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There are many kinds of clothes that we know. Each has its own advantages, as well as, disadvantages. For men, they have a more limited variety of clothes than that of a woman. However, it is up to us to choose the right type of clothes we wear for a certain day or occasion.

For ordinary days, many prefer to wear simple clothes such as shirts, polos and the like. Depending on the event of the day, we will choose the most comfortable piece of clothe that we have in our wardrobe. It may also depend on the person wearing the clothes. For someone who is more into sports and outdoor activities, he will prefer clothes that will bring him more comfort and that would make him able to move freely. And one of the clothes that we wear for the comfort it brings are shirts and sweat pants. They do not limit a person's ability and capacity to do more work for the day. And the best thing is tha

For those shirt lovers who just can't get enough of tshirts, there is a wide array of types of shirt that one can choose from. A personal favourite of most of the people are the Ralph Lauren shirts. The reason for falling in love with such brand is the design and quality of the shirts. They are designed to meet the actual needs of people. The design can be both casual and formal depending on how the person wears and brings it.

It is always up to us to choose what kind of piece of clothing that we want to wear. After all, we are the one wearing them. What matters is we are happy and comfortable with what we wear for the day.

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