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The iMeetzu Redirection Problem Solved

Hopefully, this does solve the problem. 

As you all complained, my beloved redirects or points to another site called iMeetzu. I am so sorry. It is not within my consideration to point you to that crappy site. It's just that I do not know how to solve it.

This morning, however, I got really really mad when that site keeps on showing up when I visit my blog. So, I find ways to remove it. I can't stand it anymore.

The main source of the problem is? No, I am not going to link it because It literally gave me so much problems in the past few months. It is a script that helps us know how many users are currently online. I used it mainly because I do not have to register to get it. I know, free things often suck big time.

I found this Tumblr account ( that has the same problem too. She inspected the said script, and look what she found:

Lesson learned through this experience? Do not just put anything into your website. It might cause you your dignity and honour. There are still too many scripts out there that will make you go nuts such as this one. Please do not just put anything.

Read reviews first to find out if it will just get something from you. There are tons of "USERS" that will abuse your site into getting your traffic visit their site as well. Be reminded to always keep keen with whatever you use.

My personal message to iMeetzu creators:
I hope you are very much happy with the traffic I gave you for the past three, four months or so. Advertisers pay me for a linkback, and you got it for free. Wow!! That's a steal, right? You caused me so much agony. Worst, you cause me to lose my dignity as a modest person. I hope you are MORE THAN HAPPY TO RECEIVE SUCH. There are countless more users that are affected by this. I hope they find my post and find it informative.
Again and again, I hope you are happy. Let me tell you that, because I AM NOT HAPPY WITH WHAT I GOT!!!!

My personal message to script makers: 
Your script did helped me a lot, but it caused me trouble. I hope people would refrain from using it as it will cause spams to their website. I hope you would change the way your script works. Cause if you won't, noone will use it eventually. Like what I said above, I hope you are happy with my sites' free traffic to that spammy site up there. 

There. I have said what I want to say. To my readers, I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience this redirection thing has caused you. Thanks for still visiting my site despite everything. I love you all! :)


  1. that's good you have solved it already! :)

  2. It's good to know you fixed your problem. And it's really thoughtful of you to making this post for the other bloggers to be informed. Keep up the great job :)

  3. i remember being redirected. lol.
    glad to know that you have solved the issue already :D

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG!! This problem happened with my tumblr too and i was just so annoyed


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