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Met CDO Bloggers and Shugah

This will be an extra long post - to make up for the not updated week.

If you have been following my twitter, you should have read my tweet that I met with Shugahlast night. But before I met her, I went to the Iligan Bloggers meeting with Cagayan de Oro Bloggers at Jacko's where they talked about the happenings that will take place in May.

The meeting.

Shugah and I met at Fontina. I waited almost two hours for her because the inn she is about to check in will not allow reservations. She had to wait there till the checkout time. People at Fontina seriously thought that my date would not show up. Lol!

While waiting for Shugah, I ordered my favourite Brownies and Pineapple juice. Baking classes at pastry schools should also be able to teach you how to bake an even more delicious brownie perfect for dessert.

At about 6:40, she finally arrived lookin so pretty. She's tall and is wearing wedges that made her taller even more. It's a relief that I was wearing wedges. haha. If not, I will look like a total midget.

I swear, this iced tea tastes really great.

I ordered Chicken Teriyaki because I was starving already.

A sweet photo of us. Deeeym, we looked great. :D

These guys were the acoustic band for the night. That girl wearing black has a very sweet voice. They sang almost every favorite song of mine. Love!!

And because a blogger understands another blogger, Shugah gave these to me. We were amazed at how we had gifts for each other. lol! :)

Those were the abubuts inside. Man, they're so pretty.Shugah.

I know I am not that active at updates these days. I am so sorry. It's just that I started my on-the-job training at Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc. already. And everytime I get home, I am already really tired and just sleep.

Anyway, that was my Saturday.


  1. Nice. I like the accesories & I'm starving at the moment because of the food photos ;)

  2. weeh...di na ako sumama kasi may appointment eh. But geezzzz my mother went home already kasi 3pm usapan namin..dumating ako past 4 na...yong isa ku namang kausab inindian ako lol

  3. Nice one I hope I have the chance to meet any bloggers din. Ang hirap kasi pag may baby kana di ko maiwan haha esp. si boyf hindi agad ako pinapayagan sa meetups unless kasama siya lol.

  4. it must be really cool to meet your fellow bloggers. have't met any of you yet in person i hope i can someday :D the bracelets are <3

  5. Aww so cute together, hehe nakakatuwa talaga to meet co-bloggers :)

  6. wowww.. buti pa kayo nagkita na ni babe Shugah T______T
    sana magkita kita rin tayong lahat! <3 <3 <3 *sigh :)

  7. wow. may meet meet talaga kayo . haha, sana din ako one day ma ka meet ng bloggers :(

  8. sensya ngarag lng!! haha :D walang makeup at kahit ano ano. haha kaw ba nmn mg lakad buong araw. hehe thank you so much babe!!!! <3 See you again soon! :)


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