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Touching Messages

Last Sunday, our Management 12 class had a Group Dynamics which will teach us more about the lessons in the said course. It was one of the most memorable events that I have attended this year for a fact that each person in the class left a message for one another.

Our professor told us to make a portrait of oneself in the bordered long bond paper we brought to the site. After drawing, we then pass on the paper to each of the students in the class and let each write his feelings and perceptions on us.

It was so touching to read everyone's messages. Most of the messages I received said that they love my style and that I am so fashionista. Wow! I even don't consider myself as that. I am so thankful that they saw those characters in me. Haha!

Most of the people also said that they thought I was a strict and maldita kind of girl. However, I proved them wrong daw. Haha! It's the other way around as they wrote in my portrait. I am so noisy and friendly according to them. Wow again! :D

Events such as these really boost one's moral and self-esteem. I am glad to have taken part of the Group Dynamics. I am so thankful to be a student of Prof. Manulat. :) Yay! I am happy to be a part of my batch too. Everything is so perfect, and that makes me perfectly happy. Thank you friends. The things I wrote down in your portraits are really from my heart. Love love love. <3

PS: I was the one who made the Group Dynamics tarpaulin design too. Haha!


  1. wow! cool! I miss doing this kind of things. I think the last thing that i did that was way back in my high school life. hihi xD
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  2. I miss doing this kind of things. The last time I guess was when I was in 1st year high. Anywho, people always branded me as "maarte" and "masungit" each and everytime we meet for the first time. And similarly, I am able to prove them wrong later on.
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  3. i really think you're a sweet girl, and yep a fashionista! :) your classmates are telling the truth! :)
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  4. The last time we did that was when I was still in high school. :P
    Oh how I miss High School, when everything was so simple and you don't really need to worry about "major subjects" and the like. :P
    I had that subject too, (Management12), but from a different school (of course!) :P too bad, we didn't do such activity. (maybe because most of my classmates on that subject belong to other blocks and courses, so yeah). :P
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  5. naexperience ko na din yan ilang beses na. pero wala nga lang drawing hahaha. it's good to know na yung friends/classmates mo really know you kahit na hindi pa kayo ganon katagal magkakilala. maybe it just proves na kung ano ka, yun talaga ang nakikita ng ibang tao sayo. hehe.

  6. Aw.. that's so sweet!! Nagawa ren namen yan during our retreat and it feels good hearing things about yourself na we don't usually notice!

  7. i always wanted to do things like these. but i was never given the chance lol.. not even in our retreat activities. your classmates are so sweet :)
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