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Fashionable Darangen Dolls

As you all know, Mindanao Bloggers Summit will commence tomorrow, October 29, 2011. I am so excited. In line with the event, I've actually set eyes on a Darangen Doll. What it is? Read the photo below:

Basically, it is a typical doll dressed in a Maranao tribal costume. I think we have dolls like these in Tawi-Tawi too. The difference is that those in Tawi-Tawi are dressed in Batawi.

Below is a doll from the 50th Anniversary of Mindanao State University. What makes it special? Everything is sewn to the cloth. I mean, the beads and all the stuffs. The others are just glued down.

Uhm. Sorry, the photo blurred on the doll part. :(

Look at the MSU 50 years logo beneath.

Everything about this doll is just so fabulous.

More photos:

And below is my favourite doll. I was amazed how I loved the one not in pink. Yay! Well, I loved this doll because it is the only one wherein the upper color which is white is contrasted with navy blue.

I know. The dolls are super cute. They cost around Php1,500 each. I wish someone would give something like this to me. I'd be really really happy. :D


  1. Those are really cute dolls! :) (but a bit pricey though) I haven't seen Darangen Dolls before, good thing you posted this. :P I love the pink one and the green one. :)

  2. They look so cute and fashionable. I'm planning to collect some Barbie dolls but I think I must be practical bec. I have no work yet.
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  3. Wow kawaiiiiiii ne ~

    It;s my first time to see these kind of dolls :)

    They're all classy and there's pink too <3

  4. Are those giveaways for the MBS?, hope all of you will have a great time there later . :D
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  5. Mahal pala ng mga dolls. Ang ganda nilang lahat!
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  6. annng cute! :D lalo na yung pink! nyahahahaha :D may showcase ng dolls rin kame dito pero puro naka filipiniana naman. hihihihi.. :D

  7. Those dolls are so cute :3 I wanna have one. haha! xD anyway, i tagged you in my latest post sis :D
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  8. the dolls look amazing with what they're wearing! :D this is actually the first time I've heard of such dolls...
    aw, if I was still in the Philippines, I might join the summit :)

  9. Coool! Kelan pa ba nagBalik Islam sina Barbie? nyahaha

    These are fantastic ways to promote our colorful cultures :-)

    Three Thumbs up!
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  10. Waaaa! Sper cute! Grabe. Gusto ko nyan. I love dolls until now. :)))

  11. Nice stuff, so wonderful and so creative. Thanks for sharing it. | :P
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  12. I remember my mom buying cheap dolls and make crochet dresses for the dolls and believe me I know how to make those display package with hard clear plastics too. Well, you got cute little dolls their. Does it cost much?
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  13. i like it! i wanna have one too. magkano po ba?


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