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My Best Dressed Celebrities at MTV VMAs 2012

We all have our share of best and worst dressed people at the VMAs this year. For me, those dressed modestly, of course, are my best dressed. Of course, there are those who dressed accordingly and elegantly too.

And here are my Top 4 Best Dressed Women at the concluded MTV VMAs.

#4. PINK in her flowing gray gown.

Some say that this outfit is extra boring and that she should have added few coloured accessories. I think they are right. However, for someone like Pink who has her share of showy clothing, this is yet the best. She has shown the world how she could pull off that elegance with just a simple gown.

Actually, this is something that I would wear. In fact, I have a similar gown in gold and brown.

#3. Kat Graham in Maroon suit

Though I do not like the pants, Kat Graham sure nailed everything else off. Personally, I love suits because they are my bestfriend in my own field, business. This look could easily be hijabified. The colour is just so pretty, so as Kat.

#2. Emma Watson in playful and colourful dress

I have always loved Emma's personal style. She has this great taste in clothes that makes me look forward to everything she wears. The heels she wore to the event is just so beautiful and tones down the colourful prints on her dress.

This look is hard to hijabify, but it is really pretty. <3

#1. Taylor Swift in an all-white Suit

The suit, makeup, and hair. Everything is just perfect. I love how Taylor pulled off this look and still was not able to look like an old executive. I just love the modesty of this outfit. The sleek suit was also able to emphasize Ms. Swift's body without showing that much.

You may not agree with my set of best dressed people from the VMAs, but those are for my preference. How about you? Who do you think pulled it off better?

photos are from Google

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  1. Love the style of Emma Watson ! so cheerful !
    XX Luba Well Living Blog


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