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My CPA Review Life: The Review School [CPAR]

Note: The CPA Review  entries can be read here.


 As you all know, I reviewed for the CPA board examination at CPA Review School of the Philippines. Our review lasted about four months and a half which is quite short compared to previous review classes. As expected, the reviewers had to juggle all the lessons in a short span of time. 

CPAR is located at Cayco St., Sampaloc Manila. It faces the Succor Perpetual Hospital. Along Cayco St., several boarding houses and dormitories are ready to cater the shelter needs of the reviewees. It is very crucial to stay near the review school because bad weather can be such a pain. For many of us who stayed few blocks away, we had to endure the flood (Alhamdulillaah, it did not happen to me. But my roommate had to walk in the flooded Loyola and Espana just to get home.)

The Reviewers
List of CPAR Reviewers
CPAR Reviewers are always so hyped to give lectures. What I love about them is, though they've been teaching the same lessons over and over, they never lack the enthusiasm to do so. You can always find giggles and kilig moments during the review. Of course, in the presence of those "gwapo" reviewers. Lol! 

As you can see, the reviewers are all guys. And girls go loco over some reviewers such as baby Valix, Sir Siy, Sir Paul, Sir Saripada, Sir German and Sir Dy. Yes, despite the huge age difference, people still admire Atty. Dy so much.

The Rooms

CPAR has 7 rooms. Each room is used for review classes except room 7 (but often used as review room too) which is used as a study area for those who wants to study at CPAR instead. And yes! The rooms are literally jampacked. Around 260-300 students are present in each room depending on the reviewer. Many reviewees prefer to sit in another class than their own, so expect that you may not be able to go out when classes start. haha.

Keep in mind too that you will be super duper close to your seatmates. You won't have room to stretch your body. So, be thoughtful of others. You might want to be as fresh as possible because your seatmate can smell you!!! hahah. It's a good thing that CPAR aircon is literally the most heavyduty of all aircons. haha. Unless you are seated on row 10-12 seats 12-20, you are not spared from the coldness of the room. Be sure to flaunt that university jacket you have. :))

Another thing to be patient about is the break time. Usually, people would flock to the CR. Every storey in CPAR has a restroom. But during breaktime, they are all filled up and lines can be so long that 15 mins waiting cannot sometimes suffice waiting time. The trick is to get out of the class 2 minutes before your reviewer goes out. :))

Sir Rodelio Roque (MAS)

Sir Paul de Jesus and Atty. Dy

 THE Daddy Valix
Baby Valix, Sir De Vera, Daddy Valix
My personal favorite reviewer (most favorite) is Sir Tristan Lopez. He teaches Tax on weekends. He just has the story that moves and motivates people. He has a charisma like no other. His matrices are very much helpful. It was sad that I did not have any photo with him.

I like all the reviewers at CPAR. However, here are my other favorites: Daddy Valix and his landian portion, Sir Dy and his (oftentimes unfathomable) green jokes, Sir German and his golden voice, Sir Jerry Roque and his corny but funny jokes, and sir Rodelio Roque and his unchanging facial expression.

And yes, they were my session reviewers except for Sir Tristan. I really make it a point that I sit in the classes of Sir Gru (as I call him because he looks like Gru from Despicable Me) during weekends. Btw, I am a reviewee in room 3.

The Reviewees

What I loved the most during the review was that my faith grew 10x larger that what it was. It was all because of good company. It was the first time ever that Muslim reviewees got to know each other during the review in our batch. Thanks to PSBA reviewees. (I miss you all.)

I personally grew into a more pious woman during the review and learned a lot about Islam. Kakah Sally (not sure of the spelling), whom the PSBA reviewees introduced to us, was always ready to hear us out. It was indeed self-actualizing. 

We spend some days away from studies while Kakah Sally give us reminders about Islam. And that our final destination is not really becoming a CPA. Mashaa Allaah. I am humbled by the experience. 

Kakah Sally during her talk.

After Maghrib prayer in CPAR. Others are still praying.
Some of the Muslim reviewees in CPAR
Looking back, I count the entire review days as a blessing to my world and my akhirat (hereafter). Truly, when you are surrounded by right people at the right place in the right time, you are in good condition. I am very much thankful to be with such people. 

Alhamdulillaah, I could not have done it without them. 

Next post is my review study management. In shaa Allaah. 



  1. Aww the whole experience looks like fun :)
    And wow! that room looks really packed!

  2. review = new friends :) i'm so remembering my reviewee days. it's so much fun because you get to meet new people... and scary because of the pressure of the upcoming exam. good luck kai :)

  3. Wow full house!
    I bet you met amazing people and of course new friends too :)

    When was this? Are you done with the review? Good luck dear <3

  4. I have not tried doing a review but it sure looks fun. It's like an extension of school with new classmates! :) Also, the gathering that you have with all the muslim reviewees is very nice. I'm sure it's great to share the same faith with your colleagues. :)

  5. I also reviewed in CPAR and learned a lot from Valix and Company.

  6. Great Read. Gives me a good perspective of how it will be a year from now.


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