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Iligan Accountancy Week 2012

Last July 14-16 was the celebration of accountancy week. As the tradition goes, all the schools with Accountancy program will celebrate it by having an interschool competitions. However, for our school, each year level - from freshmen to 5th year super seniors - will battle alone as well.

Btw, here are the list of my posts about accountancy week last year: Part 1, Part 2.

If you can recall, last year, we are called 4Vidas. This year, we are VIDAS. And yes, I love the batchname as much as I love the entire batch. <3

First to come were sports events.

Frisbee Mixed - Champion
Badminton Female - Champion
Chess Female and Male - Champion
Badminton Male - 2nd
Basketball - 2nd
Baminton Mixed - 3rd
Volleyball - 3rd
Overall Sports Champion!!!

Next is Laro Ng Lahi

Kadang-kadang - Champion
Tug of Peace - 2nd
Patintero - 3rd
Eating Contest - 3rd
Sack Race - 4th
Overall Laro ng Lahi Champion!!!

After all the strenuous activities, it's time to work the mind. :) I hate that I don't have any photos of myself during my competition. Oh well, it's always like that! T_T

Literary Events

On-the-spot Essaywriting - Champion *ahem*
Extemporaneous Speech - Champion
Chainstory telling - Champion
Quizbowl - 4th
Chalk Art - we don't know our place coz they didnt show us the scoreboard
Overall Literary 1st Runner-up!!!

Time to party!!!
Cultural Events

Acoustic Mash-up - Champion
Popdance - Champion
Wannabe - 3rd
Overall Cultural Champion!!!

Lastly, the highlight.
Search of Mr. and Miss Ambassadors of Goodwill

Streetwear outfit sponsored by Rayven Creatives. I will do a full blogpost review on next post. ;)

Here's a video of their cosplay. You all know how much I love the anime Inuyasha. This almost made my heart skip a beat!!! I am so furious why the hell I don't have a photo with Inuyasha!!!! T_T

Guiller Dosdos - Mr Ambassador of Goodwill 2012
Aleen Martinez - Miss Ambassador of Goodwill 1st Runner-up 2012

Here are the list of our standing since Sophomore; coz I don't know if we had any during freshmen year. haha.

Sophomore - Overall First Runner-up
Junior - Overall First Runner-up
Senior - Overall Champion
Super Senior - Overall Champion!!!!

Yes!!! We are the Overall Champion for the Accountancy Week 2012. Whew!! What a great way to end college! Truly, when we put our minds and bodies to our goal, we will always achieve it. No matter how many trials and challenges our friendship and batch-ship has gone, we stood tall. We are indeed the Vidas!! :)

And I will say it again.
We don't claim to be the best, but we're damn hard to beat! :)

I love you, dear Vidas!!!

PS: Photos are from Sittie's and my cam. :)


  1. Wow! I love college week. Sa college namin, days na lang. 3 days na lang ata. Awts. Anyways, Sayang wala kang photo na nakasport wear tapos humahatay ng bola or kung ano man. My most favorite sa mga ganitong event is the pageant. Hihi. Go Vidas! Last year na nga kasi kaya pinapanalo na kayo. Hihi. Naexcite tuloy ako grumaduate.

  2. Janna Joshelle ParelJuly 27, 2012 at 11:14 PM

    Wow! Congatulations sis. Miss ko na mga college weeks ko before. Tssssk. :(((

  3. You guys won a lot of the contests ha! No wonder you're the over-all champion! hahaha good job! I miss school competitions. I get really fired up coz I'm competitive by nature hahhaa :D

  4. Congrats for being champions :)


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