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2014: The Metamorphosis

Assalamualaikum ladies.

Wow. 2014 has gone by so fast.

Every year, I make a year-ender post to commemorate the happy things that happened to my life. And this is gonna be the fifth one. It is a sort-of count-your-blessings-not-the-trials kind of blog entry.

If you wanna read my previous year-enders, you may click the following links:
This year was full of emotions. It is one of those really challenging years that I have experienced. However, it helped me grow and mature as I face some hard trials. It made me grateful for what I have. It made me who I am now. Simply, this year is my metamorphosis. I've learned all the hardships in my cocoon. And now that the process is coming to an end, a butterfly is ready to come out and soar high.



  • Became one of the Philippine ambassadors for #WorldHijabDay, which is fast approaching! - Post
  • Flew back home to Bongao after 3++ years with my bestfriend. - Post
  • An open letter to someone I don't know yet. - Post

  • Celebrated 4th anniversary of this blog. <3 
  • Went back to Zamboanga City, then Manila
  • Attended the launching of New Muslim Care Philippines. Met my twin Maya, sis Jannah of Hijabi_Soul and sis Jamila of ClassicCrownHijabStore - Post
  • Experienced living with friends with a small amount of money only.

  • Had wonderful time exploring Manila with Kah Mor even tho we were not financially stable. T___T - Post
  • Depressed because I was unemployed. 
  • Got my first job as Accountant II at MSU-TCTO.
  • Adjusting to work and life in Bongao again. 
  • Had a giveaway collaboration with DTC Mobile. - Post

  • First official travel for a training in Bayview Park Hotel, Manila - Post
  • Incorporated time management + discipline to myself + my blog. - Post 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Collaboration with Sammy Dress. - Post
  • Tmart gift - Post

  • Turned 23.
  • Attended a talk by Ms. Samira Gutoc-Tomawis. - Post
  • Attended the launching of 700Daloy: I love the Ocean programme - Post
  • Start of Ramadhan!
  • Studied Masters in Public Administration in MSU-TCTO.
  • Collaboration with Sammy Dress again. - Post 1, 2

  • Celebrated Eidl Fitr in Bongao again after 6 years. Ma sha Allaah. - Post
  • Collaboration with Hijabi_Soul - Post



  • Collaboration with local businesses: Threadmarks
  • Eidl Adha with BFFs - Post 1, 2

  • Attended the Selective Seminar for Hiroshima Peacebuilding Training by Hiroshima University and JICA, and was selected for a 1-month training in Hiroshima Japan this 2015 - Post

  • Usual worklife.
  • Gettin ready for Japan.

For all the good and seem-to-be-bad things that happened this year, Alhamdulillaah. I can't be the me that I am now if I did not experience them. In sha Allaah, I continue to grow, islamically, physically and mentally in all aspects of life.

To the people who came to my life this year especially those who came to teach me a lesson, you are all appreciated.

As I end this post, let me quote myself in a previous post that I made (click here for the post):

"As I watch the video, I brush up some of my childhood dreams. I remembered my mother said that I have always dreamt of becoming one of those cashiers you see in the department stores. And today, here I am, a CPA. I am not gonna be working upfront the cashier desk at your local grocery store. But, my work encompasses more than what you see those cashier ladies are doing. 

It can be funny when you remember what you really like to do but it can also be fulfilling to know that you have already achieved some of it.

What I learned from the talk is to never let go of that childish spirit in you. Hold on to your childhood dreams. Make your move. Be with the right people and do it for other people. Never complain. Do your best. Make it happen.

"Lead your life the right way. The karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you.""

2014 was indeed my metamorphosis. In 2015, I will be the most beautiful butterfly - ready to take on the world and fly high!

Let us continue hoping for a brighter future!




  1. KU'nu kaw pa Japan? kamaya kaw didtu mataud Radiations :)

  2. Happy new years Ayah! Hope you have an amazing 2015 inshallah!

  3. Ahhh, you're amazing sis! Though I haven't read most of the most of the posts listed, it's been fun to occasionally check in and see you moving forward in many ways / aspects of your life. Such a nice analogy of how you were in a cocoon and now you're ready to go take on the world and fly. I wish you all the best in the New Year and I have no doubt you're going to do amazing things this year insha'allah. Lots of love from big bro/loving star.


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