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Time And Pain Are

When someone is in pain, we are somehow hurt to see his state. What more if the one in the midst of trial is a dear friend? A dear friend whom you have known for more than three years already.

My batch, 4Vidas, is a joy. Whenever I am with them, I feel the love and care of each person towards the other members of the batch. We have done things together. That deed bonded us to become so close with each other. As we say, no secret is safe with the batch.

Everyone is paired up with another. Those silent people are pushed to talk and share their feelings. Those tactless people are told what they are talking about is wrong. Affection is given to the person in the batch who needs it the most.

Last December 2010, a student in our batch took the semester off due to family reasons.

At this point in time, one student for our batch is not in a very good condition. He is sick and is recovering. However, he is ordered by the physician to stay at home for the greater good of everybody. He is taking a leave of absence in order to keep his grades in a good state. Everyone in the batch hurts with him when the news came out. We are praying for his sudden recovery. However, the decision of the doctor should be followed. Today, he filed the leave of absence - nine months of staying at home.

I pray that he shall make good of the time given to him. That nine months could be longer than we think. I hope he manages it fully. I hope he will be healthy when he comes back.

For every person in the batch experiencing a major problem, I pray for their safety and well-being. The people in 4Vidas are not just my batch or friend, they have become a part of me. When that part aches, I hurt too. When it heals, I feel great too. I hope all of us will be able to reach the zenith of success.


  1. That's a good thing kug close ang batch nio. One for all, all for one. Sana ganyan din kami pero hindi. Iba ang buhay college ko sa buhay highschool. Treasure them kasi bihira ka makakakita ng mga taong ganyan. :))

  2. oh my. i can't help but to feel sorry and sad to your batchmate. i'll pray for his recovery, i hope its nothing serious. anyways you guys are so close to each other. It really hurts when you see a friend in that state. love the picture those smiling faces :)
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  3. aw.. you guys are so sweet! I hope your batchmate will be able to recover soon!


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