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A Week of Food Trips With Bestfriend

My bestfriend of more than 15 years visited me early December this year. It has been two years since we have been together. I felt that I was so blessed for having great people in my life such as her.

She is Monina. Actually, I made a blog for her, but it seems that blogging is never her passion. Oh well. We have known each other since Kinder Garten days. However, during those times, we were not really that acquainted. It is in elementary days that we managed to be friends with each other.

Anyway, during her visit, it is just like old times. Food trip anywhere. I don't know, but when I am with her, the dragons in my stomach seem to be awake. Lol! Up until now, my appetite hasn't gone yet. 

I compiled our photos in a page-like image to occupy so much photos. Actually, these are just some of our food trips. Those in usual places such as Mcdo and Jollibee are not included. We had to much chikas to catch up. One food trip is not enough! :)

During her first day in Iligan, we went to Cagayan de Oro City. We were able to tour around Ayala Centrio. We dined for lunch at Delecta which has really really delicious coolers. ^__^

Next stop in the afternoon is Starbucks. It's a shame that Zamboanga City does not have anything like Starbucks or The Coffee Bean. Glad that I am able to chitchat with her for a cup of coffee (a cup of tea, in my case) during that afternoon. 

After such, I introduced to her my ultra favorite places in Iligan - Flamoo and Aruma. ^___^

I seriously love Tuna Alfredo and White Mocha Frappe of Aruma. I am happy that she liked it too. It's like we are lost twins with so many identical likes and dislikes. haha

Vanity photos at Aruma

We also went to Flamoo, which by the way is my ultimate favorite. We actually dove in to the usual Flamoo burger with Cheese. Then, we felt like it's not enough. We ordered for the Chicken Nuggets something. After eating our burger, we were so full that we had to take home the nuggets. hahah

Vanity shots at Flamoo

On the night before typhoon Bopha (Pablo) hits the country, we went to Z Resto Bar. It was my first time to dine there. The last time I visited the place, I just listened to David DiMuzio sing (check blogpost here). The lesson of the story? Ask from people who already visited the place for the nice food to eat. I just don't want to go into details. It's just too embarrassing to tell it here. It's our fault though. hahaha. 

Those were just some of our food trips. Don't ask us how much we spent on food for that week. You'll be shocked. Oh well, good food comes with great price. Lol! :) What matter's is we are indeed happy. ^________^

More on our visit to Maria Cristina Falls and Marawi City on my next post. Til here. :)


  1. Thank you for this blog about your food trips in Iligan. Blogs like this and other information I find on the internet in between my visits are what give me thoughts and ideas of things to see and places to go while in Iligan that I have not done before. I also like to return to some of my favorite places from previous visits.

    On my recent visit I went to some of the same places you have written about here and your pics revive my memory of being in those places.

    Many times if I am having a Filipino meal I just can't remember the menu name of what I have had but at Delecta I'll never forget the Fruit Cooler as you have pictured here and that would be enough to make me visit Delecta again. This year I also for the first time went to Flamoo, Aruma and Tita Fannies ( mall branch ) and samples some take out from Mackies Fried of Iligan.

    A visit to Iligan amoungst many other things, can be a huge Food Trip in itself !

    As a reminder for future visits from friends and relatives you might wish to take advantage of Iligans " Bring Home A Friend " program as described here:

    and somewhat illustrated in this " Bring Home A Friend " Youtube Video :

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !

  2. Wow!! nagutom at nabusog ako sa post na 'to. This is all in Iligan, right? I am soooo jelly. I live in a lame-o Zamboanga city full of greasy fast food chains that I suddenly have the urge to ride a bus to Iligan. This city lacks places like Aruma. :)

  3. love those lovely pictures of you cosying up with friends - sweet <3

  4. awww.. gorgeous sis :) you girls look like you really had fun! :) I miss my bestfriends tuloy :( kainggit kayo... hehehe :)

  5. food trip, remember me about last year, hangin out with my friend. but right now? we're too busy and no have to time hangin out together :(

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  6. Lovely photos!

  7. Aww cute photos of you and your best friend! :)

    If you have time, please come by and check out my blog! And maybe follow?

    xo - Sheila

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  10. hmmmm great post. Food trip is my favorite thing to do with my lovely friends :)

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  16. Great photos! It looks like you and your friend had an amazing time! I'm glad you two got to spend time together =) I wish someone would have created a blog for me back in the day!

    I LOVE Starbucks! I really like the caramel frappuccinos! They are delicious!

    Have a Merry Christmas! ♥

  17. I want to food trip with my friends someday too! This seems like a lot of fun! :))

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  19. Gorgeous pics and the food seems soooo delicious <3


  20. great look honey, the phtoos are amazing!

  21. looks like you guys had so much fun,
    and you guys are sooo beautiful :D

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  23. hang out with best friend is the most precious time that we've got :)
    btw you eat alot of yummy food :D

  24. time spent awesome with best friends , don't you think ? :D

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  25. looks like you spent a great time with your friend! :) lots of yummy food!

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  27. Lovely pictures - looks like you had a lot of fun with your friend :)

  28. Wow you guys look like you are having so much fun!I love the photos! Ah Starbucks, I use to live in Seattle – the place where Starbucks was born. Following on Bloglovin.

    Ali of:


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