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Bedroom makeover inspiration

Usually you’ll always catch me hidden behind the latest copy of Vogue, but lately I’ve been browsing through some home design magazines too. Feeling inspired, I decided it was time to give my bedroom a makeover – in pink of course! Because I don’t want to spend a lot, I was looking for affordable ways to give my room a new look. One of the best tips I came across was a simple change of sheets.


My bedding isn’t something I’d ever really given much thought to – most people when they’re giving their room a makeover think about a change of paint or wallpaper. But swapping your linens is a far easier way to transform the look of your room without spending too much, and there are so many designs out there that it’s really easy to reflect your own personal style too. The House of Fraser department store site that sells luxury bed sheets and linen sets gave me loads of ideas.


I decided I wanted to treat myself and buy the kind of luxury bed linen you find in top hotels. I seriously had no idea the world of bed linen was so complicated! It was just like shopping for clothes - there are cheap and cheerful linens and at the other end of the spectrum, linens that are the equivalent of splashing out on haute couture – some seriously expensive bed sheets!


The main thing that kept cropping up when I was looking for bedding was thread count. Now I’ll admit I had no idea what this was at first, but it turns out it’s the key to getting that hotel-quality luxury. The thread count is simply the number of threads woven into the fabric per square inch. So the higher the thread count, the finer, softer and stronger the threads are. A higher thread count means higher quality, and better durability too. As a guide, good quality linens start with a thread count of 200, so if you want that luxury hotel feel you need to look for a 200 thread count minimum.


During my online shopping adventure, it became apparent pretty quickly that there are two kinds of cotton that are the most coveted – Egyptian and Pima. Both are really long fine fibres, which mean they’re strong but create an ultra soft finish. It also turns out that Pima is a lighter fabric so it’s better for summer.


The last thing I found out I needed to consider was the weave. There are two main weaves, sateen and percale. Sateen weave has a slight sheen which is ultra smooth, whereas percale is completely matte, giving that amazingly fresh, crisp feeling I was looking for.


So, who knew the world of bedding was so complex?! But at least now I know the basics, buying great bedding next time will be a lot easier. Hope this little luxury bedding guide has been some use to some of you – happy shopping, and if you have any bedroom make over tips let me know – I’m always looking for inspirational ideas!

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