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I Just Hate Being Sick

There are times that no matter how you make yourself immune to anything, you get ill. No matter how nutritious the food you eat, you just can't get the fact of being sick out of your life.

This past week has been so sad for me and my health. I nearly got food-poisoned. Worst case scenario, I caught cold. I just hate colds! Really. You don't know how many viruses you are fighting against. All you can do is boost your immune system and get as much Vitamin C as you can.

I've been eating a looooot of porridge. Like, it has been my staple food already.

Med I took when I had been food-poisoned by something I ate last Thursday. I don't even know what it is.

Mom's my nurse for the whole week. I am so glad that she is with me. Otherwise, I'd perhaps be in my death bed already. Moms know best!

I know this is gross! But, tissues have been piling up in my room. Urgh! I just haaaate sneezing every now and then. I hate tearing eyes for no reason. I hate it!!!

I look like someone who lost in a bet. No! It's far worse than that.

And this is my sickly face. Forgive me. And yes! I am still covering my hair with my blanket. Looks like I am still wearing a hijab, right? I am such a genius! hahahah.

For you not to hate me, here's a smiling sickly face. I've tried hard to look decent enough for a blog post. Sorry. It just didn't work.

Btw, photos are not edited except for the watermark, all fresh from my camera. It's for the reason that you would be able to distinguish between a lively and sickly me. #lol

Please include me in your prayers. Allahumma Amiyn.


  1. omy :/ pagaling ka sis! yung weather din kasi ngayon nakakaloka kaya ganito o_O tsss.tangos ng ilong haa! xD haha. ang cute cute mo sis! moms know the best! :) buti ka pa nga anjan mom if may sakit ka. Eh ako. wala. wawa masyado ako when i got sick xD

  2. Get well soon sis! The good thing is? You still look pretty in the photos even if you're sick! :)


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