That Plaid Denim Jacket

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I remember the times when I don't wanna wear this denim jacket at all because it has these two long sides in the front that should be tied to achieve a cowgirl look. Thanks to my mom for being such a relief. She redid the jacket, and look at it now! :)

From head to toe:
Scarf/Hijab: SugarscarfbyRiqa
Rayban Eyeglasses
Plaid Denim Jacket: Gaisano Mall Iligan
Black and White Dress: Oasap
Sneakers: Seven Seven

This Oasap dress came in last month, but I am too busy to make an outfit post. I am really happy with the dress. It just fits perfectly and the cloth is good for the skin. It is a great example of comfort meets fashion. You can find this dress here. It's sold out at the moment though. 

Btw, this dress will fit a physique such as mine. It is not too hugging or too loose. Just modestly perfect for a hijabi. I have been looking for such perfect maxi dress for me; I guess this one worked out pretty well. Thanks to Oasap for sending it over. <3 


Btw, I am now officially will be wearing eyeglasses for my astigmatism. I used to complain so much about my constant headache. It turns out that I already have astigmatism when I went to the doctor. It's the price of being a blogger who faces the laptop every now and then. However, I will see to it that within six months, I will be looking at a world with a fresh perspective without the glasses, of course. ^^


  1. I love your hijab. Pink and yellow, my favorite colors!

  2. woooow :) so pretty sissyyy!! :) I miss you!! I miss your blog.. <3

  3. hello kai! i love the play of different prints in your outfit. :)

  4. This is so refreshing. I am surprised that one can be fashionable without showing flesh. Very nice! And I think that the colors (blue and pink) are just sweet.. ;)

  5. Loving the plaid jacket. It looks awesome~ <3

    xx, Grysh

  6. the dress looks good on you!! :) ang cute ng backdrop mo.. Eiffel tower!

  7. I love your eyeglasses, they suit you perfectly. Your jacket is trés chic!

    Your mom is sweet. Before I lived abroad, my mom would also alter my clothes for me. :)

  8. You are so amazing! I mean, you are a living proof that indeed, FASHION transcends cultural boundaries.:)

    I love your blog, seriously!:)


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