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MSU - Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography Photo Tour

This was way back October 2010. I had the opportunity to visit my hometown, Bongao. And so, mom and I went to MSU - TCTO to get what she needs. FYI, Mom was a professor at MSU. K. Back to topic.

I will tour you to the campus. Well, this was during sembreak. So, you'll see none except the place. lol. And, most of the photos were taken in one college only. So, forgive me. 

Welcome to MSU - Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography.

This is the way to the gymnasium, I think.

The super old university map.

What I love about MSU TCTO is the numerous trees. It is never hot in the campus even at noon. It's the price for having too many trees. :)

The way to the Administration Building. And yes, the part wherein you see a car is the entrance to the administration building. Sadly, I was not able to snap a photo of the admin building. Sorry.

Next stop is the mini park in the campus.

This was super beautiful back when the former Chancellor's wife, Mira Alih was still alive (may the Almighty bless her). You can find a mini sort of aquarium of fishes here. Sadly, it is gone now. I hope it will be reinvented somehow and that they will bring back the fishes.

Now, let me welcome you to my favorite part of MSU TCTO, the College of Fisheries. Why? You'll know in the succeeding part of the post.

I personally love this message posted to a tree in the COF.

The speedboats of COF.

COF Building. The fact that it is facing the sea makes me want to study there. Too bad, there isn't any accountancy course there.

Now, here is the reason why I love COF so much. 

I am really envious of the beauty of this college. The surroundings is just too beautiful to put into words. So, I will just let you take a glance without blabbing so much.

The COF Port

Look at how clear the seawater is. Excellent!

Yes! You can even see Bud Bongao from COF. Lovely scenery.

The Sanga-Sanga Bridge

Stilt houses

 I almost get into this boat. Well, mom wouldn't allow me. haha.

Just look at the COF Building from the port area. Ahh!

So, that's it. How did you find the tour? haha. Photo tour? Well, at least you saw them. Kudos to me for uploading these for your eyes to see.

I hope to see you in Tawi-Tawi one day.


  1. This reminds me of the schools I always see in the province. Almost the same structure of the buildings, the gate and even the trees and grass everywhere. I hope we could also have a lot of trees in NCR. Hindi yung puro building. Kaya super init dito eh hahaha

    I was actually expecting deep blue ocean when you said oceanography huhu. I love seeing blue sky and ocean. But maybe it's because of the filters you used in the pictures. Anyway, I'd love to see those in person. How I wish I could visit Tawi-Tawi haha

  2. If my school before is this serene then for sure I would not be absent often :P.
    I have known MSU as one of the top notch schools in the country. I have few classmates before ( continue studies) who are from MSU and they are really nice.

  3. It's so good to go to a school that has a scenery like this. Nakaka relax and for sure presko ang hangin.

  4. wow! super stunning! ibang iba sa metro manila >_< wish ko lang ganyan din ang school ko :)

  5. Very unique kind of setting for a college school! It's like having a near-sea adventure everyday, and it's more stress-free. I mean, with all these buildings everywhere a change of air is really nice especially for those who are still studying! I wish I can go there too, looks so relaxing <3

  6. Yep.. I have always loved this campus. Kasi, anytime, you can go to the beach nearby. :)

  7. Nice! I wonder how good it feels to study there, especially beside the sea! So relaxing! :)

  8. Super relaxing naman nito! <3 I can imagine myself going to the sea and spending the rest of the afternoon there. Awww nice! :)

  9. Old post na to sis? Hehe! I know namimiss mo na yung mga ganyang place sa inyo. Ang hassle dito sa Manila no? >.<

  10. Yeah this place is like paradise. you should have included the seafoods. Wow, turtle eggs and kuracha (red crab)....Former chancellor eddie alih promised me for an invitation to tour, he never kept his promise....

    1. aww. I think he forgot. He is a busy person, you know. You should have reminded him jokingly. I know he will love to take you here even now.


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