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Fairy Hobmother Sent Me Lilpink Pixie Dusts

Can you feel the magic? Coz I am feeling it now.

Fairy hobmother saw this blog and thought that it is extra awesome,  so is the blogger. That's why he decided to send some glamorous lilpink pixie dusts. And maybe he will realize that I am more awesome than I already am. He will probably send more pixie dusts to all of us. (Okay, I sound like a braggart already. Sorry.)

This magical being loves to make bloggers like us happy. And everytime he roams around, there is someone who literally was able to jump from so much joy.

Considering that I am graduating from college/university in March 2013, I am hoping for a lovely gift. And yes, I am. ^^,

I never thought that I can have a fairy like Cinderella does. Guess what? I think I am a princess. You can be as well, you know.

This is how I look and feel like at the moment:

Don't care how I look like as long as I am happy. ^^,

Please head off to Twitter, and follow @FairyHobmother there.

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