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Win A PR2 .com Domain

I was about to sell my PR2 .com domain that is hosted under, However, I took back my words as I want to make it a prize for a contest instead.

In line with this, I am closing down my useless tumblr account. I am also clearing out my domains in the days or months to come. I will be in my 5th year in college next year (accountancy is 5 years in my university). And I cannot handle too much pressure aside from accountancy itself. I would be transferring my posts in those blogs to this blog to keep them. Yes! I won't be closing down I love it too much.


Now, moving on to my contest. 

The site is now PR2, which means, you can earn from it already. Since I have not submitted it to any advertising companies, you will have a good chance of earning a lot from it. It will be expiring on April 22, 2012. You will still have at least 6 months to hold it.

What are you going to do?

  1. Like my facebook fanpage:

  2. Follow my blog through: Google Friend Connect

  3. Follow my twitter:

  4. Subscribe to my youtube channel:

  5. Link me in your sidebar like this: Ayah

  6. Comment under this post your: blog url,  facebook name, GFC name, twitter username, and youtube username.

That's all.

Each of the above are REQUIRED. I know, most of my blogger readers and friends are already connected to me in my accounts above. So, this contest is a piece of cake. I will announce the winners next week, October 31, 2011.

Remember that if you use the domain wisely, you can earn a lot. So, what are you waiting for? Join now!

And oh, this contest is just for the domain alone. Hosting is not included.


  1. - links under Contest and Giveaways
    Momi Jes - fb name
    Jesselyn Grace Lising - GFC name,
    jganlising - twitter username
    jganlising - youtube username.

    Hope to win!!!!
    My recent post I Won in Oatmeal Jelly Soap in Lacoste Pink Scent Giveaway

  2. FB name: Joahna Vern Filoteo
    twitter username: @joahnavern
    GFC name: Joahna Vern
    Youtube username: sweetjoey0608
    Sidebar link at (contests and giveaways)

    I would looooove to win!!! :)

  3. wow.. this is nice.. good luck sa mga sasali ang goodluck sa giveaway mo sis! :D

  4. wooow..nice giveaway sis :D
    goodluck sa mga sasali! weeeeee.. :D

  5. Good luck to the participants! :)

  6. blog url: (sidebar under Giveaways)
    facebook name: Divine Divah
    GFC name: Divine Caraecle
    twitter username: divinereyes
    youtube username: divinereyes
    My recent post Abenson’s public service

  7. I closed my tumblr account too since its useless already. Haha. Goodluck with this contest sis! Btw, tagged you in my latest post. Cheeers! :)

  8. wow. i badly want to join but i don't think i can handle it since i'm so busy with my course... i want to earn there too. :( anyway, goodluck for the contestants :D

  9. blog url -
    facebook name - Dorry Lyn

    GFC name - dickvincedor

    twitter username - dickvincedor

    youtube username - vincecrispaul

    joined and hoping to win ^.^

    Dorry Lyn


  10. blog url -
    facebook name - Dorry Lyn
    GFC name - dickvincedor
    twitter username - dickvincedor
    youtube username - vincecrispaul

    joined ^.^
    Dorry Lyn
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  11. blog url:
    facebook name: Abe Gail
    GFC name: abegailyoung
    twitter username: abbegaill
    youtube username: abbegaill

    Aaaaaaaa... Good timing, i need money for tuition fee because I failed some of my subjects and I hate the fact that my parents have to pay extra for my back subject. I want to shoulder the consequences of my failure. I wish I win!

  12. blog url:
    facebook name: Abe Gail
    GFC name - abegailyoung
    twitter username - abbegaill
    youtube username - abbegaill

    Good timing for I badly need money at this moment.

  13. Wow goodluck sa contest mo :) I'll tell my friend to join this. I am sure she'll like the domain name :)

  14. Hello sis, found this giveaway at FBU. I want to win the domain, so cute.
    blog url:
    facebook name: Mel Cole
    GFC name: Mel Cole
    twitter username: melcoleofpausa
    youtube username: themelcole
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  15. Hi Sis! I also found your awesome giveaway in FBU. I also want to win this domain :)

    blog url:

    facebook name: Karen Chayne Sanchez

    GFC name: Kayce

    twitter username: kayeshayne21

    youtube username: kayeshayne21

    hoping to win! thanks :)
    My recent post Where are All the Blogs that I Followed?

  16. Count me in! :D I hope I'll win po. I wanna start earning online again and have a domain again. I'll be an awesome belated bday present. Thanks!

    FB name: Jizni Corrine Villanea
    GFC name: Jizni Villanea
    twitter: xoxojizni
    youtube: jiznivill
    My recent post Se7enteen


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