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Are You Tired of Living? Read!

There are times that we feel that life has been so unfair to us. Most of which, we feel tired of living this God-given opportunity to live and touch others' lives.

Let me tell you a story.

I have this close friend in college. His name is Huey. He has been always a happy and outgoing person. You wouldn't know that deep within his being lies a very huge problem he was facing. His little sister, Tracy Ann Villanueva, was diagnosed with big C in February 2010. However, Tracy bid farewell last May 2012. It was heartbreaking in our part to see Huey lose his sister. We, his friends, hardly even talk or ask about his sister for the fact that we don't want him to feel sad.

As you all know, I have my share of experiences of having cancer patients in the family too. My father battled with cancer when he was still alive. My mother is currently battling cancer too. This is why I have so much sympathy as regard Huey's case.

When Tracy left, she has been so much of an inspiration to the rest of us. In fact, she left us with her story, so that we can learn and gain hope from it.

I am honored to share it to all of you.

photo by Tracy Villanueva
photo by Tracy Villanueva

Here's a paragraph from the entry she posted in her deviantart account.
'Am I going to die', I asked myself as I was going home that day. I can't believe it, stage 4! I was so healthy, so sure I wasn't going to get this. 'How many people get this thing again? One in a dozen? A hundred? A thousand? Why now? Why ME?' I was in denial; I didn't want to believe what I was facing. A simple cold I could believe, but this? The notorious CANCER?

I want all of you to read it on her deviantart account instead. Why? It is because you will feel more of Tracy when you read it there. Today, September 29, 2012, is also Tracy's birthday. I hope you could leave comments in her entry. And please, let it be wholesome. So please, go ahead and click below (the statement in red).


Tracy with her kuya Huey.

This line from the entry breaks my heart so much.

At least I have something to tell my children and grandchildren someday.

I hope Tracy will give you a more beautiful insight and outlook of life like how she has always been the light that guides her family through their hardships. Life is beautiful. Make it worth living.

May you rest in peace, Tracy. You are missed.

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  1. after reading her deviantart, sobrang nainspire ako. she's so good in writing too. :) Prayers for her, her bro and family. :)


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