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TingTing's 21st Birthday at Marianos, Iligan

Last night, TingTing (owner of Christine & Co.) celebrated her 21st birthday with us, Kylie, Sol, Huey and me at Marianos.


We left house at six. And we waited for TingTing to fetch us at El Centro. Poor bday girl had to be our driver for the night.

I have this phobia of "first times" at restaurants because I am just too worried as to what to order (happens to me every time). I really don't want to be less satisfied. That's the reason why I prefer to go back to restos that I am already used to.

However, the people at Marianos are welcoming. And the food is just so awesome.

Group shot. Thanks to camera timer. 

We surprised TingTing with this cake and bouquet (obviously not in the photo) from her boyfriend, Vim, who happens to be in Cebu and can't be with her that night. We were expecting her to cry but we didn't get our expectations because she was shy to do so.

Let's move on to the food. I will try my best to remember the names.

Sol's Barbecued Pork Something. (I forgot) 

My Chicken Asparagus

Kylie's Chicken Fricassee

TingTing's and Huey's Beef Short Ribs
Creme Brulee
Mango Something. (I forgot)
And because food looks amazing, we just have to take individual photos. Lol! Excuse our vanity. Back to the food. It does not only look pleasing to the eyes. Delicious is even an understatement. I mean, the serving is just right for your tummy. It's not that much nor that less. After you eat your dessert, you will feel that the amount of your intake is just right. 

So, I recommend to everybody to get a dessert after the meal. ^___^ In addition, hot tea is amazing because they serve Twinings. Oh how I love Twinings. Hihi

TingTing's Creme Brulee served with bday greetings.

Bday girl with her bouquet <3

To TingTing, thanks for being with us on your birthday and for bringing us to the new resto in town. We effin loved it so much! ^__^ Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true. In your next birthday, we will all be bearing the title CPA. Amiiiiiin. 

Snapshots with the chef who happens to be TingTing's friend.

If you are enticed by my blogpost, go ahead and dine at Marianos. They are open from Monday till Saturday (4pm-10pm). They're located at:

Meadow Lark Street, Isabel Village, Pala-o, Iligan City, 9200
Tel #: 221-0095 | Email:


  1. It looks like you all had a fantastic time!

    The food looks delicious! I'm drooling just looking at the pictures, lol. I LOVE food!

    Have fun :)

  2. Wow!! I'm definitely
    Going to try their food,lm in iligan right now.. Would love to meet you too!! 😄

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a lot of fun. The food looks yummy!! :) I'd love to try that creme brulee. :) I hope Mariano's have a branch here in the North. :) Oh, belated happy birthday to TingTing. :)

  4. wow the food really looks promising!!!! OMG, nagutom talaga ako. ang sarap titigan. =p~~~ CPAs til the end!! :D

  5. It was great reading your blogs :)

  6. two thumbs up! ^---^



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