bloggers' summit. I never got the chance to attend any! :(
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