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How I Earn With My Blog (2011)

I had my first day of classes today. One of my subjects is Management 19 (Business Policy and Strategy). My professor mentioned this statement and it hit the bull's eye.

People are people because of other people.

True! I am a blogger because of my readers. Otherwise, I would not really be a good (am I?) blogger if it is not for you guys. I always say this because I am entirely grateful to everyone who takes time to read my whining in here.

For this matter, I will be sharing some of the ways on how I earn through blogging. Get ready to browse some sites as I mention them here. I will be reviewing most of them too. I know many of my blogger friends are waiting for this post. And I don't want to deprive them of knowing where to earn with their high-ranking blogs.

Here is the list of legitimate sites I earn from:
Please don't be a hypocrite. Let the links be and as an affiliate, let me also earn from it. It's nicer if we all help each other right? I'll help you look for places to earn, help me also by clicking those links and registering with me as a referrer.

1. Sponsoredreviews - I love SR. I have earned more than $400 from them ever since I started earning from my blog since last May 2010.

Sponsoredreviews is a bidding-system advertising company. As a publisher/blogger, you have to bid from the list of available opportunities they have on the site. With the 50-50 payout however, you are assured that they will pay you on time weekly. Yes, as far as I know, they are the only advertising company that pays on a weekly basis. And I love their services.

I have been a loyal Sponsoredreview blogger, so the company is also good to me at the same time. They have this rating system too. It allows advertisers rate the bloggers based on the result of their works. If your rating is higher, then you will have higher probability for more of your bid post to be yours.

2. Blogsvertise - Another advertising company to love is Blogsvertise. They offer the highest rate of payout to bloggers which is 100% of your earnings. If you earn $20, they will give you the exact amount 30 days after your post has been approved.

There is also a ranking system for each of their blogger. Thus, I am now a VIP Approved after having earned more or less $250 from May 2010. Blogsvertise loves blogposts written in a creative way. Thus, if you make your mark with them, they will love you.

3. Microworkers - I've learned Microworkers from my friend here in Iligan. At first, I was really questioning if it is a legit site. Since I want my question answered, I tried to reach their minimum payout of $9. To be able to withdraw your pay, they will send you a letter of your pin. After that, your account will be credited of the amount. I was able to earn $30 from Microworkers.

However, at the moment, they do not pay to Paypal accounts. Instead, you have to have an Alertpay account. I am currently earning still from Microworkers but I haven't withdrawn my pay yet. If you love doing minor tasks, Microworkers will work for you. By the way, Microworkers asks for 6.5% of your pay for charges and all.

4. LinkFromBlog - I've actually been with this company since June 2010. I've only earned $54 from them because it tires me to make short posts. They offer tasks in different faces: posts (1000 characters), short review (150 words), and detailed reviews (300 words). As expected, detailed reviews are paid higher.

As far as I am concerned, LFB has a very great team that really response to bloggers in a day or two. They now also have higher payouts for bloggers which is really nice.

5. Linkworth - This is one of my most loved advertising companies. It has given me great opportunities. It offers not just paid posts but also paid links which depends on your blogs ranking. Of course, if you have higher ranks in Alexa, Google, etc, Linkworth is the place to be.

However, keep in mind that they also have a 50-50 payout. Say for example, I have an advertiser who places an ad in my site for $50; I will receive only $25. I have earned around $200 from Linkworth since December 2010. Not a bad deal, right? Linkworth pays every 10th of the month for the earnings in the previous month. They have a minimum payout of $25.

6. Backlinks -  In Backlinks, your earnings depends on your Google Pagerank. The higher the pagerank, the higher your payout would be. As far as I know, Backlinks would not allow Blogger-hosted sites. However it allows PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, Wordpress Blogs and Joomla CMS Websites. I've earned like $40 from Backlinks since December 2010. They pay every 1st day of the month.

7. Linkadage - This is similar to Backlinks. Sometimes, I think that they have similar owners. So, I need not mention again what I wrote in Backlinks. Read that again.

8. Blogitive - I've only known Blogitive in the recent months. I've already earned $15 from the site and am still waiting for more posts to come. They paid me my $10 already and I am still waiting for the other $5.

9. Blogtoprofit - Btop, as bloggers would call it, is an advertising company that offers tasks and pays them in terms of Philippine currency. They offer tasks monthly and I am happy that they seem to offer me a lot of tasks. I love Btop because it pays and never forgets to give me assignments. I have earned Php3150 since I started on Btop last August 2010. Actually, I was not given a task for a while. However, they are now coming back and giving me tasks that I love posting about.

10. Private Advertisers - These guys make me cry every time I receive an email telling me that they want to buy a space/link/post in my blog. The fact that they offer really good prices for each link/space/post makes me love blogging even more.

The secret to having private advertisers is by having more linkages in the world wide web and of course, by posting your email address (exclusively for your site) on your contact page in your site/blog. If they can see a potential in your blog, they will be the one to email you.

Sometimes, you just have to buy from them for them to actually realize that they need you as a blogger of their products. The largest portion of my earnings comes from private advertisers. They are the best!


There are more advertising companies out there. However, the aforementioned companies and people are tested and proven by me. One thing you will need to have is the passion for blogging and always telling the truth and what you feel about a certain product.

Earning does not always mean that you have to accept every task given to you. Sometimes, it always best to reject those you think that is not relevant to your blog or will lower your credibility as a blogger.

You may be asking why I did not post Google Adsense and the like. Well, apparently, I haven't received any payment from those companies yet so I cannot really tell that I have earned from them. However, Nuffnang is a very great company to work with once you are from Asia and the Pacific.

I am posting this so that more and more bloggers will be aware that you can actually make a living out of blogging.
Like everyone else, I have my pockets tied up. My mother is sick. Those I earned from blogging, I am saving them for my OJT and CPA review. So, I am really hoping that you would use my links above and help me pursuing this career.

I have reasons why I blog. Those reasons are similar to the sites above - legitimate.



  1. yey! thank you so much for sharing your secret sis.. halos katulad lng naman pala tayo ng sources. hihihihihi.. :D

  2. Ayos to ah. Sa Microworkers pa lang ako kumikita.
    My recent post Be Your Own Spy

  3. Thanks for sharing some of your secrets! Internet marketing is such a confusing thing at times.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing all those tips sis! :) Hope that I'll be going to have a Private Advertisers too!!! :( God Bless always sis. :)

  5. wow sis! ang dami mo nang kita sa mga sites na yan.. nakakalungkot naman sa part ko lol.. parang linkfromblog lang ata ang naging mabuti sa site ko.. dun lang ako nakakarecieve ng tasks sa blogsvertisem sponsordreviews, linkworth etc.. walang wala talaga :( anyways thanks for sharing will deifnitely try yung iba :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing sis. Makakatulog ito for me. Thank youuuu. :)

  7. Pano niyo ho nakuha yung codes niyo sa Nuffnang? Kasi error sa akin. Kailangan pa ba maghintay ng approval or what? Walang nakalagay sa code ko na "nuffnang_id"na portion. :/

  8. di na sis. dretso na. basta, na-add mo na ang blog mo dun sa list nila. :)

  9. nakaka inspire naman toh sis. Thank you for sharing :)


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