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How To Choose A Simple Yet Fashionable Casual Wear

Simple Yet Fashionable Casual Wear

Now that we’re living in the modern age, there is already a lot of different casual clothing that could make you look fashionable. Actually, it’s not only the number of clothing there is but it’s also the hundred and thousands of different accessories that you could add to your simple attire that could make it more fashionable.

Nowadays, fashion in the United States isn’t the only ones inspiring people how to dress casually. Recently, the Korean fashion boomed and it’s not surprising if you’ll be seeing Korean fashion around you.

Here are some suggestions that you could give a try.

For both male and female, a simple shirt and jeans is one of the simplest yet most stylish clothes that they could wear. In order to make this fashionable, make sure that in choosing your shirt, you should consider your body built. Don’t choose a shirt that is too tight or too loose on you. Choose a shirt that is tight enough to show your physique. For jeans, look for something that has a good fit on you. A simple red shirt partnered with jeans is enough to make you look like a model. Don’t forget to partner this with a pair of sneakers. An accessory – a watch, necklace, earrings or a
ring – could also be added in this attire. To add this all up, it would give you a casual yet very stylish look.

For male, polo shirt and shorts with a pair of sneakers could also be very stylish. A very good example is white polo shirts with checkered shorts – for the ones who prefer simple clothing, go with black shorts – and a pair of red sneakers. Not only is it simple but it’s also a very comfortable set of clothes.

For female, a shirt and short shorts or a mini skirt could also be very stylish. You could partner this with a pair of sneakers, a pair of high cut shoes or a pair of flats.

No matter what clothes you wear, never forget to wear your confidence.


Ally Santos is a writer who loves to share fashion and shopping tips. She is working for Nova tasker a website about Nova bags.

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