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Eidl Fitr Mubarak!!!

Ramadhan has come to an end. I hope our fasts, sacrifices and ibadah this year were all accepted by the Almighty Allaah.

NOTICE: This post is full of my face. In case you wanna run off. LOL

So, how did you spend your Eid? Mine is pretty boring. I stayed at home all day. First reason is I can't pray due to monthly visit. Second is I don't have any houses to visit to. I mean, I am in Iligan City and I don't know people that much. That makes me miss my hometown so much wherein I can go house to house and eat all day. Lol!

Few days ago, I took the photos posted here. Guess what came into my mind? Tried how my eyes would look like when I wear the niqab (covers the face excluding the eyes).

I chatted with friends all day. I cleaned the house. I packed my things for the upcoming trip to Cebu with my lovely Vidas. *excited* Ah. I did too much in a day. I had to take a nap at around 6pm.

That's all for the randomness of my Eid. Nothing special. Just me being thankful for all the blessings that the Almighty Allaah has given me.



  1. happy eid'l fitr :)

    kai, im just curious! how come there are muslim girls who wear niqab, while some wears hijab, like you! ano ang difference? xD haha :D

  2. Your makeup looks nice :)

  3. Ano ung niqab and hijab na sinaasabi ni Janelle? haha Anyway, you look great kahit boring ang eid fitr mubarak day mo :) I spend my day at home but tonight we went to fort pilar to pray and yes maraming tao because of the occasion! haha they're free! :3

  4. I really love the hijab features that you share. Promise I want to try wearing one pero Im sure maiinitan ako sobra. Looking gorgeous as always! <3 Sorry for MIA on hopping. I'm back. :P

  5. I don't know why but I always find girls wearing hijab beautiful.. they just are! haha.. btw, what's the difference between a hijab and a niqab..?? :D

    - Justin -The World According To Me


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