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Resorting to Online Advertisements

As you can witness, many local products and services are now resorting to online advertisement. The sudden boom in the online advertising campaigns proves that such way of promoting products are really giving heights to a more profitable operation. Many of the local brands are now paying so much to advertise with well-known websites such as Yahoo!mail (as you can see when you log in) to get a larger coverage of the market. Whether you have an online advertising degree or not, monetizing your blog is a beneficial thing to do.

Nuffnang also paved way for the merchants of the Philippines to actually engage in online transactions. More and more online stores are sprouting from the different corners of the country.


For business establishments, why would you advertise online? What are the risks and returns that follow your investment in such thing?

The same answer for television ads and billboards will cater to these two questions. The growing number of online people are the answers. The same philosophy of advertising is behind it.

When you are an avid fan of a certain blogger, you want to know what he thinks is the best. He or she is like a celebrity. Everything he says is followed by many of her subscribers. Similarly, with online marketing, you can reach millions of people in the world. That means, you have the whole world as your market. Rather than limiting yourself to a certain TV program seen in a country only, why not invest in a larger scope?

So, is online advertising very good? Yes, it is. It really is. Many people think that the internet gives them 90% truth. That truth, however written, will serve as the basis for online people to believing that a certain product or service is really worth it. That truth will give you a high probability of this people buying your product.

I am an one of those bloggers who earns online; and I salute ONLINE MARKETING! ;)


  1. Online advertising and marketing is great and I totally am for it seeing as this falls as part of my day job. I've learned a lot about it but am too lazy to implement and of the advice or tips into my own online space.

    By the way, I started a new blog - headed over to wordpress and it is not 100% complete :) x

    Have a good weekend

  2. I agree!! cheers to ONLINE MARKETING! :) Dahil jan ako ay kumikita. weeeeeeee.. :D sana nga tuloy2x lng talaga yung blessings na narerecieve ko online. ahihihihihi.. :D dami ngang naiinis bat ang dami dami ko raw ad sa blog ko.. eh pake naman nila.. at least kumikita ako..diba?? :D

  3. ang dami na ngang yumayaman sa online advertising ee! >.<' sana ako rin. hihi

  4. sana ako din. san ba ako makakahanap ng clients?
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  5. I earn from online advertisements as well. But not that much. Do you have any tips on how I can earn more? The ads I put on my sites are quite useless. I mean, I don't earn much from them. I usually earn from writing articles and publishing them on my site with their anchored link.
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  6. Online advertisements are pretty good for businesses. I earn a bit from posting links to websites and writing small articles. It also does depend on how popular your site is though. What with increased use of online services, it is pretty good I think!

  7. Ah yes I would have to agree that online marketing is the way to go! It's always nice to have a list of websites to go to especially when you need a "second opinion" on certain things :)
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  8. i am loving online ads as well,but since I just came back from a long hiatus, I am starting once again.I am not earning that much. Hope you could share more about earning money online sis.xoxo!

  9. panalo nga talaga yan sis! kahit ako na-eencourage bumisita ng mga sites... swerte kayong kumikita dahil dian! :D
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  10. I earned a lot from online marketing before but after a long hiatus like faith, I also have to start all over and now, I don't earn that much. I think online marketing is a little overpopulated now than before.

  11. Yes, online marketing is still growing, but I am not earning that much, hope you can post certain tips on effective online marketing. I usually earned from writing post but not that much though,
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  12. oh yes! i even plan to use the internet to advertise my business in the near future. lol. kulang nalang idea kung ano ang business ko.
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