Wear A Pashmina Hijab (Headscarf) in Less Than 2 Minutes

Monday, September 10, 2012

Salams! I am sharing a hijab photo tutorial in this blogpost.

Oftentimes, I don't wanna wear the headscarf with extravagant design/style. I have always preferred simple hijab style.

This is how I wear Pashmina type of hijab in less than 2 minutes (or am I too fast?)

There are only four steps and you're done!

wear hijab in less than 2 minutes

  1. Pin the shorter side of the hijab to your inner scarf.

  2. Get the opposite side of the longer side

  3. Wrap that longer one around the head.

  4. Pin everything to place.


See the magic? :) This type of hijab style is for those lazy/busy people like me. lol Of course, busy is the word for me.

More photos of moi.

My weird eyelids. One is parallel and the other is deepset. I am weird!


Peaceout. Bye.


  1. interesting tutorial !

    XX Luba Well Living Blog :: today autumn shades outfit http://very-well-living.blogspot.com

  2. I didn't know you could wear a hijab in more ways than one. That's pretty cool! And you look good! C:

  3. you rock that color. and i tried the tutorial for fun, pero di ko talaga gets xD hahaha :D thanks for sharing it tho :D

  4. You look so chio on your wacky shots! :P Didn't know it takes about 2 minutes or more to do a hijab. :D I really don't think I'd ever be good doing a hijab. :P I want to try one for an outfit post someday. Except I'm not sure if that might be seen as a sign of disrespect?




  5. adorable pictures at the end! :D and wow, didn't know it that easy to put the hijab on, or maybe I think you're too fast and you're already used to it! :D And also very cute emoticons. Had a little laugh too while reading your post! If you're busy, then I'm guessing this is the easiest way and the fastest way to put on a hijab? :)


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