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Considering to Switch to Blogger Platform

It's been months that I have been thinking of making a move to the platform from this self-hosted wordpress blog. This is a major decision that I should make before the year ends.

As you all know, I will be out next year for six months or more because I will have to go to a review school for the CPA board exam. I am thinking of socially hibernating when that time comes. Priorities come first right? Of course, I want to be able to still keep my blog.

Here are some of the considerations that I have listed down for the switch.

Advantages of switching to

  1. FREE HOSTINGI am currently paying $5.50 monthly for my hosting package at hostgator. It's super costly. Oh well. That's how much I love blogging. With blogger, I get free host. And if I did exceed their storage quota, I can always move it to another user and claim another 1gb photo/video storage. hihi.

  2. Google Friend Connect. Yes. The community is only available to Blogger blogs now. And I want to be able to constantly be updated with those blogs I follow. Plus, I will be able to track down number of readers.

  3. Ease of Functionality. Of all blogging tools, blogspot is the easiest one to work with. This is why I highly recommend using for newbies. Built-in stats, commenting system, and designer are just few things that make it user friendly.

  4. Third Party Functionality. Now, Blogger has made a lot of changes with its system in a good way. The previously simplified and few widgets now vary. You can also add third party functionality. If you are good with codes, you can always have a Blogger version of the plugins.

  5. Easy Google Index. You can call it unfair, but it's Google. And Blogger is with Google. Naturally, they will favor those in their house already.

  6. Fashion haven. Most of the fashionable people I follow are on Blogger.

Of course, it would also have its disadvantages.

  1. Horror Blog Deletion Stories. When I read this post, I had this mini heart attack. And I wondered if I still would continue. It made creating the decision harder than it already is. And if you hover to the Google group named Something is Broken, you'll see hundreds of blogs being deleted, and owners appealing to Google. I am more than horrified!

  2. Wordpress plugins and Functionality. Wordpress has always been more functional. There are thousands of plugins to choose from. PHP coding makes it possible for lovely layouts/themes. You can upload media that are not photos/videos. Categories are different from tags. In Blogger, their are only Labels. You can do just anything!

  3. No terms to abide. Google terms and conditions are extensive. You can't do this and that, blah blah.

The lists above can go on forever. However, I have to rank everything and include my priorities into the ranking. It is hard to choose between two good things. I am just hoping for the better result of whatever my decision will be.

Help me decide in the comments please. I will really need it and it would be most appreciated.


  1. i've experienced the blog deletion from blogspot :)) but, they only do that if you keep on making blogs and not really using them. i kind of like, spammed their system. and once deleted, wala ka ng way para maretrieve. also, same name blogs under the same account :D ginawa ko yan before, akala ko nga ibban na ko :))))

    my money making sites are hosted by google. kaya naman i read the terms and services. since you're a fashion blogger naman sis, hindi ka offender. ang mga nanganganib jan yung mga SEO bloggers *cough*. my personal blogs that are hosted by blogspot since 2006 andun pa din naman. i never did once get an email about violating google's tos para dun lang sa personal blogs ha :p kasi sa seo blogs, jusko tatlo na nadelete sakin :)) saka may isa pa kong love letter na violation ng tos :D hahahaha

  2. blogger is so nice and i love how practical it is to use. but they say wordpress daw has higher SEO :)
    The Bargain Doll

  3. Still Wordpress for me. You can get those rankings with Wordpress plugins :)

  4. Why don't you go back to free hosting? You can keep WP and it's absolutely free like always. We used to be hosted by Supah-Star together and that was terrible service when they disappeared and never notified us about it. But ever since then I've moved elsewhere and things have been fine. I would suggest Three-Words Hosting to you. (

  5. hi kim.. i think, edel is part of three-words as well. wow. do they own the hosting themselves? or just reseller from other major hosts?
    coz, supahstar used to be under firsthosting/rewindhost i think. and my past host, luminoscity was under rewindhost as well.
    i was really sad when the hosting just went down. i mean, i will be absent for half a year next year. and i want my blog to stay intact. T_T

  6. Yes, she is! I've got a food blog on there too! It's not a big name hosting company, but the girl has purchased her own dedicated server. I'm happy to say Misaki really cares about her hostees. I know what you mean, you don't want to come back a year later and have everything gone! I really trust Three Words hosting though to recommend it to you. If you check your email regularly (I'm sure you do for school :)) you will always get updates from Misaki if anything happens at all to the site (she is very responsive) & they have daily backups so I think even if you take a break from blogging for a year everything will be okay & you would still know everything that goes on.


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