Review: Mary Kay Sunburst 022849 Creme Lipstick

When you have a friend who sells makeup products, you are doomed to spend a lot. My friend Janine is one of the Mary Kay dealers. And she introduced these line of lipsticks by Mary Kay to me. Everyone in class got something for them. And I asked if she had a shade close to orange.

Then, she handed this to me.

Brand: Mary Kay
Product Name: Sunburst 022849 Creme Lipstick
Price: Php 500 +
Contains: Glitters

Packaging: 5/5

Love the packaging and the container. You all know that I have this obsession over minimalist containers such as this one.

Price: 3/5

For any person who loves inexpensive items, this is already extra expensive. I mean, I can buy a NYX lipstick for Php200 only.

Quality: 4.5/5

Mary Kay products are famous for being safe. So far, I did not experience irritation for the past few days.

Left: without flash, Right: with flash

Pigment: 4/5
The pigment is really good and vibrant. I love the glitters too. They add drama to the lipstick.

Time frame before retouch: 4/5
If you are careful, it would last long. But if you are not, expect to retouch once in a while.


It is expensive but safe. It gives good coverage and the pigments are really nice.

Here's me wearing the lipstick.

Natural lighting:



Indoor/Florescent lighting:


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2 comments on "Review: Mary Kay Sunburst 022849 Creme Lipstick"
  1. love it on you kai! :)))

  2. Love it<3 Sexy shade. Looks good on you sweetie

    I've only tried Mary Kay's Foundation. Gonna check this out next time coz I also have a friend who's selling those ^ ^



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