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My Top 5 Movies

I always say that I am not a movie-enthusiast but that does not mean I do not watch movies at all. I just watch them super late. I am a person who thinks that going to a cinema is a waste of time. But, I go to cinemas to relax when the time permits. You see, I do not wait for a movie to come out and rush to the cinema. Don't get me wrong, I adore movies. Now, let me enumerate to you the top 5 of my favorite movies. Don't fret if your favorite is not here, as these are my picks.

5. The Notebook

This movie is perhaps one of the movies that every romantic people should never miss. The love story behind the movie is one of the greatest by Nicholas Sparks. I don't think that anyone have not seen the movie yet. Well, I saw the movie just this week. Lol! And I instantly fell in love with it. :D

4. My Amnesia Girl

The movie is my most favorite Filipino movie. It is something fresher than the usual story in Filipino movies. I've seen it just last month in the bus. Haha. Then, upon getting home, I watched again.

3. Il Mare

Just as my top 5 says, I love love stories. Il Mare, the Korean original of The Lake House, has been in my list of favorites since 2008. The timeless plot of the story makes it worth the watch.

2. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

This is one of my timeless favorites. I've always said that I love Indian movies for the fact that they carry on total entertainment - acting, singing, dancing, etc. This movie is one of the greatest love stories ever told. Yay! Call me exaggerating. The truth is I've seen this movie way back to 1999 when I was still 8 years old. I have loved the movie for 12 years now. It was the number one spot way back in my movies list.

1. 3 Idiots

Stealing the number one spot from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is Amir Khan's movie, 3 Idiots. It is another Indian movie which you should not miss. When it hit my university (MSU IIT) early last year, it became the talk of the school as I posted here. Everyone has seen it. It is a movie for every college student. It is a movie for every instructor, mother, father, and lover.


Those were my top 5 favorites. As you can see, Indian movies topnotched my list. The aforementioned movies are great. Yes. They are. It is somehow my opinion that the list is ordered that way. I have more favorites such as Titanic, XMen, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, The Tourist, Entrapment, The Net, The Fugitive, Transformers, A Walk To Remember, The Classic, A Moment to Remember, and the list goes on.

You see, not every person who is not a fan of the cinema dislikes movies. :)

What are your top 5 movies?


  1. ohh. I'm only familiar with The Notebook and My Amnesia Girl. :P
    I'm looking forward to watch The Notebook! I know it's a tear-jerker, but I heard the movie is worth to be watched over and over again. :P
    My recent post One helluva 90′s kid! :)

  2. yes!! i super agree to your number 1 pick. i love that movie so much as i can totally relate to it. haven't seen the first 4 movies yet.
    My recent post Happy?

  3. I haven't seen 3 idiots, but I want to watch it. I've heard great reviews. :)

    1. Armageddon
    2. Harry Potter Movies
    3. Avatar
    4. Pearl Harbor
    5. Kung Fu Panda. :)

  4. I agree with you placing 3 idiots in the number 1 spot! :)) Very inspiring right?

  5. Haven't watch any of them. HAHA! read good reviews about The Notebook and I wanna watch it. I've watched the last song and they say that it's kind of related or similar to the notebook. try watching it sis, if you have not watched it yet. yeah, it's a good movie too :D

  6. I must say... The Notebook is a classic ;3 I think it's one of the best romantic movies out there.^^

    I haven't watched My Amnesia Girl,honestly I'm a little hesitant about watching Filipino movies. T.T

    I think I've seen The Lake House but the English version. I'm not sure though. X3

    I've heard of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai too. My highschool BFF was addicted to it too. ^^ I've been wanting too watch it by I can't find any good streaming site in the net. T^T

    As for 3 Idiots I'm still deciding whether I'll watch it or not.^^

  7. mgnda ung the notebook? yan b ung bago or luma? pra kcing iba ung cast nyan dun sa alam ko eh. ehe dami nang nagssbi n mgnda daw ung 3 idiots pero d ko prn nppnuod.


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