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Random but Awesome Updates

Hi everyone. It's been a while since my last update. I did not have the energy to blog actually, but I felt that I've been gone too long already. Well, you know how my life went, totally awesome - NOT!

I've been busy with internship (as if, I've never mentioned it here) and the review classes. Yes. I am already reviewing coz you may need one if you want to graduate from MSU IIT. Dang!

Btw, did you know I purchased a new phone? Yes, I did. It's cheap but it's pink. Love everything about it. Even though, the battery seem to drain very easily. T_T Anyway, the phone I bought is the Samsung Galaxy Y (Young).

I love the phone. Really. It runs on Android and I paid only Php 5690 for the unit. Man! All my money gone like that. Anyway, because I am now using an Android phone, you should follow my instagram: KCAIYAH.

I've been using Instagram since last year but I have no phone to update my account anymore when my cousins flew back to Brunei. So, I did not mind blogging about it. But now that I have a cheap phone to update y'all, follow me on instagram. Alrighttyyyy?

You can view my instagram photos here. Follow me. It's KCAIYAH. :)



  1. Orange_chucks9504April 23, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    You can download from the Google Play Store Battery Saving Apps to make the most out of your battery. I highly recommend Juice Defender. Been using it since I got my Android Phone and has been extending my battery life from 4 hours to 9. :D


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