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Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 Part 1

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For the past few weeks, I have been blabbing about the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011. Last October 29, 2011, the event commenced. It was my pleasure to be one of the people who hosted the event with the help of few sponsors.

The MBS5 started with a talk about blogging and environmental stuffs at Celadon Pension Haus. The speakers were all so fabulous and witty. Here's a few captures of me on the event.

The registration at 7:30 a.m.

David DiMuzio and Carlo Rafanan tarp for the culmination of MBS5 the next day.

Airphil's photobooth

Venue arrangements

Buhanginan Voices calming the souls with their voices for the invocation.

Commissioner Naderev Saño talking about environmental issues

Me, online, while the talks and discussions are going on. Thank you to PLDT for offering us a free WiFi.

Commissioner Saño talking about environmental issues

BobNY taking his honorary certificate for being an avid supporter

Mayor Cruz arrived later to show his support. He was supposedly to open the program but he cannot avoid some cicumstances.

My most waited talk by Ms. Anna Oposa. She is sooooo cool and approachable and friendly and honest. Well, that's what I perceive her personality. =)

Of course, I had to take a photo with Anna. The other pretty girl with us is  Ms. Desiree.

Me with another speaker Ms. Janette Toral of and Alvin of

Hahah!! It's Jeffrey of I had to post this photo because he really posed for this. :P

Here's us at the photowall.

After the program, Calda Pizza sponsored us with two 40-inch pizzas. Ah! It tasted like heaven.

The first day was sooooo great. I've learned a lot that day. I am so happy that I am one of the members of the Iligan Bloggers Society. I'd be happy to meet fellow bloggers (my age) next time when an event like this happens. :)

More posts to come guys. Keep posted.


  1. seems like you really enjoyed yourself at the summit . sayang I was not able to join :D

  2. wow! where was that held? waaa.. sana may ganyan rin dito. hehehe :D

    Calda Pizza? uhhh. my favorite!! You should try their salad too. ang sarap!!! :D

  3. wow. hehe im from iligan too sis :) cause of your pic wanna eat pizza now! XD
    My recent post Love for photos

  4. sa Iligan sis.. aww. sana nakapnta ka..
    yep.. Calda nga. hehe. haven't tried their salads. matry nga next time.

  5. I really wanted to be a part of Mindanao Bloggers Society or any blogging society so that I can meet other people. I really like to join groups na involve yung hobbies/interest ko like what I did sa photography.
    My recent post Going manual for DSLR

  6. wow inspirational talks of bloggers! loving the pics sis. mukhang nagenjoy ka sa pakikinig sa kanila esp to ms anna. :) i tried opening her site, unfirtuantely i can't :D anyways, the food looks yummy! anlaki! :DD

  7. Cool! I heard nga may bloggers summit dyan. Baka you know Richard Badlisan? ;) I'm not sure kung yan yung pinuntahan nya recently.

    Whoa. Lumaki talaga mata ko sa size ng pizza nyo!!! Pag nakita yan ng family ko, ay ewan. Haha!

  8. Nice to meet you Ayah!

  9. Sana maka-attend din ako ng ganyan. Mukhang maganda e. Saka masaya.

  10. Nice site you have Ayah! Glad to meet you at MBS5 :)

  11. Hello Kai! :) Nice meeting you at the summit. And you still have to check out and buy of those Darangen dolls. So nice!
    My recent post What Excites Me to Go to Iligan (and Reasons Why You Need to Join MBS5)

  12. i hope i can go to events like this too. i think its really amazing to finally meet bloggers offline :D

  13. Waaah, look at that sleeping pilot!

  14. I can't believe there are actually events like this going on in Iligan. sheessh


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