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Popilush Shapewear Leather Dress: Unlock New Fashion Styles

A leather dress is elegant and will never go out of style. Every woman should have at least one piece in her personal collection, as they convey personality, attitude and can be used in both relaxed and more formal compositions. 

Furthermore, a shapewear dress can deliver the benefits of harmonious curves with the appearance of leather that is assertive for any woman. Popilush has the ideal dress for you to add a touch of style and sensuality to your look. 

How to choose the ideal leather dress? 

Many women think they can only wear leather pieces during autumn or winter. But this is not a rule, as this trend easily navigates all seasons of the year. If you chose a traditional leather dress you might have to make some changes depending on your body shape. A tight version for those with more curves and a looser one for skinny ones. 

But with the benefits that shapewear has, any woman can feel happy in her own right without having to worry too much about personal style or body shape. A mock neck leather dress hugs your curves with affection and respect. 

So, you wear it with the front zipper closure fully closed together with an overlay for formal occasions like a business lunch. And at the same time, it adapts to more relaxed situations where you can control the shape of the neckline by opening the zipper more. 

You get a breathable and comfortable look as the dress is made from highly elastic material that imitates leather. This is an advantage of this trend, as you can choose different types of leather: synthetic, vegan and even genuine. This way you respect your personal principles and adapt purchases according to your budget. 

Does a leather dress match all women's styles? 

Yes! It suits any woman. Therefore, it can be used to create an indi sleaze, messy girl look, using black leather, which is traditional and women's favorite. But it can also come in textured formats or colors such as pink or brown. Thus, it becomes adaptable to any style for versatile casual compositions, daily and relaxed use. 

You can still use red leather as a bold and very sexy option. A leather shapewear dress would look even more sensual on a woman who chose an overlay in this color in butter or patent leather. Other variations such as cherry, wine and more orange red tones also work very well, making them a great option for you to stand out from the crowd. 

You achieve a harmonious appearance thanks to the shapewear mesh that slims your waist, defines your legs without showing traces of lines, as the openings are laser cut. Furthermore, the overlapping feature between the legs makes your life more practical, as it makes going to the bathroom easier. You don't have to worry about wearing underwear, as the crotch area is made of cotton fabric. 

If you want to create a personalized dress, an interesting option is to use the leather skirt with slit, which has shapewear that mainly keeps the lower waist and butt area under control. To create the illusion of a dress, pair it with a bodysuit in the same color with lace lining or leather-like fabric that has the same shapewear benefits you already know and love!

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