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Born to Shine

Choz! Don't even take to the heart the title of the post. >_<

If you are my friend on Facebook, you probably saw that snippet I uploaded on SoundCloud. Forgive my confidence in posting my ultra golden voice. I just wanted to feel how it is like posting a cover. You all know that my mega friends, Donna and Faith, have beautiful voices. And they post their recordings in the web. I wanna be just like them (tho I don't have the voice). Whaddayaknow? I am versatile! hahaha

My first ever cover back in the days was More Than Words. That sucked so much. I can tell, this one's better. haha.

Like it on SoundCloud. Please please please! >.< You can login via FB. TY TY TY! hahah

Did you know that prior to posting this into my blog, it gained 38 plays? Hahah! Guess, it's not that bad. And yes, I am being a braggart for something I don't have a talent. :P Again, forgive my confidence. hahaha.

Moving on, I have discovered yet another talent. Lol. I am under-rating talent in this post. I tried to sketch. And it does look okay. :) For those who follow me on instagram (kcaiyah), they probably know this already.

This is how I usually draw/sketch.
kai darul | lilpink | sketch

Behold! This is how I roll now.
kai darul | lilpink | sketch

Not bad eh? Need some practising and harder work tho. Even I was shocked to see the result. Dang. You could really learn anything if you only give it a try. That's why I will study everything! Yes! Everything that I want to be. You never know. I will still be an interior designer soon! :)

Because, I am shining already. My baby laptop also needs to shine. So, I blinged her a little. By the way, her name is Izyan. :) I just looooove that name. Here's how it looks.

kai darul | lilpink | blinged laptop

Those, my friends, are my new found talents. Wahahaha. Okay. I will stop bragging about nonsensical and far from true things. :D

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