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Hey Cheap!

Today, mom and I had our bonding. We roam around the city in search of good cloths. For those who are my friends in facebook, they know that I am trying to learn sewing.

Then, we went into this Chinese store in town. There were loads of stuffs that I liked. However, I chose cardigans and some tank tops only.

For the things above, I spent less than Php500 ($12). I loved every piece I got. I love how cheap they can be. I mean, if ever I get those pieces from the mall or the boutique, I will have to pay for it for a much higher price.

So, starting now, I am gonna be saying hello to more of cheap finds. Haha! As they say, it's not about the signature of the dress but how the person brings it. 

So, do you buy things with no signature too? <3


  1. So where did you go shopping? I love the cardigans and am very much in need of lots of em. Hehe. I do buy stuff without signature from time to time. There's nothing really wrong with it. It's practical. ;) Take care!

  2. I'm into cardigans too. I definitely think it's a must! :D Wow, that's money very well spent sis! I hope I can be more madiskarte when it comes to shopping for clothes. :D I have lots of stuff with no signature. Sabi nga nila, nasa pagdadala lang yan ;))

  3. That is so true, it is all about how you wear the clothes... I mean, sometimes you can never tell whether something is from a high fashion label or not. I love the cardigans you bought :)
    I'm actually wanting to get a few simple t-shirts and bedazzle hem - I need to buy the bedazzler kit first. I want to make my own little signature t-shirts with my website name on it... I'll see though, it is a passing thought.

    I buy clothes from like Woolworths, Forever New and a few other stores. I like simple things that can be dressed up with accessories. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend xx

  4. Chinese stores really sell cheap clothings. But not all of them some of them are super expensive even though they aren't really branded. :/

    I love wearing cheap clothes. 'Coz it makes me feel like I don't really need to take care of my clothes. I can wear them whenever I like without worrying that they'll get a stain or something or that the cloth would stretch.It's cheap so i can just buy another one if that happens. Lol.

    And though i do repeat my outfits, I try not to; unless I really want to wear that same clothing.
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