Kai Darul is a 24-year old certified public accountant from Tawi-Tawi, Philippines.

She is the editor-in-chief of Hijabi Maga news writer, internal auditor and seasonal vlogger.She is one of the Philippine's ambassador for World Hijab Day.

She firmly believes in Islam and an advocate of modest lifestyle. She wears the hijab since age 4. She is self-learning Islam from reading texts such as Qur'an, Hadith collections and scholastic books.

She adores Japan and Morocco so much. She dreams of touring around and visiting key places of the said countries one day. Of course, her ultimate dream is to perform Hajj and Umrah to Saudi Arabia.

Blogging Life

She started blogging way back in 2007 using a Friendster blog. Then, she moved to Blogspot in 2008. It was just something that she made out of curiousity. In fact, she did not pursue it at that time. She only took blogging seriously when she was a sophomore in college for a course requirement.

It was the time she won this domain name, Lilpink.info, and a hosting package from Cei's mini blog giveaway. Basically, this domain name was using Wordpress for almost two years from Feb 2010 to Nov 2012. However,in November 2012, the bold move to Blogger was done for some personal reasons.

Blog Recognitions

  • Pioneer blog by a muslimah for a muslimah in the Philippines
  • 13 Fast Emerging Influential Filipina Fashion Bloggers - RonLeyba.com
  • Top 10 Fashion Bloggers by Digital Mint 
  • This blog was a finalist for the category, Best Fashion Blogs, for Mindanao Blog Awards 2013.
  • Nominee, Bloggys 2015, Philippine Blog Awards

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