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Embracing the Tausug Fashion and Fad

I live in the Philippine land of promise, Mindanao, where most of the Muslims reside. The Philippines is most known for the dominance of the Christianity. However, there are also a lot of Muslims in the country. Every day, there are several reverts to Islam as well. Muslims in the Philippines are regarded to have high appreciation and love of art. There are several tribes in Mindanao who are Muslims. Some of which are Tausug (my tribe), Sama, Yakan, M’ranao, Maguindanao, and Iranon. Each tribe has its own culture. Each has its own perception of art and beauty.

Let me tell you more about my tribe, the Tausugs. If you have studied world history, you may have read about my tribe already. We are, so far, the most famous Muslim tribe of the Philippines that is known to the world. Aside from the fact that Sulu Sultanate has made its mark in history, the bravery of the Tausugs is beyond doubt.

As much as we love the art, Tausug clothing is remarkably beautiful as well. The native attire of a Tausug consists of Badjuh Lapih (upper) and Kuput (pants) for boys; while the top for girls are Batawi and Sablay for formal occasions, and Sambra and Supa-Supa for daily use. By the way, the pants for the girls are called Sawwal which, however, has a different design that would fit the top.

Batawi (also known as Badjuh Masigpit), for me, is the most beautiful of the aforementioned attires. It can be made out of velvet or silk. It is designed intricately to fit perfectly into anyone who wears it. The outfit is also jeweled with gold buttons just like how you see it in my photo. The Sawwal is wrapped around the waist and secured by a belt. Over the batawi and sawwal is called Kindang which is a piece of cloth with embroidered designs and hanged from the shoulder. It can also be wrapped around the waist.

Many years ago, these attires have not been worn so much by the people unlike in the 17th century. However, in the recent years, many of the personalities in the region have been seen using the said outfit to many occasions such as weddings and many special functions. One of the famous Tausug personalities seen wearing these outfits to functions are Jolo Representative Lady Ann Sahidulla and Tawi-Tawi vice Governor Ruby Sahali. And of course, the personality you see in the photos is none other than me. Just kidding!

There is beauty in every culture. And I am proud to share my culture's fashion to you. These types of clothing need to be noticed by fashion enthusiasts and designers as well. It is beautiful. It is modest. Truly, Mindanao specifically Sulu has a lot to offer to the world through the beauty of its culture.


  1. I have a classmate in masters who's a tausug too... she dresses fashionably and elegantly too just like you :)

  2. wow so colorful! I stayed in Malaysia for 5 yrs and I'm so used to local Malays and Indians wearing their native attire. I envy them actually coz Filipinos from Tagalog region we don't really wear our native attire unless there's an occasion specially in school. It's a good thing that in Mindanao you are still honoring and embracing your culture.

  3. Thanks Kai for sharing the beauty of Tausug culture :-) It reflects in your persona :-)

  4. wow that's a very interesting fashion topic about Tausug. I like the play of bright colors. Im glad Tausug culture is still alive. :D


  5. Wow. This is a very informative post and I just love the colors of your outfit! I'm very eager to learn more about your culture :)

  6. This fashion is so colorful :) I am glad that you are so confident about your tribe! I salute you for that.

  7. Every one should be proud where they came from, I idolize you for that.:)
    And I like what you are wearing in the picture. It's so colorful :)

  8. I really look up to those who are proud of their religion. Galing sis. Blending fashion the right way <3

  9. this is an amazing post sis! :) I salute to you! :)
    anyway, love the outfits!!! so fab!! <3 <3 <3

  10. P.S. love the new theme too! looks neat!!! <3

  11. Our country has a very rich culture.. Of only we were able to preserve it, it'll be beautiful.

  12. Wow, Tausug fashion is very elegant while still being colorful.. :) Thanks for sharing with us a bit about Tausug and the beautiful clothing pieces that your tribe has. I wish someday I'll get to wear something like that too.

  13. I admire your passion in promoting and sharing both your religion and the Tausug fashion. I admit, I don't have much knowledge on this so thank you for imparting your knowledge to me and the rest of the people. And I love the colorful nature of Tausug clothing! =)

  14. I've always admired how you have a love for fashion, but also respect
    your religion when dressing. It's very admirable. I've seen Muslim and
    Indian girls this side who have the most revealing clothing on at times
    but then when they're required to fast or partake in prayers during a
    certain time of the year, they cover up and are modest. I'm like
    'Really!?" who do they think they are fooling - maybe themselves. lol.

    Anywho, the Tausug clothing is very colourful and bright. I really
    love that. The colours remind me of the Indian saris and Punjabis (hope I
    got the spelling right). When I used to be Hindu as a kid I'd always
    remember the women wearing such bright and colourful clothing.

    Thanks for sharing - I learned a lot from you :D

  15. You look fashionable and colorful in your Tausug outfit. Whatever religion and cultures it is, it looks fabulous and inspiring.

  16. Quite similar to our traditional outfit. Very beautiful! :)

  17. Hi! I came across this page when I was searching about Jolo and Tausug clothing, because my father is from Jolo as well. Those outfits are so beautiful, and very intricate as well! :) Thanks for this post and I am going to follow your blog from now on :)

  18. Fantastic - My Dad's family is Tausug from Jolo. I am trying to reconnect with my paternal side of the family and was pleasantly surprised to see this blog site. Thank you for representing!

  19. Hello...
    I would like to ask about the it special order? When yes...where? And how much?
    I love the culture in mindanao so much and now my Mentor ask me to dance the Pangalay or Daling-daling to present the mindanao in Independence Ball here in vienna, austria. I am born in Mindanao(Zamboanga City) that's why i'm comfortable dancing ethnic dances.
    Can you help me purchase the Kindang you are wearing in the picture please...thank you


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