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Shop Designer Clothes Such as Naftul Online

Hi ladies! 

There is no other satisfying way to distress for us girls than shopping - much more if we are buying quality designer clothes online. Less hassle and more on quality. At StyleWe, we can buy beautiful modest designer clothes that will match our personalities. 

From glam to edgy to outgoing to minimalist styles, they all have them at the website. Naftul is one of the designers on StyleWe. She designs clothes that she would personally wear on day-to-day basis and sticks to comfortable and airy textiles.

Here are some clothes that I loved from Naftul. You can view more at

Very simple and minimalistic. I love the cut and drapes on this dress. 

So Bohemian. This is lovely to wear to beach parties and day-out in the park picnicking with friends and family. 

Ah! This is my weakness! The cloth, the cut, the drapes, the color. Everything is just lovely! 

I like the designs of Naftul simply because they are the kinds of dresses that I would wear. Comfort is my last name. I prefer comfort over anything. But if I can have the design and comfort at the same time, then it is indeed the biggest steal that I can get.

For more information and news about StyleWe, follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

Inflatables: The Best Summer Experience Anywhere

Who doesn't love summer? It is the time when people enjoy the moments under the sun either sunbathing, beaching or just playing around with their loved ones. Kids specifically love basking and having fun playing with their friends. I personally love reading under the sun with the wind blowing on my hijab and looking at the endless horizon by the beach.

Summer brings a feeling of fun, thrill and belongingness. Bright colors bring warmth to our system. This is why we all love this season!

However, for many of us, it is really a hassle having to travel. Not to mention the fact that we need to have extra cash to pay everything on our travel! This is where we look for alternative ways to enjoy the pool or beach at the comfort of our homes.

You can find inflatable pool online these days to avoid the queues in the malls. Moreover, there are also human hamster ball for sale and water slides for sale on several online outlets. By using these things, you and your family and friends will not have to go away from your place in order to have the summer vibe!

To pump air into the inflatable pools, water slides and human hamster balls, there are also available air blower pumps such as shown in the photos below.

The best thing about inflatable pools, water slides and hamster balls is that you can keep and use them again in the future. You will just have to spend once and you can use them again for several times. You may need to have a secured place for them to keep away from the children to avoid future damages. 

Also, you need not have to have the bod in order to enjoy summer. I personally think that inflatables are the best for hijabis like me, too. I can enjoy summer at home, not needing burkinis nor hijabs. Also, we are away from non-Mahrams who are always present in any beach and public pool elsewhere. We can avoid fitnah while still having fun.

As long as you have an ample space at home, you can always use inflatable pools. You can be frugal and enjoy with your loved ones at the same time. Just make sure you prepare the food and stuff with summery vibe for your summer vacation at home. Of course, make sure to invite your loved ones for a merrier summer!

Good luck!


Three Simple Beauty Strategies That Will Help You Feel Your Best

There's nothing quite like feeling great about the way you look. Yet in many cases, people lack confidence in their physical appearance. If this is the case for you, now is the time to access beauty strategies that will help improve your self-esteem. Below you will find three simple beauty strategies that can help you look and feel your best:

1. Buy Clothes Online.
Although many people know that updating their wardrobe would help them enhance their aesthetic appeal, they oftentimes do not enjoy the traditional shopping experience. Whether you're irritated by pushy salespeople or long check-out lines, it's easy to understand why shopping in a store can be frustrating. One wonderful alternative you may want to try is buying clothes online. This way, you can shop for the clothing items you want from the privacy of your home. If you're looking for cutting edge brands like Street Level or Yumi, you can find them from online retailers such as Peak Boutique.

2. Optimize Your Diet.
Many dietitians, doctors, and aestheticians now agree that the food you eat plays an integral role in determining the condition of your skin. Since this is the case, optimizing your diet is a good idea. Luckily, there are several simple strategies you can implement to start eating optimally. One is replacing your morning cup of coffee with a fresh juice comprised of living fruits and vegetables like pineapple, spinach, apple, arugula, beets, and carrots.

3. Invest In A Monthly Massage.
One final strategy you can implement to optimize your appearance is investing in a monthly massage. These massages help improve your look by optimizing the flow of blood throughout the body. This optimized blood flow contributes to the production of more youthful looking skin. There are numerous other benefits that can result from having a monthly massage, some of which include optimized digestion, lowered blood pressure, and enhanced functioning of the respiratory system.

Don't Delay: Start Utilizing These Beauty Strategies Today!

If you're interested in improving your appearance so you can feel good about yourself, you can get the beauty optimization process underway immediately. Some of the strategies that can help you begin to look and feel your best include shopping online, optimizing your diet, and investing in a monthly massage. Start implementing these techniques today so you can start seeing results!

A Quick Guide to Updating Your Lingerie Collection

It doesn't matter whether you're a fashion maven or a lifelong fan of sweatpants. Every girl has to update her lingerie drawer every so often. Lingerie is subject to trends just like every other area of fashion, but there are some hard and fast rules to follow when choosing new panties, bras, and more. Keep reading for a quick guide to everything underwear.

The Everyday Bra
Everyone needs a few good bras for everyday use. These bras should look good under clothing, provide adequate support, and be comfortable during a long day at work. These bras should ideally be purchased in a color close to your skin tone, as that ensures that it will be nearly undetectable under blouses and t-shirts. Ideally, every girl should have at least three everyday bras. If you have three, you'll never find yourself without a clean bra. Try to update your selection of everyday bras every six months, as the underwire and straps may begin to give after half a year.

The Fancy Bra
Even if you take a low maintenance approach to lingerie, it's a good idea to dip a toe outside your comfort zone every so often. On your next shopping trip, try on a colorful bra, or a bra with stylish details. You can also switch up your silhouettes. If you've always worn a bra with an underwire, try one without. Take a look at the lingerie section in your local department store and get inspired. Maybe you'll want to try on a bodysuit or a negligee. Having a few chic pieces in your wardrobe may give you the confidence to experiment with your style more often.

Panties are the least expensive and most disposable part of any girl's lingerie collection, but that doesn't mean they can't be a style statement. There are endless varieties of patterns, materials, and cuts to choose from. If you're looking for comfort and coverage, try a fun boyshort style. If you're looking for something sexy, Mamia panties have a wide range of bikini styles. Lace panties are a great choice if you're looking for something romantic, and cotton panties are perfect for when you just want to relax. Chic details like bows and cute patterns like polka dots can take your basic panties to the next level. The next time you go lingerie shopping, have some fun choosing your new panties.

Lilpink Travels: Island-hopping Tawi-Tawi [Bongao-Sitangkai-Simunul]

Just recently, I was able to travel to two municipalities (Sitangkai and Simunul) of my home province, Tawi-Tawi. Although I was born and raised here, I wasn't able to go around because my parents were specifically strict on traveling the islands. Since I am now older, roaming around my home is one of my dreams. Thanks to a certain friend, I was able to go around. She is always pushing me to go beyond the limits and be my own captain.

Watch my vlog about our travel below:

It was fun! I hope the video is funner! 

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