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2012: The Gift of Happiness

This will be my 3rd year-ender post for this blog. And I am very happy that I am sharing my happiness for this year to all of you. If you want to read my other year-ender posts, hover to the following posts:

For this year, I have a loooot to tell you all. If you are patient enough to read through this posts and other linked posts, go ahead. You'll see how colourful and lovely my 2012 has been. Truly, it is the gift of happiness for me.


  • First time to earn $230 in two days for this blog. ^___^
  • Aftermath of Sendong in our school. - Post
  • My 2012 fashion resolution - Post
  • Been wearing my braces for a year already. - Post
  • Make your personal Eiffel Tower Wall Decal - Post


  • Been featured on the web. - Post
  • My blog turns 2 years old. ^___^ - Post
  • Held a giveaway for my blog's 2nd anniversary. - Post
  • Aleen's birthday at Calda - Post


  • Given an Academic Leadership Award by my university, MSU IIT - Post


  • Bought a Samsung Galaxy Y phone - Post
  • Last work as Executive Council officers of CBAA - Post
  • Garnered my highest GPA since sophomore. ^___^ - Post
  • Aunt visited and cooked Pastil for me. Yummyyyy! - Post
  • Met CDO Bloggers and Shugah Pauline - Post
  • Remarkable internship at Petronas Energy Philippines Inc. - Post
  • Featured by Ron Leyba - Post


  • Petronas is love. - Post
  • Bought an Olympus EPM1  4/3rd camera from my 2-month blog earnings! - Post
  • Tried to sing. Lol! I did not try again. - Post


  • Officially, 21. I am now an adult. - Post
  • I am now a SUPER SENIORRRR!!! Last year in the university. - Posts: 12
  • Also went to the college acquaintance party. - Post


  • Sponsored giveaway by Favordeal - Post
  • Won Greater Iligan JPIA Accountancy Week On-the-spot Essay Writing Contest (on three-peat) and my batch was proclaimed Champion - Post
  • Went to Accounting Islamic Seminar - Post
  • First time to wear contact lenses ever! - Post


  • Went to CBAA Days Opening Program - Post
  • Eidl Fitr Mubarak - Post
  • Visit to Rayven Creatives - Post
  • Cebu Finance class field trip - Posts


  • Won Jannie's giveaway. Oh yeah! - Post
  • Got my camera case and Oasap packages - Post
  • Class presentation for my Management Advisory Services class - Post
  • Got sick. - Post
  • Wrote an inspirational post for Tracy, my close friend's sister - Post


  • Featured on Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine Trip Journal (wishlist entry slashed) - Post
  • Fairy Hobmother sent some blessings in pixie dust. - Post
  • Officially switched to Blogger platform from self-hosted Wordpress blog. - Post
  • Studying for the diagnostic exam in November - Post
  • Officially wearing eyeglasses. >.< - Post
  • Eidl Adha Mubarak - Post
  • Iligan Bloggers Society's Dinner at Jacko's Kan-anan - Post
  • Went to Cagayan de Oro City with the bloggers ^__^ - Post
  • Pre-opening tour of Ayala Centrio in Cagayan de Oro City - Post


  • All time problem of Imeetzu Redirection solved - Post
  • Invited to opening of Etude House at Ayala Centrio - Post


  • Mango Launching Party at Ayala Centrio - Posts: 12
  • Christine & Co x Lilpink Giveaway (still on-going, you may still join!) - Post
  • Tingting's bday at  Marianos - Post
  • Bestfriend, Monina, visited me here in Iligan. <3 - Post

Overall, my 2012 was a blast despite the hardships and sorrows. I've got to know new people who ended up to be friends with me, learned so much about my religion, worked on my faith as a Muslim, earned so much from blogging, and most of all, got so much blessings. 

All of this won't happen if not for the blessings given by the Almighty Allaah. Alhamdulillaah. Lastly, I want to thank all of you for making my wishlist for 2012 a reality. 

Let 2013 be full of joy, love and blessings for all of us. Please stay by my side as I walk through 2013. 

PS: I want to thank our neighbor for this cake. It's so pretty and yummy. Yep, I ate it already. lol

Spreading good vibes to all of you.


  1. nice photo diary! it's great up catch up a bit with your life :)
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Hi there. I am already following you. :) thanks.

  2. hello beautiful! I loved your blog, it transmits a lot of positivity :)
    thank you for your comment :)

    happy 2013 from :)

  3. Congratulations on your blog's anniversary! Many people don't even stay for for 2 months! Way to go! =)

    You earned $230 from your blog? Tell me how to do that! I'm stuck @ $8.24 from Google Adsense, lol!!!!!

    I hope you enjoy your New Year tomorrow! Have a wonderful time!

  4. Beautiful diary, Happy new year beautiful <3


  5. I followed your blog, thanks for following mine.

    Looks like you had a very successful year with your blog! I'd like to know how to make some money out of mine so I can buy a better camera and more makeup/dresses to review! Ha

    Corinne x

  6. Ang cool talaga ng Eiffel Tower mo! Hahaha, ever since last Tinychat naeelibs ako dyan. Kung malaki lang talaga kwarto ko. Haha!

    Seems like you had a blast this 2012 - congratulations. Wishing you the best this 2013!

  7. That is one heck of a list! But somehow it looks nice that you listed 'em out! :D

  8. oh yeah sis! i saw that magazine and i saw you! haha I was shocked really, didn't expect seeing you there. I was on my way back to Davao from Cebu! congrats on the success on your blog sis! I have yet to experience that kind of success on my blog too. Not giving up here lol

  9. parabéns precioso post me encanta ....

  10. I want to make one! I'm so proud of you! I must be proud of myself too. Ang dali lang noh? Can't wait to earn much like you! Happy New Year Kai! :)

  11. Happy New Year!
    Love your blog! :)

  12. nice sis! galing!
    and ang bongga mo! laki ng kita in two days :D

  13. indeed a great year for you!! but wow, 230$ for a blogpost? nainggit ako!! :D happy new year to you!

    The Bargain Doll

  14. alhamdulillah, so many great things you reached in 2012 ;)

  15. Ahh 2012 has been so good to you! Happy new year, you have a great blog! x

  16. Hi Kai Darul! In love with your blog too. So glad I find another Muslim fashion blogger, and its come from Philippine ^^
    Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog sis, I've followed you too ^^

    visit my little cream button♥

  17. Your blog is full of inspiration and dedication. I wouldn't be surprised why you are successful and happy with what you are doing. I enjoy reading your blog and so happy to award you the Liebster Blog Award. You can check it our here.

    Donah :)

  18. ahh what a year that was! You've been so blessed in so so many ways babe :)
    2013 is surely a great year for you too <3 Ingats always! I miss you! Happy 2013


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