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Are you a star?

We can be who we are. We can live according to our desires. We can do exemplary things as long as we go for it. We are all stars.  You can be a drama queen, reliable accountant, impeccable singer, creative writer, or even a poker star. Noone can dictate what decisions you would take unless you let them. The power is in you.

Let me tell you a short story. Lately, I have been busy with the 10th Midyear Convention of RFJPIA. In the said convention, several schools from CARAGA and Region 10 come together to get acquainted and compete. My school is the host school for this year. True, there were a lot of shortcomings that were not anticipated. True, the officers were all really exhausted because of loads of school works just before the convention. True, there were several unforeseen events. Hotels, food, transportation, programs, everything is a bit busted. Let us all accept it.

However, with all the shortcomings that the convention had, have we thought about the essence of it? Or have we not? I haven't. Until, this afternoon when I woke up from a lengthy sleep due to fatigue. During the convention, I endlessly complain about my food. I constantly complain about waiting. I forgot to have fun. Well, I did had fun on the last night but the not really on the first one. Now, I am missing it.

Complaining can mean that you can have your own way of getting out of the blame. True. I blamed myself on how I did not lend a helping hand to the officers who didn't have enough sleep the whole week. Well, I did lend a hand but not both of it. However, dwelling on this will not make me a better person. Moving on is the right move.

Despite everything, I surely will keep the memories of the two-day convention. It was indeed a time for making funny things, singing out loud, laughing endlessly, and cheering happily. The next time I will be in the same situation, I will try my best to never complain. I will make it a point to be of help to those who needed it. I will be spending my nights on reviewing for the upcoming competition. I will not procrastinate. I will not tolerate this mad attitude. I will. I shall!

Congratulations to everyone who is a part of the convention. Kudos for the perseverance. All of us are the stars of our schools. Noone can take that away from us.



Kai =)

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  1. Sometimes we are all allowed to complain but at least everything at the convention turned out well. I agree with you, anyone can be a star or become the best at what they do :) it really is all about hard work and determination :)
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