My Cup of Tea: Receiving Gifts from an Anonymous

If you have been following my twitter and accounts, you probably know that there is someone who has been sending me gifts while being totally anonymous.

Finding Fashionable Designer Tunics and Tops

Have you had a problem wherein there is a top that is really on point and very fashionable, but it is too short for you? Every hijabi must have similar rant as mine. This is where my love for tunics, shirt dresses and cocktail dresses turned top emanated from.

7 Tips for Planning a Trip to the UK

Visiting the UK can be an unforgettable experience if the trip is planned properly. On the other hand, a poorly planned trip can leave you feeling as though you didn't get to see everything you wanted to. If you're anticipating a trip to the UK in the near future, consider the following seven tips that will help you have a better time during your stay:

My Cup of Tea: 'Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)' Movie Reactions

Warning: May contain spoilers!

Just like everybody else, I cannot not watch Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name), the latest movie from the acclaimed writer, Makoto Shinkai. Other movies by Makoto Shinkai are Garden of Words, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Cats' Gathering, and the movie that has left me brokenhearted, 5 Centimetres per Second.

Shopping for High-End Gifts Online

Men often joke that they never know what to get their wives or girlfriends for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. They worry about picking out something that will not get used or an item that their loved one will think is ugly or impractical. They can take the worry off themselves by shopping online for dresses, tops, and accessories from online retailers that sell perfume, jewelry, luxury clothing brands, handbags, and more. By picking out something for her wardrobe, a husband or boyfriend can make gift buying easier and more fun for each special occasion.

Projects For The Teen Girl's Bedroom

When it comes to your teen daughter's bedroom, there will probably be a few disagreements as to the colors that are used and the designs that are added to the room. You can get a quote today to find out how much it would be to install new flooring, paint the walls and add a few other details that you might not know how to do, and there are a few things that you can do on your own to save time and money.

My Cup of Tea: Blogs I've Been Passionately Reading Lately

I've been reading blogs and websites that make sense these days. Although, I have always loved nonfiction writings especially for books, I used to read how-to and lifestyle blogs.

I mostly read motivational, scientific, philosophical, Islamic and political books which is so (meh) boring for most people. I find the aforementioned types of books interesting and mind-blowing. This is why I cannot be the right person if you want to talk about novels (although I read John Grisham and a little Sidney Sheldon and Paolo Coelho).