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Executive Council

Obviously, this is a long overdue post. All the photos used are owned by Sittie Ibrahim.

Last Saturday, we had our last work as an Executive Council Officer. We cleaned the EC Office and had fun with the new set of CBAA Executive Officers. It was a worthwhile experience to be serving my fellow students. I want to thank Sittie for pushing me to be a part of the EC. If it were not for her, I would not meet such lovely fellows.

Bern, Lyxa, Janina, and I.

US girls again.

Us with Shayne (new CBAA governor), Mo Amar, and Harris.

With new sets of officers (others are not around).

The tearful moments of former gov and the new gov during the turnover ceremony which was waaaaay too random. haha

Coz I look so chio in this photo. =)

Before it all started.

Ending this post with a GIF of the photos Sittie has consecutively took. Thanks to self-timer and multiple shots. :D

To my EC officers, thank you for a year full of joy and determination to serve. Thanks for the hard work. Thanks for the new found friendship. Thanks for everything. I am proud to say that I was part of a very great batch of officers. Much love.

PS: I was featured at Check out the post here.

PPS: This is my 501st post in this blog. Woah! I can't believe I post much. hahaha


  1. Wow ang cool naman. I miss those days. I was never active with those stuff before, haha! I wish I was though.. :)) Btw, I noticed..... I know it's part of your religion (I think?) but... di ka naiinitan sis? Curiosity lang. :)

  2. sanayan lang sis. :)
    feeling ko i am naked pag walang cover ang buhok. :D :D

  3. Waaaa! Ang saya ng mga ganyan-ganyan. Yung madameng friends tapos group group.

  4. wow officer ka pala. into politics ka din eh noh hehe
    at pansin ko lang, nangingibabaw ka sa pics sis. pansin ko agad outfit mo eh. iba talaga fashionista :))

  5. awwww..cute photos sis :) nice ah.. ikaw na ang multi tasking! hehehe :D
    anyway, congrats on the feature! :)

  6. Seem like a happy group. Good luck to future endeavors.

  7. This made me miss those times when I was still a student. Hehe. Happy times.

  8. galeng galeng! hihi :3 Mukhang ang gnda ng bond at samahan nyo talaga :Dd cheeers!

  9. nice photos with friends... i miss school already! booo! >__<

  10. yayyy for you for being one of the leaders now.. haha i sooo love the pictures.. seems like your bonding is <3 Goodluck though

  11. Congartualtions amd Good luck, kayang kaya mo yan :) Ang cute ng gif, hehe. 501 post, woooooow!

  12. Wow memories! Just ko mgtry sa EC! Hindi ba nakaka interupt sa studies yung activities sa EC ate?

  13. i miss being part of an organization and being a leader. since my college days i've never really participated that much. wow 500+ post? i should check mine.. lol


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