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Steve Jobs

Last two weeks of my semester at school and I am as busy as the ants.

Everyday, I usually check the news tab in my Snaptu app on my phone. Today, a news shocked me. STEVE JOBS IS DEAD. What?!  I am not a mac-user. I only own one product from Apple, my 5-year old iPod shuffle. But, Steve Jobs is a man everyone looks up to. He is an icon, a legend, most importantly, a good role model.

Everyone was shocked by his sudden resignation from Apple last August. Today, we all know that what he did was for the company's betterment. It served as training ground for the new CEO. Though, 2 months is hardly enough. I believe that Tim Cook will be able to carry on everything Jobs has started.

Moving back to Jobs, he is an inspiration to many. One of those is yours truly. He sees light in the dark. He sees life in death. He is positive in every way he could. That is something to look up to - his attitude.

PS: I told you in one of my previous post that I wrote an article for the school journal about Steve Jobs. I have to revise it. I hope I will make it better. Good luck to all the students who are in their last week of the semester.


  1. totally! i remembered your blog about him when i heard he's dead. :(
    My recent post Never be forgotten.

  2. Nagulat din ako nung nabasa ko sa Facebook yung mga status about kay Steve Jobs. I am not really an apple user pero bilib ako sakanya.

    Goodluck sa school paper :)) Kami sembreak na namin. hehe,

  3. yhaa. he died for a very rare decease. jeeeh! i don't own any apples xD hihi


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