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Travel Blog Directory Bringing the Mall Shopping Experience to Our Homes is not new to us, online shoppers already. For those who are not yet acquainted with this lovely site, it is just but the biggest online shopping mall in the country at the moment.

In today's generation where people are interacting more on line, ecommerce industry has heighten and soared. Lazada brings the Philippines' shopping scene to the new era where we can shop worry-free and stress-free within a click of the mouse and a press of a finger.

From technology to fashion to living, name it, they've got it. Their array of brands are also expanding day by day. Just recently, one of the top fashion brands in the country, Maldita, joined the online industry through Lazada too.

Aside from the fact that you can shop at any hour you prescribe and at any place you are comfortable, Lazada also gives a loooooot of good deals to choose from. And when I mean a looooot, I mean a whole lot looooooot. Almost everyday, they have discounts on several items that you cannot even say no to.

Just take a look at this very lovely darling I saw there.

It's currently at ₱ 3,989.00 only from Php 6995. That's like 43% savings. If you happen to be looking for deals such as this, hover to this link.

Corporate orders are also given special discounts and deals. However, your company may need to arrange this through email. 

Lastly, the best deal you can find from Lazada is the free shipping. It has been my longest running problem from buying online. I have to make room for the payment of shipping, etc. But with Lazada,  you don't need to tighten your budget as to what to buy because they handle the shipping. 

Truly, Philippine shopping scene couldn't get any better than this. You are at your own pace while shopping. You don't need to queue in long lines at the conventional malls to get what you want at an affordable price and would be delivered to you for free. 

Enjoy the amazing online shopping experience only at 


  1. It seems like an interesting website!

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  2. Oh! blogged about lazada also! and used up their unique codes! So far so good! they keep on updating my mom about the delivery so i guess we can acutally truly rely on this online website!! great one! xx

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  7. Any shopping site that offers free shipping and returns is automatically wonderful to me! :)


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  10. Thanks for this website! I am really fond of online shopping and I'm looking for a site that has everything in one domain. Lol. Thank you so much for this. Belated Merry Christmas! :)

  11. Aaah, I love doing my shopping online. It is so much easier than having to go out into the world and interact with people. Only thing is I do like to try stuff on!

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  14. wow! i first thought Lazada was sort of a sister company of zalora, selling techie stuff but now theyre venturing into clothes!! so i might be mistaken :) i better check lazada soon!!

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  16. great post honey, i really love these stores!


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  18. i love lazada :) i just received a gifts from them :)

  19. me too! my #1 problem when shopping online is the shipping fee. i visited their site, di ko nakita yung free shipping ah. lol I should check their site again :D

  20. Free shipping is now offered for Lazada orders only worth P1000 and up. Not bad but hopefully they will offer free shipping for every order again hehe


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