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My Skin Regimen

Someone asked in my formspring account the question below.

I cannot really say which is which but I am gonna tell you my story. Since this will be about skin, I will tell you my  beauty (skin) regimen. =) So, this post will be more about what I use. I do not highly recommend them but they actually work on me. :)

The last time I used liquid bath was about around 2003. The liquid bath I used to use is Johnson & Johnson baby milk bath. It was pretty nice and mild on the skin.

Then, at the moment, I am a soap-user. I have been using Nivea Creme Soft creme soap since 2009. I am so happy with it since it does not irritate my skin and does not make my skin dry.

FYI, I only use soap. I do not have any facial wash, etc. I don't use deodorant too. Why? Because I believe that a person should let his/her sweat out for him to be healthy. Sweat brings with it the dirt and unwanted materials present in your skin. So, why not let it out? Would you want those dirt get stuck inside your skin? Hell, no! (Okay, I don't smell like vinegar. It's a good thing not to use deodorants because my armpit is not dark.)

I put on an organic lotion from Healthy Options named JASON Everyday Natural Care Cocoa Butter hand and body lotion (click here). I love the scent. The fact that it is certified organic makes me feel secured that it does not contain harmful and strong chemicals. :)

Lastly, I use Olay Natural White Day Cream. It is the only thing I put in my face aside from makeup and soap. See? I have super less cost when it comes to skin regimen. Many people wonder why I settle for this. Well, it costs lesser in terms of money and effort.

However, I see to it that I eat vegetables and fruits. I take my vitamins everyday. I drink a lot of water. And when I say a lot, I mean a looooooooooooooot!!! More importantly, I never deprive myself of a 9-hour sleep. I can deal of anything but not lack of sleep. I cannot concentrate on the things I need to accomplish when I have less sleep.

How about you? What is your beauty regimen? What do you use on your skin?


  1. I grew up using deodorants because my mom said so.. That's why when I read that you don't use one, I was like "is this girl serious?" hehe :)

    anyway, I use Safeguard as my soap because I have a very sensitive skin. VERY sensitive. It's like when I'm somewhere polluted & hot, my skin gets itchy and sometimes rashes break out. The doctor advised me to use an antibacterial soap and NEVER beauty soaps. I don't have dry skin because I put on lotion after bathing. But as of the moment, I'm using Cocoa Butter coz they said it's better for the skin :)
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  2. Yay! i love the jason cocoa butter!!!
    btw, i'm your newest follower..
    glad you came across.. hope you can keep on reading my blog ..
    would love it if you can follow and let's keep in touch!
    appreciate it a lot!

  3. I also use soap but sometimes I use the liquid soap too. hahaha. I don't use anything much on my skin.
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  4. Your daily skin regime is so simple sis. Well, mine as well. I actually use soap, Belo Essentials Body Soap. And I use deodorant as well, but not everyday, only on days when I feel like the weather would be too hot for my armpit to handle. haha. I use Nivea though and it really is ncie. :)


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