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Hello SemBreak

When you are a student like me, you've probably waiting for a time when you can rest your mind. Lucky me, it has come. Semester has ended. Another chapter of my college life has closed. And there are three more semesters to go. Yay me! :D

Moving on, I want to congratulate every JPIAn who just turned PICPAn today. Wow. You are all now Certified Public Accountants. I can't wait for my turn, inshaAllah. It made me realize that I should study harder. Congratulations to the batch 2011 of MSU IIT (AVANZA) for getting a 100% passing rate (less the 1st-takers from other batch and re-takers). You all deserved the three letters at the end of your names.

For now, I'd probably spend some time resting.

The rest of the break, who knows? I am also looking forward for the upcoming MBS5. :)


  1. Wow! Just 3 more semesters for you! Goodluck sis :>
    Well for me I still have 9 more semesters to go through.

  2. finally! :) one of the most awaited part of the school year, semestral break! when I was a student, it's one of my most awaited part of the school year. of course, students can rest from those exam, quizzes and tons of school stuff.

    and oh! you have friend who passed the CPA board? I have one as well. she's a very good friend of mine, a barkada and we are proud of her. you'll have the three letters at the end of your name after a year or 2?^^ good luck!
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  3. YAYY! This is the first sembreak I won't get to experience. :( I graduated last March and I have a job now and well, you know, working woman doesn't have semestral breaks. :( I miss being a student!

  4. yay to us! At last may time na tayo na makapagpahinga at magrecharge away from sleep deprivation and eyebags alert! :)) lovely pic sis.
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  5. good luck!! :) have a great semester break..
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