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Pre-Opening Tour at Ayala Centrio, Cagayan de Oro

You prolly know already that I went to Cagayan de Oro last week to get a pre-opening glimpse of the latest Ayala Mall there - Centrio. Truth be told, it was my first ever visit to a huge building that is still in the making. No stores to see yet, no restaurants to hang out, the place was just bare, but I was too ecstatic to see how things go within businesses such as Ayala. 

Earlier that day, whilst waiting for others to arrive, we had our lunch at the Gaisano Mall which is just facing Centrio.  There were, I think, almost 40 bloggers from all over Northern Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Bukidnon) who came to see Centrio at the beginning of its mall journey. Lol

Walking to Centrio from Gaisano.

The best thing about bloggers is that we can take photos even at worst conditions.  We can dress up even though its just an unfinished building that we are going to cover. We make every story that you read in our blogs as interesting because that's how we would like to read such. Lastly, we get easily overwhelmed and happy to have an output even though we receive nothing. ^^

Back to Centrio.

Did you know that Centrio came from the word Center and Rio? Of course, center is center because of the location of the mall in CdeO. Rio means river. 

Best thing about Ayala branding is that it makes us remember nature. The story behind the Centrio logo is the Acacia Tree that they preserved in the middle of the mall which you will see in the succeeding photos.

Upon entrance, us bloggers are given masks and hard hats for safety. The mall is still under massive construction that you'll end up having free cake of powder in your face when you won't wear any protective sheets.

The Proposed Architectural Design and my blurred face
Employees were kind enough to explain to us some of the features of the mall. I am so amazed by how little details of the mall have significance to its entirety. It is a must that you have a lurking eye if you happen to drop by the mall to be able to understand the modern beauty of interior design and architecture applied to it.

I personally am excited for this Rustan's Place in CdeO. I love roaming around Rustan's for the fact that there is lesser people. hahah. I really don't want crowded places. And I think, this is a major breakthrough in a Northern Mindanao grocery shopping. lol

This, my friend is one of the little details I am talking about. As you can see, Ayala has a thing for nature. These are branches and leaves that accentuates the preserved Acacia tree in the mall. Whenever you see this, you just have to remember the hardship the engineers went through just to preserve the tree. 

Thus, I present you (drum rolls) - its excellency, the Acacia tree.

It has got to live, you know. After the construction, It just has to live. It must! :)

Activity Center
 This is the activity center that the mall boasts. Presentors need not go through all the growling crowd in order to get to the stage. It has a backstage passage to the underground parking lot. They said, a comfortable dressing room is also available.

Bloggers at work. And I mistakenly blurred their faces. Sorry.

Ayaw hilabti.

Ceilings are so fun to look at with those leaf shapes. ^^

The triangles are said to be eyes of the pineapple fruit.

Us testing the escalator? lol

The best part of any mall, aside from the shops and restaurants, are the cinemas. Now, I am not a movie enthusiast. I can live without having to watch movies, but the cinema of Centrio has a mad  mad carpet!!! I wanna take it home.

The carpet that I am talking about.

Lastly, we took the tour off by having this mini presentation from the mall employees. A lot of questions have been asked and settled. Thus, I will just leave you with photos of the presentation.

To end the post, here's a photo of the batch 1 of Northern Mindanao bloggers with Centrio employees. I had fun and met a lot of cool people. ^^ I wish to be there in the opening day at November 9 too. 


  1. im a Kagayanon working here in Cebu and im happy to know that finally naa nay Ayala ang CDO, new place to hang out aside from Ketkai.

    1. true.. i, myself, is happy too to have another big mall. ^^

  2. This the first that I've read a blog about Centrio. Wow, you've same nice insiders there--and you are a Muslim, too! :) Keep it up!

    1. ^^ it's nice to know that this is the first blogpost you read about Centrio.. They were kind enough to accommodate us even though their schedule is tight due to the upcoming opening.

      Are you a Muslim as well? From where?

  3. Ang bongga mo lang sis ha. Nainvite ka sa ganyan. Mga bigatin lang naiinvite jan diba? Hehe.
    Parang nakakatamad maglibot kasi nga di pa open. Pero nakakacurious din kung ano itsura ng mall na walang laman.
    And feeling ko parang part kayo ng construction nyan. Kasi nagdiscuss pa talaga ng features. Hehe.

    1. di naman sis. nakisabay nga lang ako sa kanila eh. hahah. :D

      sarap ng feeling na makasali sa ganito eh. lol

  4. Wow! The photos are stunning! What camera do you use? And did you use photoshop filters?

    1. hi sis.. I use Olympus EPM1. Nope, di na ako gumagamit ng photoshop ever since EPM1 ang ginamit ko. hehe. hassle-free.

      Ung watermark, Photoscape lang yan. ^^

  5. Wow! The photos are really stunning! What camera do you use? Do you use photoshop filters? :)


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